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Episode 12: Gym Teacher Burns

Welcome back everyone to Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants! This week I, Ryan Wolf, am joined by Mexico’s best disc jockey and self-proclaimed shoe connoisseur Oscar “DJ Travieso” Guerrero and the wiliest of all the rascals Sam “Voice of an Angel” Romero as we reminisce about Christmas movies, the first time your mom catches you swearing, gym teacher burns, how Sam sucks at Twitter AND HATES LUNCHABLES, and they even get me to sing Cher. About 47 minutes in, we...

Duration: 02:10:18

Episode 11: Scary Fucking Faced Penis Spiders, Oh God

Welcome back everyone to Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants! This week seaweed hater Samuel “J. Joseph Row Row Row Your Boat” Romero joins professional stuntman for voice actors Austyn Torres, soon to be father of two Cody Knight and myself, Ryan Wolf as we discuss the shows, books, or games that have scared us the most. Obviously, that leads us to talk about penis spiders, megalodons, water?, the horrific VR future, pigs (but only the fuckable kind), corpses and...

Duration: 02:05:03

Episode 10: DISAPPOINTED!!

Welcome back everyone to Crazy Train of Thought! This week Delivery Truck Driver Sam “Lavender Ghumes” Romero joins Blue Toyota Corolla Owner Austyn Torres and myself, Ryan Wolf, as we talk about the clusterfucked process of becoming a homeowner, the enduring popularity of Jerry Seinfeld’s perennial classic Bee Movie, which half of Darth Maul is the most dangerous, and why I think the Lord of the Rings movies suck. Also, Austyn played the Battlefront 2 Beta, finally someone here can talk...

Duration: 01:32:44

Episode 9: Loot Boxpacalypse

Welcome everyone to Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants! This week Pokemon (Go) Gym Leader and World’s Best Beard Competition 2nd Place Winner Troy Osborn joins Sam “Japanese at Heart” Romero and me, Ryan Wolf as we touch on the ongoing hellscape that is the lootbox epidemic in video games. Sam forced me at gunpoint to add a Crazy Train of Anime Minute, so we do that, Troy tells us why he thinks Pokemon Go is still good, and I tell them both about ways the Marvel...

Duration: 02:19:56

Episode 8: Loot Box Debacle

Welcome back to Crazy Train of Thought! Video Editing guru and Junior Ginger Ambassador Justin Campbell joins us for this one as we discuss loot boxes, the hierarchy of ginger leadership, and the bachelor party I hosted in Detroit. This is an episode we recorded a couple months ago and there are some audio issues with the microphones cutting in and out. I stitched it back together as well as possible. Disclaimer: I had a great time during the bachelor party despite how I make it sound in...

Duration: 02:09:55

Episode 7: That Time We Tried to Talk About Destiny 2

Welcome back everyone to Crazy Train of Thought! In this episode, we try to talk about Destiny 2 for about 2 hours, but only end up getting distracted and wildly off-topic. Sam does his best impression of a radio voice over, Cody complains about Bionicle, and I just try to keep things going in the funniest direction possible. Thank you all for tuning in and tell your friends! Side Note: Crazy Train of Thought is not officially sponsored by Red’s Apple Ale. Let us know if you like the...

Duration: 01:47:02

Episode 6: Game of Thrones Deep Dive

Welcome back to Crazy Train of Thought! Austyn and I are on this week to discuss the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale as well as some of the things we enjoyed about the season and more things we did not enjoy. We also have some (dumb) predictions about what will happen next season. Let us know your thoughts about the season or the episode by following us on Twitter @theidiotsavants or emailing us at

Duration: 01:01:52

Episode 5: Summertime Blues

Welcome back to Crazy Train of Thought! In this episode, we cover some of our favorite games we played this year, as well as a few of our favorite movies, tv shows (spoilers included), and Sam fills us in on what he’s been up to. This was intended to be Episode 6, but due to some editing/equipment issues, this one is just going to come first. Keep those trains rolling and enjoy! Follow us on Twitter @TheIdiotSavants Email us @

Duration: 01:41:59

Episode 4: The Great Mass Effect Andromeda Debate

Welcome to Crazy Train of Thought! Episode 4… It goes some places. This is our longest podcast to date and it contains full story spoilers for Mass Effect Andromeda. We enlisted the help of one self-proclaimed Mass Effect expert Austyn Torres to decide once and for all: Is Mass Effect Andromeda any good? This is a deep dive into Mass Effect Andromeda and we talk about little else. As always, keep the trains rolling and enjoy! Find us on Twitter @theidiotsavants Email:...

Duration: 02:42:34

Episode 3: The Better Late Than Never E3 Episode

Welcome back everyone to Crazy Train of Thought! Cody and I are back to talk about E3! I know E3 was months ago, but damn it our opinions still matter! I would recommend that everyone check out Devolver Digital’s E3 press conference before listing to this episode. You can find it at the following link: It is well worth 15 minutes of your time. Let us know what you think of the episode by email or on Twitter. As always, keep those trains rolling...

Duration: 01:20:09

Episode 2: Andrometized

Welcome back to Crazy Train of Thought! We recorded this episode a while ago when Cody and I were playing Mass Effect Andromeda on a nightly basis. We talk extensively about the multiplayer, some of which is no longer valid to the game. We are still trying to work out the microphone situation in this one, but rest assured dear listeners, we will slay the beast eventually. Keep the train rolling and enjoy! Email us at Or find us on Twitter @theidiotsavants

Duration: 01:22:28

Episode 1: We Can Do Better

Episode 1 Show Notes: Welcome to Crazy Train of Thought! This is the first recording of our podcast. I know that one of us is too far from the mic and that the audio cuts out for a few seconds around 20 minutes in. Please bare with us as we are still working out the kinks of our recording equipment. We appreciate any feedback you have! Email us: Follow us @theidiotsavants on Twitter

Duration: 01:08:05