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62. Vacation Mode | Tröegs Crimson Pistil

It’s the last episode before a week off, so the guys enjoy some Crimson Pistil by Tröegs Brewing while they talk about Gronk’s fascination with the number 69, CBS Las Vegas going scorched earth on the Golden Knights, fake James Harrison quotes back in the news, Oklahoma State getting really excited for a dumb reason, Chick-fil-A opening in the new Falcons’ stadium, and Southern Tier announcing a new dessert beer. The fellas go on to talk about Ian Kinsler letting Angel Hernandez know that...

Duration: 01:34:37

61. All the Way Off the Rails | MIA Beer Company’s Miami Weiss

While drinking some Miami Weiss by MIA Beer Company, Scott and Mike attempt to hold things together. But this show went off the rails...fast. There’s some NCAA talk, Usain Bolt news, Braves injury updates, Bob Kraft cementing his rich status, Joe West getting suspended, and the Juice’s Bronco. After that, your guess is as good as ours as to what happened in this show. Sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Duration: 02:07:50

59. Tank Mansfield Hangs Out | Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

This week, Anthony “Tank” Mansfield drops by to talk about his upcoming WrestleArtMania opening 8/4. The fellas drink Bell’s Two Hearted Ale while talking about Julio Jones and his earring, Google trolling Jets fans, the NFL’s declining ratings, the MLB shortening time in between innings, Aaron Judge’s tooth, and Adrian Beltre getting tossed. Tank talks his upcoming art show, along with the deep history of Big Van Vader before the guys discuss the CTE study in the NFL. You can check out...

Duration: 01:04:59

58. All of the Random News | Entropic Theory

It may be a slow time for sports, but Scott and Mike still find two hours of material for you this week! The fellas crack open some Entropic Theory by MadTree Brewing while they talk about what could have derailed OJ’s parole, hating your rival, Mike Vick going after Kaep, Tom Herman possibly going a step too far, impersonating Chad Johnson, and missing out on Stanley Cup tickets. Scott and Mike field some drunk line calls and dive deep into fixing the NFL viewership before getting a...

Duration: 02:04:52

57. The Drunk Line Explodes | Flesh and Blood IPA by Dogfish Head

The show goes off the rails in a hurry on this one. Scott and Mike pop some Flesh and Blood IPA by Dogfish Head while talking McGregor/Mayweather, losing out on $1 mil, Alex Bregman sliding into a fan’s DMs, LSU breakins and hookers, Wimbledon doing what they can to stay all white, and KatyPerrysBootyHole. The drunk line takes on a life of its own, as the fellas field calls about everything while trying to talk about the Homerun Derby, the All-Star Game, and the ESPYs.

Duration: 02:01:10

56. Joey Chestnut, NBA Free Agency, and MLB All-Star Game | Urban Artifact Keypunch

It's a slow time in the sports world. The fellas end up talking a bunch about Joey Chestnut's 10th mustard belt in the Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest, NBA free agency and how none of it matters, and the MLB All-Star game and Homerun Derby. While drinking a Keypunch by Urban Artifact, Scott and Mike discuss the random news from the week including the Cuban National Baseball team going bananas and DeAngelo Williams nearly breaking his neck.

Duration: 01:48:03

55. Coach Brian Westbrook Hangs Out | 10 Barrel Apocalypse IPA

Scott and Mike are joined by Coach Brian Westbrook to discuss college and high school football as well as his Get Everything U brand. Coach Westbrook talks about NCAA football players getting paid, Ohio High School competitive balance, and his philosophy when coaching kids. The guys drink some Apocalypse IPA from 10 Barrel Brewing and talk about 10 Barrel's sale to InBev and the recent Craft Beer push for labeling to identify independent breweries.

Duration: 01:58:20

54. Going Beer Heavy and NBA Draft | Blank Slate Brewing Flight

Another on-location recording this week, as the fellas head to Blank Slate Brewing in Cincinnati, OH to talk with the owner and head brewer Scott LaFollette. Scott L. breaks down all of the beers at Blank Slate and shows just how much thought and time goes into crafting an amazing beer. Later in the show, the fellas talk to Scott about making the jump from a home brewer to owning his own brewery, and why he chose to can his beers instead of bottle them. On the sports side, we hear stories...

Duration: 01:39:17

53. Floyd vs. Conor, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, and FC Cincy | Fibonacci Brewing Flight

Scott and Mike head out on the road again, this time to Fibonacci Brewing in Cincinnati. The fellas spend the first part of the episode talking with Bob Bollas, the owner and head brewer at Fibonacci to talk about the brewery, the process, and the craft beer scene. In this week's Upper Deck, we learn more about the NCAA's archaic rules, Phelps taking on a shark, super expensive ivy, the MLB breaking out of their shells a bit, and Michael Floyd's off the field issues. The conversation...

Duration: 01:43:51

52. Hanging with Bronson Arroyo | Mt. Carmel Amber Ale

The fellas bring you a special bonus episode this week, as they sit down with Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo to talk beers, baseball, music, and so much more. There's not much more to say, you definitely want to check this episode out!

Duration: 01:04:05

51. Thoughts as the Playoffs Wind Down | Millersburg Brewing Panther Hollow Porter

This week, Scott and Mike discuss the Stanley Cup Final so far and the disappointment that is the NBA Finals while sipping on some Panther Hollow Vanilla Porter by Millersburg Brewing. Upper Deck brings you stories this week about Brett Favre and his defense reading abilities, Rob and Rex Ryan showing why Smashville lives up to its nickname, Canadian ghosts, Chris Long trolling Fletcher Cox, a major bar tab, and Macho Man playing HORSE with kids. The fellas talk some MMA when Kyle Steele...

Duration: 01:45:06

50. The Drunk Line Opens! | Three Floyds Gumballhead

The Drunk Line opens up and the listeners do not disappoint! Scott and Mike pound some Gumballhead by Three Floyds Brewing while talking about Tiger's DUI headlines, Porzingis picking up girls with emojis, getting arrested for throwing catfish, free Stanley Cup tickets, Jeb Bush blowing his shot to be like his brother, and Big Baby going off. The fellas field calls from listeners and cover everything from exfoliating, to FC Cincy taking on the Columbus Crew, to eSports. This is one you...

Duration: 01:35:39

48. Live From Brink Brewing | Flight of Beers

The fellas have their first away game, as they step out of the friendly confines of the Craft Brewed Sports Speakeasy and head out to Brink Brewing in Cincinnati, OH. Since they couldn't decide on just one beer to try, Scott and Mike opted for an entire flight of beers while talking about flag football, Cromartie's botched vasectomy, Ben Johnson's amazing new commercial, James Harden the hit man, Matt Harvey's ex, and the Mavs tanking their season. Anything can happen when you go live out...

Duration: 01:39:10

47. Chris Pankau Joins the Crew | Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale

This show is fantastic from start to finish. The fellas are joined by Reds scoreboard operator, Chris Pankau, to talk about all the crazy stuff that you want to know about running the board at a professional baseball game. The group downs some Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale while talking about Canadian fans celebrating, Cleveland radio hosts messing up big time, Johnny Football's vacation, the Mets and their interesting locker room decorations, Chris Bosh going full slum lord, and a...

Duration: 01:44:32

46. Boston Goes Full Racist, NHL Playoffs, and the NBA | Jai Alai

Mike returns from Florida with some Jai Alai from Cigar City Brewing in tow as the fellas talk about Lebron and Great Lakes beefing, Russ Westbrook scamming some cake, Mike Glennon feeling like he was cheated on, the angriest Mets fan in the world, bullets flying at St. Louis games, and the Cubs going cowboy with their World Series Trophy. The fellas discuss Boston's latest racist incident, and also talk some NBA Playoffs and NHL prediction updates.

Duration: 01:14:23

45. NFL Draft, NHL and NBA Playoffs | The Lesser Path

The fellas welcome Kyle and Justine Steele onto the show to talk Loudmouth Network and their new podcast, The Nicolas Cage Movie Review Hour. Everyone (except for Justine) downs some The Lesser Path from Blank Slate Brewing while they head to the Upper Deck to talk about Barry Bonds getting his own street, Jabrill Peppers having a clear stream, Drake and TNT getting way too friendly, Jeb and Jeter owning the Marlins, World Series curse breakers, and Snoop Dogg trying to overtake Ice Cube....

Duration: 01:55:00

44. Pranqster | One Year Anniversary

One year later, and Scott and Mike are still going strong. The fellas drink some Pranqster by North Coast Brewing and talk about the best interruption at a tennis match ever, Bruins fans trying to get interesting souvenirs, professional athletes smoking pot, soccer hooligans throwing rats, Adidas screwing up big time, and a Patriots fan clapping back at ESPN. The fellas announce upcoming plans for the show and think back on how they got here over the last year. Thank you to all the fans...

Duration: 01:47:46

43. Thick Mint | Playoff Action, Chief Wahoo, and North Carolina

Before breaking down their picks for the first round of the NHL Playoffs, and confirming their picks for the NBA playoffs, Scott and Mike talk about a green jacket showing up in a Toronto thrift store, the NFL fining players in Vegas and dropping random drug tests, Tony Romo and his extensive career with the Mavericks, Tom Herman's dedication chart, Anthony Davis getting denied service because of his hoodie, and foam Tomahawks ruining Atlanta traffic. The fellas get serious about Rob...

Duration: 01:36:43

Thirteen/164 | March Madness, NBA Playoffs, Opening Day, and The Masters

The stories get a bit weird on this week's episode. Scott and Mike discuss Deshaun Watson's scuffle in a Tuscaloosa bar, Roy Jones Jr. doing his best knock-off Michael Vick impression, past Oklahoma Sooners working with the oldest profession, athletes filming themselves doing drugs, un-retiring numbers, and Stephen Piscotty getting pummeled around the bases. The fellas go on to talk about Opening Week in the MLB and recap the Craft Brewed Sports bracket challenge. Russel Westbrook and his...

Duration: 01:36:44

41. Cherrywood | Opening Day, WBC, and March Madness

Scott and Mike are back and don't miss a beat. The fellas talk about 6 year olds breaking contract negotiations, Luke Maye being a better student than any athlete ever, UK fans taking down a ref's roofing company, Master P coaching in the NBA, NFL throwback uniforms, and the greatest story to ever come out of the world of hockey. Scott takes his punishment like a man on FB live, before he gets to FINALLY talk about the World Baseball Classic. And Mike breaks down the history of Opening Day...

Duration: 01:36:34

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