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Crappy Awesome Podcast… Music, comedy, science, culture and all that is Awesometown. Hosted by hip-hop group, the Diego Brown Project and Bonnie Blue. Brought to you by

Crappy Awesome Podcast… Music, comedy, science, culture and all that is Awesometown. Hosted by hip-hop group, the Diego Brown Project and Bonnie Blue. Brought to you by
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Los Angeles, CA


Crappy Awesome Podcast… Music, comedy, science, culture and all that is Awesometown. Hosted by hip-hop group, the Diego Brown Project and Bonnie Blue. Brought to you by




Episode 305- Vel The Wonder... Prodigal Sun.

KILLcRey and (mr)Arash welcome, the long awaited, m.c./artist Vel The Wonder. Topics include: art of freestyling, born dope, being shy and misconceptions. Ladies and gents... Vel The Wonder... has arrived.

Duration: 01:24:41

Episode 304- XP THE MARXMAN... Blessings and Crops.

KILLcRey welcomes XP, m.c., entrepreneur, and creator of The Salamander XP OG. Ladies and gents... XP The Marxman... aimed and ready.

Duration: 01:24:07

Episode 303- Ovarian Psychos... riders of the storm.

(mr)Arash and KILLcRey welcome gentrification fighter, revolutionary and outspoken advocate and artist, Xela De La X of Ovarian Psychos. Topics include: coffee shops , intellectual divides, fighting back and Boyle Heights. Ladies and gents... Xela De La X... fist up.

Duration: 01:02:38

Episode 302- East Of The River... on the road again.

KILLcRey and (mr)Arash welcome Zzay, Muds One, Viva Mescal and Killa Teck of East Of The River. Topics include: Paid Dues, staying humble, balancing time and protecting the vision. Ladies and gents... EOTR... filling the void.

Duration: 01:39:01

Episode 301- Illsamar... saving her life.

KILLcRey and (mr)Arash welcome, rapper, Illsamar, to her first podcast! Topics include: getting in trouble, being yourself, finding a scene and being critical of yourself. Ladies and gents... Illsamar... a fresh beginning!

Duration: 01:20:11

Episode 300- Linoskiii... not gone.

KILLcRey and (mr)Arash welcome long time friend and very talented student, teacher, rapper and anomaly, Linoskii. Topics include: defending, what is a thesis, social media crap and retirement. Ladies and gents... Linoskiii... is staying.

Duration: 01:23:45

Episode 299- KILLcRey and (mr)Arash... long, long time.

(mr)Arash and KILLcRey sit down together after a short hiatus to usher in episode 299. Ladies and gents... Crappy Awesome... it been a long time.

Duration: 01:55:16

Episode 298- Tha Ynoe... now you know.

(mr)Arash and KILLcRey welcome, On A High Note's ever elusive, Tha Ynoe, for his first long form interview. Topic's include: fans vs critics, empathy, misunderstanding and being a perfectionist. Ladies and gents... Tha Ynoe... in his own words.

Duration: 00:49:06

Episode 297- Tha Locust

(mr)Arash and KILLcRey welcome an amazing lyricist, the rarely interviewed, Tha Locust. Topics include: shady business, having trust, Phora and the lessons learned. Ladies and gents...Tha Locust... for the first time.

Duration: 01:10:12

Episode 296- Exsr... you never knew.

(mr)Arash and KILLcRey welcome the elusive and rarely interviewed, Exsr. Topics include: finding yourself, growing up in public, being a late bloomer and group vs solo priorities. Ladies and gents... Exsr... cause you didnt know.

Duration: 01:02:32

Episode 295- Max Carnage... on his own terms.

(mr)Arash and KILLcRey sit down with producer/ artist, Max Carnage. Topics include: learning the business, collaboration, being lucky and breaking the rules.

Duration: 01:43:50

Episode 294- Ceschi and Chisme... tours of life.

KILLcRey sits down with tour mates, Ceschi Ramos and Erik and Ariel of Chisme. Topics include: taking care of yourself, drinking and driving, good t.v. and Kool A.D. Ladies and gents... Ceschi and Chisme... road warriors.

Duration: 01:55:32

Episode 293- Obnoxious... here again.

KILLcRey and (mr)Arash welcome, San Diego's young veteran, Obnoxious. Topics include: subbing, finding the "buzz" again, collaborating correctly and being honest. Ladies and gents... Obnoxious... never stopping.

Duration: 01:17:44

Episode 292- Ill Camille... when it all lines up.

(mr)Arash and KILLcRey welcome the amazing and not so secret (anymore), Ill Camille. Topics include: being "new", building trust, building a team and loving Hip-Hop again. Ladies and gents... Ill Camille...knowledge of self.

Duration: 01:24:14

failingFORWARD- Episode 2

KILLcRey talks about LOVE as a tool for success. Check out the video of this podcast at:

Duration: 00:21:13

failingFORWARD- Episode 1

KILLcRey launches his new, very personal, series. Go along with him as he takes you through the most honest look into indie art as a living. Things are about to get weirdly real. Episode one takes a look at the real importance of honesty in Hip-Hop.

Duration: 00:44:52

Episode 291- Stay Illuminated... freedom and family first.

Live from the BBQ, KILLcRey and (mr)Arash sit down with the team behind the Stay Illuminated lifestyle brand. Topics include: family, building a "skate" team, cold calling and rolling with the punches. Ladies and gents... Stay Illuminated... in season.

Duration: 01:28:13

Episode 290- Self Provoked... and the ego crush.

(mr)Arash and KILLcRey welcome the long awaited return of Self Provoked. Topics include: hating "Silly Rabbit", making mistakes, growing beyond boom bap and infinite choices. Ladies and gents... Self Provoked... is back!

Duration: 01:03:38

Episode 289- Ellay Khule and Mister C.R... just the truth.

(mr)Arash and KILLcRey welcome, GoodLife Bullyz, Mister C.R. and Ellay Khule to the show. Topics include: Trump, race in America, the next generation and a broken system. Ladies and gents... Ellay Khule and Mister C.R... more than street life.

Duration: 01:37:49

Episode 288- Open Mike Eagle... defining limbo.

(mr)Arash and KILLcRey welcome back the multi-talented, Art Rap Mike, aka Open Mike Eagle. Topics include: Fat Joe, wrestling, scary movies, sample stealing and the future of "Secret Skin". Ladies and gents... Open Mike Eagle... might need your help.

Duration: 01:54:10

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