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E012 - Why you need to build your beer business on strong foundations

Andy Moffat joins Andy Thorburn to discuss how he started Redemption, the state of the UK's beer market, and why focussing on quality provides the perfect foundation to market your beer effectively.

Duration: 00:54:58

E011: How Brewgooder are using beer to change a million lives.

Brewgooder Founder Alan Mahon joins Andy Thorburn to discuss why making their mission to provide clean drinking water to a million people was a game changer, and how they use digital to do that.

Duration: 00:58:13

E010: How Crate made their taproom vital to their brewery growth

Neil Hinchley joins Andy Thorburn to talk about how Crate was founded, and how they made sure that their taproom really worked for their brewery.

Duration: 00:51:34

E009: How Sales and Marketing are Supporting Pressure Drop’s New Brewery

Sienna O’Rourke joins Andy Thorburn to discuss why Pressure Drop needed to hire a marketer and salesperson to support their expansion.

Duration: 01:15:12

E008 - How 672 brand ambassadors made Hop Stuff grow 134% every year.

Andy Thorburn heads to The Taproom in Royal Arsenal, Woolwich to join James Yeomans, founder of Hop Stuff brewery. They discuss the Hop Stuff story, how crowdfunding has led to their success and the importance of connecting with stakeholders. music: Going Higher - Ben Sound

Duration: 01:14:23

E006 - What it takes to build an iconic craft beer business

Andy Thorburn heads to The Rake with owners Mike Hill and Richard Dinwoodie, to discuss the story of building Utobeer, how global craft beer is evolving and big beer acquisitions. Music: Going Highe -

Duration: 01:12:53

E005 - How Sambrook’s met the challenges of building a brewery before craft beer hit the UK

Duncan Sambrook, founder of Sambrook's Brewery, joins Andy Thorburn to discuss the story behind of how Sambrook's was founded, the importance of nurturing talent, and how London's beer scene has changed since 2008. Music: Going Higher -

Duration: 01:04:27

Craftwork Podcast E004 with Sean Robertson of Pirate Life Brewing

Sean Robertson of Australia’s Pirate Life Brewing joins Andy Thorburn to discuss the Pirate Life story, the challenges around consistency and need for a highly tactical and strategic approach to entering the UK’s highly competitive craft beer market.

Duration: 01:13:26

Craftwork Podcast E003 with Craft Metropolis

Oli Meade joins Andy Thorburn to discuss the all the unexpected challenges when starting a business at the same time as starting a family, and how transparency and personalisation are vital in the craft beer industry. Music: Going Higher -

Duration: 01:25:37

Craftwork Podcast E002 with Brewheadz

Vincenzo and Gianni from Brewheadz join Andy Thorburn to discuss the story behind one of London’s newest breweries, the mistakes they’ve made and the lessons they’ve learned while entering a market with over 100 other brewers.

Duration: 01:17:28

Craftwork Podcast E001 with Pete Brown

Pete Brown joins Andy Thorburn to discuss how he got into beer writing, how the beer industry has changed since he joined it, the evolution of the term IPA and how standing in a hop field inspired him to write a book about the four key ingredients of beer. Music: Going Higher-

Duration: 01:30:38


Craftwork is a podcast series of stories, insights and lessons from the incredible people behind the UK’s craft beer industry. Andy Thorburn hosts a series of fortnightly deep-dive interviews with various guests from the craft beer community​. Music: Going Higher -

Duration: 00:02:36