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Drunk Line Minisode #14

Money Blakeweather drops what can only be described as a Def Jam Poetry love letter to Pumpkin Beers. How do you feel about Pumpkin Beers? Call us and let us know: 440-37-DRUNK

Duration: 00:02:21

Drunk Line Minisode #13

Scott is back and gives his thoughts on the harsh punishment Oklahoma handed down to Baker Mayfield. Call in with your thoughts: 440-37-DRUNK

Duration: 00:03:15

Corporate Sits in For Scott | Boom Sauce

Scott is off enjoying his honeymoon. But the show must go on. Mike is joined by guest co-host Kyle Steele (host of Loudmouth MMA and the Nicolas Cage Movie Review Hour). The fellas crack open some Boom Sauce by Lord Hobo Brewing while talking about Brew Dog looking to buy the Columbus Crew, Oscar De La Hoya doing a 180, Walmart trolling the Falcons, Braxton Brewing catching unnecessary flack, the Cincinnati Cyclones channeling their inner Gordon Bombay, and Bama fans going crazy in the...

Duration: 02:07:58

Drunk Line Minisode #12

The saga is over. Finally. Chalk another win up for Rog. Call in to the Drunk Line with your thoughts: 440-37-DRUNK

Duration: 00:03:38

Drunk Line Minisode #11

An exciting announcement about the future of Craft Brewed Sports...right here in this minisode.

Duration: 00:03:19

Scott’s Bachelor Party | Dallas Sucks

Our own Scottie K is getting married. So to celebrate Mr. Underscore finding his Mrs. Underscore, the fellas are joined by Scott’s groomsmen to drink some Dallas Sucks by Weyerbacher Brewing Company. The group talks about Roy Halladay’s passing, Alex Trebek zinging Hunter Pence, Curt Schilling actually saying something reasonable, Canadian video games, scouts going to the wrong country, and Dwayne Wade’s penchant for booty eating. The fellas end up debating how awful the NFL is right now,...

Duration: 01:55:50

Drunk Line Minisode #10

At this point, who wouldn't want to see Scott dropkick Jerrah in the face? Hit up the Drunk Line with anything you want to talk about: 440-37-DRUNK

Duration: 00:03:17

Drunk Line Minisode #9

First ever minisode from a listener as we hear a fantastic conspiracy theory about the Bengals and Browns failed trade. Want your own minisode? Leave us a voicemail at 440-37-DRUNK

Duration: 00:02:13

JB, Goddamnit, Sits In | Kakahiaka Onu & Augustus Gloop Double Chocolate Milk Stout

From the start, the episode goes off the rails. Scott and Mike are joined by the Craft Brewed Sports mega-contributor, Jim Balint. JB brings two different Michigan brews, Kakahiaka Onu from Exferimination Brewing and and Augustus Gloop Double Chocolate Milk Stout from Fillmore 13, as the crew talks about Cuckland being Cuckland, Rich Hill helping the boos rain down, the Mike Berlon of sports promotions, soccer players kicking fans in the face, and Charles Barkley being a crazy asshole. The...

Duration: 02:05:10

Drunk Line Minisode #8

There's always one name on everyone's lips when a coaching vacancy comes up. Mike's tired of it. Hit up the Drunk Line with your thoughts 24/7: 440-37-DRUNK

Duration: 00:02:55

Drunk Line Minisode #7

The 49ers have made a trade with the Patriots...and Scott is not pleased. Feel free to hit up the Drunk Line (24/7) if you have anything you need to get off your chest: 440-37-DRUNK

Duration: 00:03:21

Lou’s a Cheater | Warlock

Which league is going to let athletes smoke weed first? And everyone decides to call out Lou the Dog for his picks this episode. While Scott and Mike drink Warlock from Southern Tier Brewing, they discuss Mia Khalifa swinging and missing again, Mike becoming a Toronto FC fan, Cincinnati breaking from baseball tradition, bad video game beats, Marshawn Lynch screwing over high school kids, and the Niners sending out the strangest survey ever. The fellas go on to discuss the World Series and...

Duration: 02:07:37

Drunk Line Minisode #6

Scott does something he rarely does: praises a team. But that doesn't mean he's not going to take a swipe at some others in the process. Be sure to call in to the show Friday, with your World Series picks. 440-37-DRUNK

Duration: 00:01:46

Drunk Line Minisode #5

Mike has decided to can Vontaze Burfict, and he's challenged anyone who disagrees to "Defend Your Shit." Be sure to call in Friday night around 9:30pm EDT, or leave a message before hand to defend Burfict: 440-37-DRUNK

Duration: 00:02:30

More Basketball Than There Should Be | Alewerk’s Pumpkin

This episode gets a bit basketball heavy, as the guys sip on some of Alewerk Brewing’s Pumpkin. The fellas rip on Mia Khalifa, talk about Beast Mode blending in, Chris Long giving everything away, racecar drivers trying to bring in fans, taking down statues, and the newest sport on the block. The fellas discuss the injuries from the start of the NBA season, give their Final Four for the NCAA tournament, debate the pros and cons of Columbus Crew moving to Austin, and look to this weekend’s...

Duration: 01:58:00

Drunk Line Minisode #4

In this minisode, we find out that a semi-pro hockey league has the best playoff system in the world. Hit up the Drunk Line whenever you want: 440-37-DRUNK

Duration: 00:02:47

Drunk Line Minisode #3

Karma is a bitch...and isn't afraid to say so in this minisode. You can call in, too, anytime you want and be a part of the show: 440-37-DRUNK

Duration: 00:02:15

Papa B Goes Off | Reuben’s Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Episode #69, the Gronk-isode, DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! Scott and Mike crack open their first beer from their Tavour shipment, Imperial Pumpkin Ale by Reuben’s Brews, while they talk about the Diamondbacks keeping the neighbors out of the pool, how not to burn a jersey, Deshone Kizer liking interesting tweets, Scotland’s coach really interested in seeing big people doing it, an update to Jimmy Butler’s phone number story, and the first ever case of Bailey’s dick. The fellas talk about the USMNT...

Duration: 02:02:22

Drunk Line Minisode #2

Scott is not happy with the Indians inability to close out the Yankees, and gives us a taste of what we can expect on the next show. If you want to be a part of it, be sure to tune in on Facebook Live Friday night and get ready to hit up the Drunk Line: 440-37-DRUNK

Duration: 00:03:33

Drunk Line Minisode #1

It's the first ever Craft Brewed Sports minisode. And in this one, Mike calls in with a plan to take down Nick Saban. Don't forget you can call the drunk line yourself, any time you want, and leave your own craziness: 440-37-DRUNK

Duration: 00:04:02

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