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CosMoses is an entertainment podcast focused on music first, but may touch on anything. Justin Moses, the host, is a professional multi-instrumentalist and singer and has performed for the last fifteen years with some of the biggest artists in folk, bluegrass and country music.




Episode 035 - The Recording Process

Thomm Jutz is back, this time to discuss various aspects of the recording process. Tones, mixing, pre-planning and gear are discussed. They discuss some records they think are recorded well. Thomm shares his process for putting together his new record "Crazy If You Let It", which will come out later this year on Mountain Fever Records.

Duration: 00:54:17

Episode 030 - Finances in Bluegrass, IBMA Week Preview

Justin answers a listener question on finances, talks about some future guests, and previews the upcoming IBMA convention in Raleigh, NC on this abbreviated edition. This episode is brought to you by Lowe Vintage Instrument Company. Find your timeless tone at

Duration: 00:29:00

Episode 021 - Cody Hull & Bluegrass News

Justin discusses some of the sad stories from the past week in bluegrass and pays tribute to James King. He answers a question from Facebook and previews Delfest. Justin then is joined by Cody Hull to discuss his new record Run Away.

Duration: 00:42:15

Episode 019 - Weighted Mind

Sierra Hull rejoins the show, this time to discuss the making of Weighted Mind and the tour associated with the release. She shares insights on the recording process and weighs in on the Season 2 Finale of Better Caul Saul.

Episode 012 - Jon Weisberger - Part 2

In part two of the interview with Jon Weisberger, Jon and Justin discuss challenges facing bluegrass music and bring up some of the differing factions amongst fans. They also discuss the impact of social media on the creative side. Justin announces his initiative to put a new band together in the open and runs down some of the latest news in bluegrass music.

Duration: 01:02:50

Episode 009 - Tim Stafford

Tim Stafford was generous with his time and joined Justin for a phone interview. He broke some news about the new member of Blue Highway and talked about his time with Dusty Miller and Alison Krauss & Union Station in addition to Blue Highway. They also discussed Tim's biography on Tony Rice.

Duration: 00:55:18

Episode 008 - Beyond Measure

Justin describes the process of making his newest recording titled Beyond Measure: The EP. He explains how he put some of the songs together, what he used to record and how he named the tunes. He also shares where the inspiration came from.

Duration: 00:55:07

Episode 007 - Thomm Jutz

Thomm Jutz joined Justin this episode to discuss his life and career, moving from Germany, songwriting, engineering and much more. They play an original guitar tune at the end. Justin shares happenings from the last two weeks and has a new music recommendation.

Duration: 00:59:56

Episode 006 - Mexico, Dawg & Instruments

Sierra Hull joins Justin as co-host on this episode to discuss their trip to Mexico, recent shows with David "Dawg" Grisman, instruments and a whole lot more!

Duration: 01:01:54

Episode 005 - Tim Shelton

Tim Shelton joins Justin this episode to discuss his career, the state of the music business, impact of travel on the body, eating healthy, and their common interest in professional wrestling. Tim discusses the guys he's been on the road with and shares stories from the road. He also lets us in on his latest projects.

Duration: 01:12:14

Episode 003 - Keith Garrett

Episode three features a lengthy interview with Keith Garrett of the band The Boxcars. Keith discusses his early days of getting interested in the guitar and singing, early bands and playing in competitions. He and Justin discuss the IBMA Awards to some length toward the end of the favorite tv shows, food, etc.

Duration: 01:25:06