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Alex Kirry is here to breakdown all the football and basketball news you need from the BYU Cougars. Whether it's expansion talk in the Big 12, injury reports, quarterback drama or hoops hoopla, he's got you covered from the sports desk.

Alex Kirry is here to breakdown all the football and basketball news you need from the BYU Cougars. Whether it's expansion talk in the Big 12, injury reports, quarterback drama or hoops hoopla, he's got you covered from the sports desk.
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Salt Lake City, UT


Alex Kirry is here to breakdown all the football and basketball news you need from the BYU Cougars. Whether it's expansion talk in the Big 12, injury reports, quarterback drama or hoops hoopla, he's got you covered from the sports desk.




Can BYU Football avoid a 10-loss season?

BYU Football went from things looking up with Joe Critchlow at the helm to now staring a 10-loss season in the face if they don't beat Hawaii in Honolulu this weekend. Can Ty Detmer figure this offense out before he gets the boot from Provo? Do people get fired after this season? Resignations? BYU Basketball needs to rebound(ha) from their loss last Saturday at home to UT-Arlington. The Niagra Purple Eagles are in Provo tonight.

Duration: 00:13:45

Squally Canada Has Career Day Against UNLV

In what has been an up and down season for BYU, running back Squally Canada rushed for 213 yards against UNLV on Friday night, in a 31-21 victory over the Rebels. Canada is leading the team in rushing, as well as being a mentor for the other running backs on the roster.

Duration: 00:02:59

BYU Basketball Wins At Princeton 65-56

BYU basketball continues its young season, and took a long trip to New Jersey, defeating Princeton 65-56. Elijah Bryant led the Cougs with 22 points, helping BYU improve to 2-0. On the gridiron, BYU's football team prepares for UMASS on Saturday, as the seniors play their final home game in Provo.

Duration: 00:11:38

BYU Basketball Season Opener On Saturday

The BYU mens basketball season officially tips off this Saturday at home against Mississippi Valley State. With the biggest concern being the Nick Emery situation, how will the Cougars fare on the court during his absence? The football team travels down to Las Vegas for a Friday night showdown with the Rebels, how will Beau Hoge do this week at quarterback?

Duration: 00:14:06

Could Tanner Mangum's Career Be Over?

Alex Kirry and Cleon Wall discuss BYU's loss to Fresno State on Saturday but also the loss for at least the rest of the season of Tanner Mangum at the QB spot. Who will end up replacing Mangum under center? Will it be Beau Hoge or Joe Critchlow? QB musical chairs hasn't been a very fun game for the BYU football team this season and the last 3 games of the year will need to be dedicated to making something happen for the 2018 season.

Duration: 00:15:19

BYU's Chances at Fresno and How the Cougar Hoopsters are Looking

Cleon Wall and Alex Kirry chat about this weekend's matchup between BYU and Fresno State. The Bulldogs are favored by more than 2 touchdowns but can BYU build on the win over San Jose State last weekend? How long will the coaches keep Tanner Mangum in with Beau Hoge waiting to take over again if he stumbles? Dave Rose's basketball squad has looked good so far in their exhibition match-ups but the Nick Emery allegations and NCAA investigation is bringing the wrong kind of attention to the...

Duration: 00:10:08

Coming Off A Win On Saturday, How Does BYU Prepare For Fresno State?

Alex Kirry and intern Marshall, fresh off BYU offensive interviews in Provo, talk about the difference in the Cougars locker room after their victory over San Jose State. With 5-3 Fresno State coming on Saturday night, which Cougar is going to make the difference. Both Alex and Marshall give their keys to victory.

Duration: 00:07:59

BYU Offense Must Do THIS to Beat ECU Easily

Alex Kirry and Cleon Wall discuss the woes of Kalani Sitake and BYU Football program. With the Cougars taking on the worst scoring defense in the country, (ECU gives up 50 points a game) BYU will either show that things aren't nearly as dire as you might have though in Ty Detmer's offense, or Tanner Mangum and the BYU Cougars are in deep trouble. This week isn't just about winning at East Carolina, its about scoring big points.

Duration: 00:12:53

Does the Nightmare BYU Losing Streak Continue at MSU?

Cleon Wall and Alex Kirry are not hopeful that the losing streak ends for BYU this Saturday for the BYU Cougars as they take on a very talented SEC opponent, Mississippi State Bulldogs, at their place in Starkville. With the annoying cowbells sounds raining down from the fans, what do Kalani Sitake, Ty Detmer and the team have to do to at least show signs of getting better on offense? Alex says, get a good showing from your defense first.

Duration: 00:12:19

How does BYU Football "Figure it out"

Cleon Wall and Alex Kirry chat about the BYU Football woes after the loss to Boise State has Coach Kalani Sitake saying the same things about a different loss. Ty Detmer's offense is under a lot of pressure and we're not sure that it goes away with a trip to Mississippi State this weekend. How good or bad is BYU basketball going to be this season? Heath Shroyer is back in Provo and that's a good thing for Dave Rose's hoops squad.

Duration: 00:11:47

BYU v. Boise State Preview

Alex Kirry and Cleon Wall sit and chat about the possibility of 6 different QB's who could see action for the Cougars. Tanner Mangum, Beau Hoge, Coy Detmer Jr., Austin Kafensis, Joe Critchlow and Kody Wilstead. Did we get all of them? Alex Kirry is more optimistic about this game because the Broncos are the worst offensively than they have been in a long time so cross your fingers that the cougars' defense can keep them in this thing.

Duration: 00:13:49

Can BYU save their season with a win against USU?

Alex Kirry and Cleon Wall talk about the showdown this Friday night for the Cougars in Cache Valley against rival Utah State. BYU, coming off a bye week head up to Logan, desperately needing a win at 1-3. Utah State is coming off a 61-10 thrashing of San Jose State. The Aggies have not beaten their rival from down south in Logan since 2010.

Duration: 00:12:27

Utah State Striking Fear in the Hearts of BYU Fans

Alex Kirry and Cleon Wall discuss BYU Football's chances against a Utah State team on Friday that has scored a lot of points this year including hanging 61 on San Jose State last Saturday. Matt Wells' team is smelling blood in the water with BYU, whose players held a coach-less meeting to talk about how much they need to turn things around. Can Ty Detmer's offense turn things around if Tanner Mangum is replaced by Beau Hoge again this week? Is Kalani Sitake more nervous than he should be...

Duration: 00:15:20

Gut Check Time for BYU Player Leadership

Alex Kirry and Cleon Wall discuss BYU football's bye week and how recruiting and practices during bye week tell a lot about a team. How does the offense respond to such anemic performances? 4 Touchdowns through four games is not just bad, its horrible, in the words of Coach Kalani Sitake. Who steps up for the Cougars?

Duration: 00:16:47

The Cougars on a Soul Searching Mission during Bye Week

The BYU Cougars have not figured their last three opponents and after three straight big losses and big time offensive woes, maybe the biggest problem is that they haven't really figured themselves out either. Cleon Wall and Alex Kirry lament some of the biggest problems, but also talk about a few good things to look forward to with the Cougars the rest of the season. What can one expect for wins and losses for the rest of the season?

Duration: 00:19:23

Interpreting BYU's Messages on Tanner Mangum

Alex Kirry and Cleon Wall discuss the injury of Tanner Mangum and whether or not he will play this weekend against the Wisconsin Badgers. The BYU Cougars are in a real tough spot already and his absence is not good for an already struggling offense. Can Kalani Sitake and Ty Detmer get the offense back on Track? Ula Tolutau is a bright spot that fans will be excited to see more of.

Duration: 00:15:01

What Went Wrong for BYU vs. Utah?

Alex Kirry and Cleon Wall listen to how disappointed Coach Kalani Sitake was after the loss to Utah on Saturday but things get really tough for BYU this Saturday vs. the Wisconsin Badgers. Is Tanner Mangum hurt? Will he play on Saturday? Cougar Nation hopes so but some are just sick of losing so they'll take anyone who can win.

Duration: 00:15:07

BYU Utah Showdown Special

Alex Kirry breaks down the BYU Utah game rivalry game on Sunday. Alex interviews former players from the rivalry, Scott Mitchell and Jason Buck. Coaches Kalani Sitake, Kyle Whittingham and Ty Detmer also join the show. Quarterback Tanner Mangum talks about the LSU game, as well as Saturday.

Duration: 00:37:30

Ty Detmer Mentions His 7 INT Game

Alex Kirry mentions that after BYU's embarrassing loss to LSU keeps coming up in practice and Ty Detmer says he's been embarrassed before and its about bouncing back.

Duration: 00:00:52

Extra, LSU Predictions

Alex Kirry and Dave Noriega give their weekly predictions on teams and things don't sound great for this week based on predictions. Can Kalani Sitake and Ty Detmer get the offense going against an SEC opponent.

Duration: 00:10:10

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