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CW 977 - Rates Up, Inventory Down, Client Survey, Memphis Market Profile, Shifting Value Drivers & Join Me On Vacation

Jason Hartman goes solo in today's episode to look into what's going on in the real estate world and beyond. As interest rates continue to rise it's changing the real estate world, causing an even bigger inventory shortage. As interest rates rise the deals may look a little worse for the moment, but as time goes on they'll start looking better and better. Today also features a market profile of the Memphis market, some tough news for Bitcoin investors, and a reminder to start planning your...


CW 976 - Another Step Closer to Self-Management with Hemlane's Dana Dunford

If you're looking at leaving the world of property managers and go into self-management, today's show highlights a useful tool for you to potentially use on your journey. Jason Hartman kicks off the show discussing some current events in cryptocurrency, the upcoming Creating Wealth event in the Northeast in May, karma, and social credit scoring in China. Then Jason talks with Dana Dunford, CEO of Hemlane, about how their software can help people with the hybrid management model that Jason...


CW 975 FBF - Buy & Hold Investing With Steve Dexter Author Of ‘Real Estate Debt Can Make You Rich’

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 176, originally published in July 2010. Jason provides a unique commentary on the gulf oil spill, firing your investment property manager, buy and hold investing. Following the monologue, Jason talks with Steve Dexter about his book Real Estate Debt Can Make You Rich and long term investing. Housing and commercial property prices the lowest they’ve been in nearly a decade, this classic real estate investment guide is timelier than ever. Dr....


CW 974 - Rate Hikes & Financing Your Investments In Changing Times

It's time to take another deep look into rates and ways to finance your properties. Jason talks to lender Aaron about what's going on in regards to rates today, how it's been changing in the last few months, and where to expect it to go in the future. The two discuss how higher interest rates don't necessarily mean your investments can't make sense. Higher rates also mean more write offs on your taxes, plus your tenant is still paying your debts. So you might have lower cash flow, but it...


CW 973 - Jobs Are Coming Back to America, Rent Inflation is Coming & Mason's 5 Year Plan

Jason Hartman takes this episode to delve into some important happenings in the real estate world today. Some of Trump's recent moves have been bringing jobs back to the states, and companies are expected to bring money back, and it's creating good times for a lot of people. With that good time comes something every real estate investor can enjoy, rent inflation. BUT, when times are good it's important to be vigilant with your providers and make sure they're not getting lazy. Key...


CW 972 FBF - Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad’s Current Investing Strategies

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 111, originally published in October 2009. Would you like to escape the rat race? Famous "Rich Dad" author and speaker in the areas of personal finance, real estate and business, Robert Kiyosaki joins Jason Hartman for a discussion on success and passive income. Website:


CW 971 - Starting Young Client Case Study Brandon Cook

Jason Hartman starts off the show discussing how home sales are strong, even if they're a lagging indicator, and where exactly they're really taking off. Then Jason talks with client Brandon Cook, a young member of the Venture Alliance Mastermind, about his journey investing in real estate. Brandon is currently the owner of 6 properties and is looking forward to more, and talks about breaking through the initial hurdle of investing. Key Takeaways: [2:33] Home sales are very strong, but...


CW 970 - Benjamin Hardy - Slipstream Time Hacking, How to Cheat Time, Live More & Enhance Happiness & Willpower Doesn't Work, Discover the Hidden Keys to Success,

Jason Hartman starts today's show with a recap of the JHU Live event from this past weekend and a preview of a future event in the Northeast. Then, in his 10th episode interview, Jason talks with Benjamin Hardy, author of Willpower Doesn't Work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success, about how to time hack, be much more productive, the difference between successful people and the unsuccessful, relative ease in 10Xing your business, not using your circumstance as an excuse, and more. Key...


CW 969 FBF - 3 Economic Stress Tests for Your Income Property Portfolio, Answers to Your JHU Live Questions

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 647, originally published in March, 2016. Jason answers questions from his highly-intelligent listener base. Clients inquire about interest rates, the 5-year outlook of rental income real estate and using self-directed IRA money to invest in income properties. Jason shares his strategies and tools on how he formulates his predictions on the multi-dimensional asset class of real estate income property, why he doesn’t like using cap rates for...


CW 968 - Jim Puplava of Financial Sense Newshour, SALT Taxes, Inflation vs Dis-Inflation, Medicare & Social Security Debt

Jason Hartman starts today's episode with some new observations on the GOP Tax Reform, specifically involving depreciation and the changes that have been made to it for real estate investors. Then Jason talks to one of his podcast mentors, Jim Puplava, host of Financial Sense, about his thoughts on the new tax reform, what's happening with inflation (both today and moving forward), the different motivation of millennials compared to former generations, and more. Key Takeaways: [3:23]...


CW 967 - The Biggest Fear of Investors Today & the Difference Between Nominal and Real Inflation

Jason Hartman starts up today's episode reminding people that if you want true wealth, don't spend your money on things that diminish it, spend it on investments. He also discusses the biggest fear investors have today, and the need for investors to align their interests with the big powers. Then Jason finishes up the webinar that was started in CW 966. In closing, he touches on why he loves housing over retail and commercial, the difference in types of inflation, and why he prefers...


CW 966 - Protect Your Wealth from the Volatility of Today’s Stock Market, Part 1

Jason Hartman starts today's episode discussing how real estate makes you think in ways counter to our every day life. Large money has difficulty breaking in to residential real estate because there's no such thing as a bulk discount in real estate. He also talks about what's going to cause upward pressure on rents. Then Jason plays the first half of his recent webinar where he discusses the (lack of) national housing market, the 3 different types of markets, some issues he sees in the...


CW 965 FBF - Reduce Risk & Benefit from Inflation As a Prudent Real Estate Investors

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 18, originally published in June 2007. How prudent real estate investors BENEFIT from inflation in two big ways! Here is how to use leverage prudently to maximize returns and reduce risks. Website:


CW 964 - Indianapolis Market, Property Management Best Practices & Tenant Screening with American Apartment Owners Association Rent Recovery Service Jeff Cronrod, Part 2

Jason Hartman kicks off today's episode with some big cryptocurrency news out of Venezuela and Poland this week that show both strength and weakness for the market, plus producer Adam interviews one of the Indianapolis Local Market Specialists about what makes Indy a good place to invest. Then Jason finishes up his interview with Jeff Cronrod. This time they focus on best practices for property management and how to properly (and legally) screen tenants. Key Takeaways: [2:07] There's...


CW 963 - Evictions, Rent Collection, & Lease Guarantee with American Apartment Owners Association Rent Recovery Service Jeff Cronrod, Part 1

There's a disease infecting millions of Americans, but few people are addressing it. That disease? The entitlement disease. Jason Hartman looks at the symptoms of the disease, and how a simple change in viewpoints can bring a person out of that spiral. Then Jason talks with Jeff Cronrod, founder of the American Apartment Owner Association & founder of Rent Recovery Service, about his new program called Lease Guarantee, and how landlords need to take a more aggressive approach toward...


CW 962 - The Barbell Crushing Affordable Homes & Dealing with Property Managers, Part 2 of Client Case Study with Scott

Jason Hartman kicks off the show talking about an important topic in rental property today, and that is the lack of affordable homes. Supply is dropping across the nation and there aren't a whole lot of options for what to do about it. Listen in for Jason's piece of advice. Then Jason wraps up his client case study with Scott. Scott and Jason finished the last episode talking about how Scott wouldn't have been able to find all the properties he needed to complete his 1031 exchange without...


CW 961 FBF – Predicting Market Trends, Financing through Debt, Reserve Ratios & Leverage

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 622, originally published in January 2016. This episode can be summed up by the popular saying “Everyone is a genius in a bull market”. Many financial hosts warn against taking on debt to build wealth. Jason clearly illustrates why we should be using fixed rate mortgage as a financing vehicle and outsourcing debt to tenants while enjoying the tax advantages. Naresh is not a real estate investor, yet. He has come up with some basic, but...


CW 960 - Men Chase, Women Choose, The Neuroscience of Meeting, Dating, Losing Your Mind & Finding True Love with Dawn Maslar

In this 10th show, Jason Hartman talks with Dawn Maslar, author of the new book Men Chase, Women Choose, The Neuroscience of Meeting, Dating, Losing Your Mind & Finding Love, about the biological path from meeting to falling in love. Dawn's research has led her to discover what truly attracts us to the opposite sex, what we can do to change some of our bad subconscious habits, her thoughts on online dating websites, and a very disturbing truth about some of the perfume that's out on the...


CW 959 - Client Case Study, Scott & Kelly from DC - Shopping Centers to SFRs on 1031 Exchange, Part 1

Jason Hartman starts off the show today with a reminder: housing is NOT at an all time high when it comes to payments (which is how people really base their decision to buy), and housing is still where it's at. Then Jason has the first part of his client case study with Scott, from Washington DC. Scott owned a bunch of retail property previously, but recently sold all but one of them and shifted his focus toward residential real estate. Jason talks with him about why he made that...


CW 958 - The Impact of Quantitative Tightening on Interest Rates & a Better Use for $1 Trillion with Richard Duncan, Part 2

Jason Hartman kicks off the show today asking his ultimate question: compared to what? It's a question that will serve you well in all aspects of your life and will guide you down the right path. He also wants to invite you to join him on any of his adventures scheduled for this year to make your vacation planning even easier. Then Jason wraps up his interview with Macro Watch's Richard Duncan. The two tackle the topic of rising interest rates, better uses for going into further debt than...


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