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Dani and Rudy return after 3 week absence to talk Disney!

So we are back! We will talk about where we have been for the past three weeks and why there has not been a live show in a while and upcoming events in the CFD community. Then we will discuss a recent hot button topic in the Crazy for Disney group about what makes something officially "Disney". So there will plenty of discussion about Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and some of the other franchises that may be part of a FOX deal. We will even throw in a little Disney news to keep people up to date....


Our interview with Chris Salata from The Behind the Ears Podcast

Our final interview from the American Cancer Society telethon was with Mr. Chris from the Behind the ears podcast. Chris was kind enough to take time out of his day to join us to help raise some money for ACS and to talk a little Disney. Danny Diangelo was also suppose to join us, but got pulled away, but I would still like to thank the two of them, not only are they just genuinly nice guys, but they have a really great podcast that I always enjoy tuning in to. Please check out the link...


Our interview with Fitz Koehler

We got a chance to interview Fitz Koeler about her work with Rudy Novotny MCing races, her fitness company, The Morning Mile program that she started to help keep children active and we even got to discuss her love for goats. So if you are into RunDisney or fitness, make sure you dont miss this episode. I would like to Thank Fitz for taking time out of her busy schedule to help us raise money for the American Cancer Society, please check out her fitness pages listed below, Fitz really knows...


Our interview with The Disney Nerds podcast team

Our fourh interview from the American Cancer Society, we talk to Jimmy Horrne and Lisa D'Acci from the Disney Nerds podcast about various topics from around Disney World. We have limited time to listen to outside podcasts, but The Disney Nerds podcast is one that we truly enjoy, Jimmy, Lisa and the rest of the Disney Nerds team does a really great job of keeping you informed and entertained. Please make sure to go check out their website listed below and to also click on the American Cancer...


Interview with Terri Harden Jackson (Imagineer/puppeteer with Jim Henson company

We had the chance to interview Terri about her experience working for the Jim Henson company, her experience as an Imagineer, on set experience during the Ghostbusters filming and some of her current projects. Terri is such a joy to listen to and we can not wait to get her back on the Crazy for Disney podcast. You can check out some of Terris work at the wesites below. Also dont forget that we are still taking donations for the American Cancer Society, please click the link at the bottom to...


Interview with Jenna Leinwohl from the American Cancer Society

We were lucky enough to have Jenna Leinwohl join us to talk about all the services that the American Cancer Society provides for individuals battling cancer and how they also help the families cope. We wanted to also thank Jenna for the ACS merchandise that she donated to be raffled off, its not too late to win some of these amazing prizes, go to the link below and donate for your chance to win and to help a very worthy charity.


Interview with Kevin-john (Disney master artist)

Our interview with Disney master artist Kevin-john. Kevin-john talks about his relationship with Disney, what gave him the desire to become an artist, his favorite paintings and all up his upcoming and exciting announcements. Kevin-johns was nice enough to come on fresh off a recent signing event and his news about having his artwork being featured for the Wine and Dine event. So please go check him out on his facebook page and on his website I woud also likr to...


Telethon reminder and Passholder discussions.

What are some of the benefits of being a passholder? We will talk about it and discuss the VIPassholder events that have been announced. We will also talk about the telethon that we are doing Sunday at 12pm est to raise money for the American Cancer society. So come join us for a little Disney talk.


The Disney controversy show

We all love to talk about Disney because it is our happy place, but tonight we will talk about some of the Disney controversies that have happened over the years along with the most recent one involving James Gunn. Wewill also talk about any of the latest news and rumors from around Disney. So join Rudy and Dani for some Disney talk and fun.


We will be talking about RunDisney and The American Cancer Society on this show.

Tonight we discuss the mini marathon show that we will be doing on July 29th at 12pm est to raise money for the American Cancer Society. We will let you know who is joining us from the Disney community and the format of the show. Dani and I will also talk about RunDisney and get into the latest Disney news and rumors. So make sure to tune in and have a few laughs with us. ;-)


CFD Show featuring our special guest John Saccheri aka Big Fat Panda

Dani is lucky enough to get a day away from Rudy, but John Saccheri is not as lucky. Join us as we talk to Panda about his early experiences at Disney, his YouTube channel, new and exciting things around Disney and whatever other nonsense Rudy comes up with.


Crazy for Disney show

Tonight we will give a spoiler free review of Antman and the Wasp, talk about the first week of Toy Story land and this years Food and Wine festival. So join us tonight at 7pm est for tonights show and I might just do a give away too! :-)


Crazy for Disney podcast

Well we have been on the air for over a year discussing Disney, BUT we have never dedicated a show to the man that started it all......WALT DISNEY. We will talk about Walt and the lasting impression he has had on us and the Disney community as a whole. We will also go over the latest news and rumors around Disney, so join us tonight at 9pm est.


test for Crazy for Disney

Just a quick test, not an actual show


Crazy for Disney podcast

Join us tonight as we talk about Disney food and what are some of our favorite locations at each park and someothers that we avoid. We will also talk a little bit about the opening of Toystory land this weekend and other Disney news.


Crazy for Disney show

We are going to do a live feed with guest interaction tonight. We will also talk about Rudy's Lego obsession and the latest news and rumors.


Crazy for Disney podcast

Tonights show will be a spoiler free review of The Incredibles 2 and how we thought about seeing the original in the theaters 14 years after its release. We will also talk about the latest news and rumors from around the Disney universe.


Crazy for Disney show

Well today is the one year anniversary of the show and we would like to thank all of our dedicated listeners! Tonights show will discuss the passing of Richard Gerth and how other CMs enhance our vacation, the AP event in September for Toystory land and the upcoming slate of Disney movies this year. So come join us and make our one year anniversary show the biggest one yet.


Crazy for Disney show

Rudy is going solo tonight in a quicky show to discuss greed in the Disney community. So join me tonight at 8pm for a little rant and maybe a little Disney news.


Crazy for Disney show

Tonight we will talk about our trip last week and some of the new things Disney has to offer. We will also talk about the latest Disney news and give away one of the Crazy for Disney pins that everyone wants. So join us for some Disney fun!