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Crayons to Perfume with Glynis GirlGroupGirl


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Drama Queens from Nov 22, 2017

Raparata & The Delrons - "Nobody's Baby" Leslie Gore - "You Don't Own Me" The Paris Sisters - "See That Boy" Verdelle Smith - "(Alone) In My Room" The Royalettes - "I Don't Want to Be the One" The Pussycats - "I Want Your Love" Rita Monico - "Non E Mai Tardi" [Dressed in Black] Brenda Lee - "He's Sure To Remember Me" The Dolls - "Please Come Home" The Shangri-Las - "He Cried" Shangri-Las - "I Can Never Go Home Anymore" Shangri-Las - "Rembember" The Shangri-Las - "Give Us Your...

Duration: 01:09:04

Compilation Cuties from Nov 15, 2017

The Soul Sisters - "Good Time Tonight" Sadina - "I Want That Boy" The Fashions - "A Lover Stand" - Filles of Soul Gwen Owens - "Just Say You're Wanted (And Needed)" Mina - "Piu di te" - Ciao Bella! Italian Girl Singers of the 60s Raindrops - "One More Tear" Skeeter Davis - "Don't Let Me Stand In Your Way" Errika and Margarita Boyer - "A Little Kiss" - Operation Shake the World Chantal Goya - "C'est Bien Bernard" Dana Gillespie - "No No No" The Clevelondairs - "He's Ready" - Here...

Duration: 01:09:06

Otis Redding and his Sisters of Soul from Nov 8, 2017

Otis Redding & Carla - "Ooh Otis, Ooh Carla" - King and Queen Patti Drew - "Hard To Handle" Etta James - "Miss Pitiful" Etta James - "Security" Bettye Swann - "Chained & Bound" Barry St. John - "Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa (Sad Song)" Tina Britt - "Hawg For You" Clydie King - "Direct Me" The Glories - "Try a Little Tenderness" Otis Redding and Carla Thomas - "Tramp" - King and Queen Little Eva - "Stand By Me" Supremes - "Shake" Shirelles - "Knock on Wood" Irma Thomas - "Ruler of My...

Duration: 01:09:02

La La La from Nov 1, 2017

Ria Bartok - "Je Chante La La" Leslie Gore - "He Gives Me Love La La" The Snobs - "La La La La La" Adele - "Et La La La La" Samantha Jones - "Just Call And I'll Be There" [kind of cheating, that was sha da da I think...] Marianne Faithfull - "The Sha La La Song" The LaSalles - "La La La La La La" Pussycat - "La La Lu" Shirelles - "Baby It's You" Allison Durbin - "Sha La La La Lee" France Lys - "Sha La La" Dorie Jones - "Ohh La La I Dig You" The Sherry's - "Ooh La La...

Duration: 01:08:59

Sick Chicks from Oct 25, 2017

The Shaggs - "It's Halloween" - Philosophy of the world Catarina Castelli - "Puoi farmi Piangere" [I Put A Spell On You] Dusty Springfield - "Spooky" The Magics - "Zombie Walk" The Antwinettes - "Kill It" Sham-Ettes - "Big Bad Wolf" Betty Lavette - "Witchcraft In The Air" Zuma - "Night Of The Phantom (Sadist)" Glenda & Glen - "Voodoo Doll" Messer Chups - "They Call Me Zombie" Denise & The Double Dates - "That Halloween Night" Le Chica Ye Ye - "Dracula Ye Ye" The Dooley Sisters...

Duration: 01:09:04