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Jakob Øster - 178 countries ... and travels with his family to Somalia and Afghanistan!

Download Episode! A family that travels together stays together. Jakob travels frequently with his girlfriend and two young children. Jakob travels often with his girlfriend and two young children. Family vacations include overland West African road trips, visits to Somaliland, and family excursions to Afghanistan. His children aged 10 and 8 respectively have traveled to 72 and 55 countries respectively. Jakob also hits the road solo as well. He recounts witnessing a secretive Satanic...

Duration: 01:35:15

Maurizio Giuliano - 193 countries ... and in 2004 was the youngest person to travel to every country in the world!

Download Episode! Maurizio was a travel outlier at a young age. Riding the rails in Europe independently as a 13 year old. At 17, he left Italy to travel the Trans-Siberian to visit his penpal in Mongolia. After university in the UK, be began an international career as a journalist and NGO worker. This allowed ample opportunity to travel and lives overseas. Maurizio has spent time living in Haiti, Brazil, Mali, Sudan, Afghanistan, Central African Republic amongst others. Maurizio shares...

Duration: 01:34:12

Fabio Cao - 180 countries ... and counting!

Fabio is closing in on his goal of 193 countries as he narrows down the list! Fabio was born in Milan and spread his wings as a model as he travelled to Miami and then moved to East and Southeast Asia before he was even 20 years old. Before he knew it, he had visited dozens of countries and he was on his quest. Fabio shares with us why Kabul and Caracas are the most dangerous cities in the world. Fabio recently visited Libya, and explains how he wrangled a visa and what his experience was...

Duration: 01:32:41

Drew Binsky - 110 countries ... Guinness World Record Holder!

Download Episode! Drew is 26 and has already been to 110 countries and holds two Guinness World Records. As a ten year old, Drew spun a globe in his room and memorized the countries of the world. As a college student, he did a semester abroad in Prague and visited 20 European countries. After college, he moved to a small town in South Korea to teach English and started his travel blog. Drew now travels full time professionally and works with brands and tourism boards who support his...

Duration: 00:58:27

Randy Williams - 86 countries ... and counting!

Randy is a well-known radio personality who happens to be on a quest to travel to every country in the world. Randy became intrigued with travel while listening to his Spanish teacher’s travel stories. At the age of 26, he ventured abroad for the first time, and immediately became smitten with Brazil. He traveled there over 30 times, and lived there for two years. While discovering Brazil he decided to visit every country in the Americas before the age of 40. That goal transitioned to...

Duration: 01:39:22

Eric Nguyen - 193 countries ... at the age of 24!

Download Episode! At the age of 24, Eric visited his last UN country beating Guinness World Record Holder, James Asquith. Eric grew up in northern California, the son of Vietnamese immigrants. He had the opportunity of international travel with his family growing up. But his travel began in earnest when he went backpacking in East and Southeast Asia when he was just 18. He was inspired to visit every country in the world and attempt to break the world record for three reasons. First,...

Duration: 01:11:30

Dustin Pfundheller - 193 countries ... at the age of 30 with the help of Tinder!

Dustin balanced his career as a dentist while completing all 193 UN countries and then some. Dustin grew up in small town America yet ended up living in Singapore working as a dentist. Despite a childhood of limited travel, he spread his travel wings after settling in Singapore and began to discover the region. Dustin shares with us an amazing collection of travel stories. He crossed the border into Syria from Lebanon as an invited guest of Syria. Dustin was the keynote speaker at a...

Duration: 01:36:35

Thomas Brackmann - 155 countries ... and planning on finishing in 2 years!

Download Episode! Thomas grew up behind the Iron Curtain, joined the military to travel, and now lives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thomas was raised in in East Germany in modest circumstances, with virtually no travel in his life. He joined the military for 12 years which allowed him the opportunity to travel. During that time he traveled to hotspots like Afghanistan and Kosovo. After the military, he settled in Saudi Arabia with a career that allowed him to continue traveling. Thomas...

Duration: 01:19:37

Thanos Koukoutsakis - 146 countries ... with a doctorate in physics!

Thanos is on a quest to visit every country in the world and has already visited 146 UN countries. Thanos initial focus in life was education and business, not travel. In fact, one of his first overseas trips was a basic package trip to Sri Lanka. After completing his doctorate in theoretical physics and starting his own business in India his life eventually transitioned into a life of travel. Now adventures include summiting the seven summits with three already completed. Thanos also...

Duration: 01:17:39

Audrey Walsworth - 193 countries ... and 324/325 on the TCC List!

Download Episode! Audrey is a member of an elite club of female travelers who have traveled to all 193 UN countries. I thought it was important to have a member of this club to speak on the podcast in regard to the media’s claim that Cassie DePecol is the first woman to travel to every country in the world. This false narrative has been embraced by the public. During the podcast, we speak about this controversy and Audrey shares her perspective on being a woman who has accomplished this...

Duration: 01:28:43

Gary Arndt - 119 countries ... and over 300 UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

Download Episode! Gary sold his house and all of his belongings in 2007 and began his life of travel. Gary over his 10 years of travel has established himself as an elite travel blogger with an expertise in photography. Gary shares with us many tales from the road. Gary, single handedly, changed the visa rules for the Pacific Island of Kiribati with one email. He tells us why his motorbike driver pulled his gun as they made their way to the contested Temple of Preah Vihear at the...

Duration: 01:17:29

Lee Abbamonte - 193 countries ... and the North and South Pole!

Download Episode! Lee has led an incredible life, traveling to all 193 countries and being the youngest American to accomplish this feat at that time. And he is only 6 territories away from completing the Travelers Century Club. Lee travels in style whether it is entering his 193rd country under a hail of gunfire or hanging out with Prince Harry in Antarctica. Lee grew up in modest circumstances and began his travel with a semester abroad in London. This trip and the loss of his friends...

Duration: 01:35:41

João Paulo Peixoto - 193 countries ... and wedding ceremonies in 8 different countries!

Download Episode! João is a quintuple threat. He is a professor, an entrepreneur, a father of seven, a romantic, and a believer in all of the world’s religions. The professor shares his amazing stories of traveling the world. As a romantic he has married his wife eight times in different ceremonies around the world, including their first in Addis Ababa with a honeymoon in South Sudan. He spent time in a Yemeni jail cell that conveniently included wifi allowing for some Facebook updates....

Duration: 01:00:23

Sepp Kaiser - 190 countries ... on a single 10 year trip!

Download Episode! Sepp left his family farm in Austria in 1985, and he did not see his family until 1995, when he returned after visiting every country in the world. Sepp is a vagabond at heart as he traveled the world with his guitar. He traveled non-stop for 19 years as he traveled to every country in the world at that time (190 countries). He nearly lost his life on more than one occasion, as he battled gun wielding attackers in Nigeria, and hepatitis in Angola. He was both drugged...

Duration: 01:28:25

Dave Levart - 140 countries ... and has visited over 850 wineries in Napa Valley!

Download Episode! Dave’s travel and life has morphed into one collective. He began his travel career after graduation with the start of his travel blog, Dave’s Travel Corner and has been travelling ever since. Over the past 20 years Dave has managed to visit 140 UN recognized countries in a quest to discover and experience true travel. He does not have a specific stated goal of visiting every country, but through his desire to discover the world he has already managed to visit 140...

Duration: 01:03:33

David Langan - 176 countries ... and counting!

Download Episode! David is traveling to every country and sending home a postcard! David has a passion for stamps and postcards. The first has helped him finance some of his travels while he has sent a postcard home from every country and territory he has traveled to. He started traveling as an intrepid teenager on a solo trip to the Pacific Islands after saving money for three years. Today, his travel adventures have spanned five different decades with no end in sight. He has traveled...

Duration: 01:34:47

Lawrence Williams - 152 countries ... and spreading his Uncle’s ashes in every country!

Download Episode! Lawrence is on a quest to travel to every country in the world while honoring his uncle, by spreading his ashes in every country. Uncle James was a free spirit and travel pioneer who inspired Lawrence to travel even more. Lawrence lost his uncle to cancer and wanted to honor his memory. Lawrence is now traveling to every country in the world as well as the 325 regions noted in Travelers' Century Club to spread his ashes. Lawrence has braved the streets of Mogadishu and...

Duration: 01:37:09

Don Parrish - 193 countries ... and is the most traveled person on MTP!

Download Episode! Don has traveled to 851 places of the 875 places listed on the Most Traveled People list. He is number one on the list, making him the most traveled person using this benchmark. Don has been traveling and discovering the world since the 1960s when he worked in a factory in Germany on an exchange program. He has an incredible passion for history and connecting events and people throughout time. He has traveled to the Soviet Union in the 1960s as well as traveling to each...

Duration: 02:51:54

Rick Shaver - 81 countries ... and counting!

Rick has managed to travel the world while raising a family heading an international marketing firm! Rick was inspired to travel by his globe-trotting grandmother and a visit to the World Expo as a child. He spent over a month in Bucharest during Ceaușescu reign in the early 1980s. And during a 6 month backpacking trip through Europe he crossed Checkpoint Charlie and toured Tito’s Yugoslavia. He also shares some of his favorite travel experiences in the Galapagos and on safari. He is an...

Duration: 00:52:50

Lillie Echevarria - 105 countries ... and counting!

Download Episode! An intrepid traveller who has travelled to over 100 countries and has a special place in her heart for the continent of Africa. Lillie is a Peruvian native who arrived in the US as an exchange student. Avoiding the violence of the Shining Path in her home country she opted for a new life in America. She began her international travels with a group bus trip across Europe and quickly graduated to more challenging adventures. She toured multiple countries in South America...

Duration: 00:53:32

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