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It's a Guestapalooza!

Thank you to all of our listeners for sticking it out with us through season 1. This episode is where we give back. It's your turn to be on our show. We invite five very special guests on with us this evening as we talk Facebook, football, movies, TV, selfies, and yes, The Greatest Showman (who just so happens to be the great-great-great uncle of one of the hosts (listen to find out who!). We do apologize greatly for getting this out so late, but the stupid Super Bowl got in our way. As...


You Spin Me Round

This is the final episode of season 1. Last week we started the conversation of bullying and how social media is impacting it but also the way we interact. There is much more to solving the issue of bullying than expecting one single entity to correct it. It will take a concerted and compassionate effort from the schools, the government, organizations, families, teachers, friends, neighbors, coaches, and the list goes on. This is a complex and difficult topic but one that warrants our full...


Wooly Bully

If you have listened to our last few episodes, you know we've been discussing the impact social media has had on the way we interact and converse with others. We have touched on the issue of the anonymity and false sense of security cyberspace brings, but do you ever stop to think about the impact it has on others? It is easy to get swept up in the relative safety of cyberspace to turn constructive conversations into heated (and in some cases, deadly) exchanges, but we are challenging you...


Cyberspace Does Not Equal Safe Space

We rein in our time on this after our long discussion last week to conclude our talk on social media. We discuss the impact social media has on our behavior both online and in-person and the destructive tendencies these mediums release in us. Whether we are speaking out against injustice or caugh tup in ignorance, social media provides a drastic false sense of security that damages relationships, threatens livelihoods, and just makes some of us unbearably intolerable. Join us today as we...


The Erosion of Empathy

With technology looming around every corner and prying its way into every aspect of our lives, how do we kep our human nature human? Social media encourages an environment of selective and selfish behavior by eroding our ability to be emapthic (or empathetic, your choice). Today we start the first of a two-part series looking at how lack of empathy and over-abundance of false security can lead to destructive conversations and the decay of social betterment. It's gonna be great (and man is...


Resolve 'To Be'

Today we are talking about New Year's resolutions and why they are so difficult to keep. Why are they so hard to keep? What is it about goal-setting and goal-keeping that seem to make them at odds with each other? Psychology studies show that failing to achieve goals has a neurological bias that causes us to "enjoy" failure! We have to re-teach our brains on how it should feel when we fail at something.


Jedi Mind Trick

Mindfulness is becoming the buzz-word of many pseudo-psycho social circles today and they are terribly mistaken its true function and purpose. We talk about how to be truly happy and how to identify true happiness by learning immersive mindfulness. Henry David Thoreau gives us the true definition when he says to "just be." Join us today and get on the path to a better you.


The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Can you think of a time where you either gave a gift or received a gift and it did not go as expected? Did you put a lot of effort or thought into it only to have the recipient not appreciate it, or even worse, get angry about it? What about when you got mad or hurt over a gift you were given? Maybe you feel your feelings weren't considered? Maybe you feel the giver cheated or insignificant because of it? Listen in today as we talk about ways to avoid this dangerous pitfall in all of our...


Get Over Yourself

Have you ever thought about the conversations we have with others? Do they often end in anger and frustration or is there mutual learning and understanding? This doesn't mean you have to change your point-of-view, but are you open to both sides of the argument? Join us today as we welcome Alex Riesenkampff of ( and his revolutionary idea to empower conversation.



One week to go until we're all gettin stupid on turkey! It also means one week left until that inevitable family blow-up. We give you a couple tools and techniques to help deal with these pesky, family controversies so you have more time to enjoy food and family. We also talk about a horrible movie...


Turkey and Relationships

Let's talk turkey! Well...maybe relationships? Why do we have such difficulty maintaining good relationships with our friends? Our neighbors? Co-workers? Our family? As we gear up for turkey day, we all know that family fight is just waiting for us. Join us for our inaugural episode as we talk about ways we can improve our relationships and reduce the occurrence of blow-ups.