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CW 915 - FBF - Your Checklist for Property Acquisition, Protecting Your Real Estate Assets

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 569, originally published in September 2015. Don’t miss a thing with Jason Hartman University property acquisition checklists. So you’ve decided to invest in real estate, what now? Using the checklists provided by Jason… Website:

Duration: 00:34:35

CW 914 - Happy Thanksgiving! Client Case Study, Family Mission Statements, Gratitude & PragerU

It's Thanksgiving Day, and it's time to take stock of all the blessings in your life. Jason Hartman recorded this episode in the home of his new podcast editor, Adam Schroeder. The two of them discuss how Adam and his wife recently became real estate investors through Jason, as well as why it's important to acknowledge your blessings in life. Key Takeaways: [3:16] The Schroeder family purpose statement [6:23] Client case study with Adam [10:48] Why appraisals are getting harder to come...

Duration: 00:35:47

CW 913 - Ron Paul on Liberty, Market Distortion, Inflation, and Currency Manipulation, & How to Design a 5-Year Plan

Jason Hartman starts off the show talking with Elisabeth Embry about how she makes her 5-year plans, and why it's important. The 5-year plan contest is still going on, and you can win great prizes and set your future up for success by making one and sharing it with others. Then, Jason continues his conversation with former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. The two finish up their talk by looking at why the government thinks they're the best option for many aspects in our lives, what would happen if...

Duration: 00:33:30

CW 912 - Ron Paul on Liberty, Taxes, & Everything Else. The 'Construction Void' Housing Bubble Risk & Your 5-Year Plan

Jason Hartman kicks off today's episode with a look at Daren Blomquist's latest Housing Report and breaks it down piece by piece. He examines the data about a long-time low in housing starts, a construction worker shortage, and an investors lament. Then, Jason introduces his guest, and Meet the Masters headline speaker, former Senator Dr. Ron Paul. The two examine what liberty really means, what governments role actually is, the damage our educational system is doing to our society, and...

Duration: 00:38:22

CW 911 - FBF - The Potential Perils of Using Your Buy and Hold Properties As Short Term Rentals

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 563, from September 2015. If you are using your buy and hold properties as short term rentals, through a company like AirBnB, you may be required to pay an additional 15.3% self employment tax. Although it may seem like a gray area to you, the IRS considers it an active business and will take note of which schedule you are filing. Short term rentals require more of your labor and your time which rarely gets accounted for when calculating costs....

Duration: 00:49:42

CW 910 - Fake Work & Bitcoin Bubble? Mark Sanborn - The Potential Principle, The Fred Factor, Up, Down, or Sideways, National Speakers Association

Jason Hartman starts off this 10th episode with a look into the "tulip bubble" in cryptocurrencies that he's afraid is going to explode. It's taking more and more energy to "mine" Bitcoin these days, and this fake work is causing real damage to our environment. Jason explains what he thinks will eventually replace cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and also announces the newest addition to the Meet the Masters event in January. In his 10th episode interview, Jason talks with Mark Sanborn,...

Duration: 00:41:02

CW 909 - Another Victim of PIP West, Charles Sells, PIP East? Tax Lien, Tax Deed Investing Complaints

Jason Hartman and Elisabeth Embry start off the show by reminding you that it's time to make your 5 year plan. Not only will it help you create and guide your future, but it could win you some nice prizes from Jason. The two discuss how a 5 year plan helped Elisabeth and her husband become financially free, and how they do their yearly check-in. Then, Jason talks to another potential victim of PIP West and their tax lien business. Jason talks with Bill Truss, who invested nearly $100,000...

Duration: 00:39:20

CW 908 - FBF - The Gold Standard That Is Real Estate

Today's Flash Back Friday is from Episode 562, originally published in August 2015. Jason and Naresh discuss the lure of working on Wall Street and how big firms lure college kids with 6 figure salaries and pricey hotel stays. They delve into real estate being the most multidimensional asset class and the financial protections it offers. They reflect on clients who are using money from their corporate jobs to build their real estate portfolios by investing in income property on their way...

Duration: 00:36:29

Meet the Masters Speaker Announcement: Ron Paul

2018's Meet the Masters event was already packed with great speakers like Jason Hartman, Garrett Sutton, Brian Smith, Danielle DiMartino-Booth, John Burns, and more. Today, Jason Hartman is proud to announce that former Congressman (and America's foremost advocate for liberyt) Ron Paul will be joining the fold to headline the event. Ron Paul was most recently a Republican candidate for President in 2008 and 2012, and served in the US House of Representatives for Texas for more than 25...

Duration: 00:05:51

CW 907 - The Year in Review Preview: New Bubbles, and the Danger of a Massive Market Drop with Cornell Professor David Collum

If you want an early peak into a respected year end review, then you need to listen to what Professor David Collum has to tell Jason Hartman. The two discuss the dangerous situation that's being created by entities like the Fed and our own government that will lead to disasterous implications. The problem is, nobody knows when the can will be allowed to stop. We've been able to stave it off for years now, but the bill will come due at some point. The two also look into the idea of "free...

Duration: 00:38:07

CW 906 - Understanding the Trump Tax Plan and Changes to Real Estate Investors with Laurence Kotlikoff

The Trump Tax Plan that is being considered by Congress has been getting a whole lot of bad press. But is it really that bad compared to what we have right now? Laurence Kotlikoff, William Fairfield Warren Professor at Boston University and President of Economic Security Planning, Inc, talks with Jason Hartman about what kind of impact the plan will actually have on the economy, why his model is different from many of the others, what we need to do to get the economy stimulated and...

Duration: 00:41:52

CW 905 - FBF - The 3 Dimensions of Real Estate, and Inflation's Impact on Price Discovery

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 557, originally published in August 2015. Do you have the sense to wait out the market during lag times? Buy and hold is Jason’s philosophy, and he is a self made multi millionaire. The average American will never buy at the markets lowest point nor sell at the highest point. For most it takes time for the media’s influence to inspire action which means always being late to the game. Increasing your knowledge and learning pertinent facts and...

Duration: 00:35:11

CW 904 - Your 5 Year Plan Contest, Buying $100 Per Month for 30 Years, and Multi-Dimensional Investments

Over the past few years, investment properties have become harder and harder to get a really good deal, but there are still solid investments available. You just have to be willing to shift your mindset away from what you could have gotten 5, 10, 15 years ago. You're being presented with the ability to have someone put $100+ in your bank account for the next 30 years, for the price of a down payment (around $20,000), not even taking into account all the other tax benefits you'll...

Duration: 00:32:49

CW 903 - Garrett Sutton, Esq - Economic Berlin Walls, Wyoming LLCs, 1031 Exchanges, Estate Tax, Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki

Business conscious people are leaving California in droves. Expert, Author, Attorney, Speaker and Advisor, Garrett Sutton shares his insight as to possible reasons for the mass exodus. He also describes the latest changes to IRS rules regarding LLCs and LPs, how income property investors can protect themselves from internal and external threats and how property holders can avoid large transfer taxes by utilizing a 1031 Exchange. Garrett will be speaking during the upcoming Meet the...

Duration: 00:43:33


Originally aired as CW 543. Despite popular belief, China is no longer a cheap place to do business with labor costs and real estate costs soaring. Join Jason Hartman as he interviews Shaun Rein, author of The End of Cheap China and Managing Director of China Market Research Group in Shanghai, about debunking common myths, such as China is stealing U.S. jobs.

Duration: 00:56:39

CW 901 - Daniel Amerman - Real Estate vs National Debt & Turning Inflation Into Wealth

Jason welcomes return guest, Daniel Amerman back to the program. Daniel and Jason have been discussing the US economy for over 10 years and Jason continues to use one of Daniel’s charts in his seminars. Daniel is a Charter Financial Analyst with the ability to dissect economic statistics and other financial information then create practical, relatable charts we can all understand. During today’s conversation, Daniel speaks about the unfunded liabilities of the Social Security...

Duration: 00:49:14

CW 900 - Self Authoring Your Life based on Personality Testing with Dr. Jordan Peterson, University of Toronto

Have you ever been taken advantage of by a business or organization? What recourse did you have? Jason shares his own personal experiences of being taken advantage of and what he did to make things right. His Free Court consumer advocacy group hopes to decentralize the global legal system. And if you have ever wanted to know more about your personality, this 10th episode interview focuses on a psychoanalytical tool designed by University of Toronto Professor, Dr. Jordan Peterson. Dr....

Duration: 00:51:14

CW 899 FBF - Apartment Fund Listener Q&A With Andrew – Buying Into Investment Funds Breaking Jason's 3rd Commandment

Massive shifts in the world economy are coming and may be as soon as 2020. The United States has the unique opportunity to take charge of the change through technological breakthroughs that will lead us down the utopian path. In addition, the U.S. is still the best country in which to make real estate investments. But if you do it be wise about it. Private investments are one of the safest vehicles to create your wealth. Be wary of group investment funds which put the control of the funds...

Duration: 00:47:06

CW 898 - The Business Cycle vs The Real Estate Cycle, Market Outlook with Ali Wolf of Meyers Research

There is a lot of talk in the news lately about a possible downturn in the US economy, yet Jason’s guest, Ali Wolf of Meyers Research is staying bullish. She says the important indicators to watch aren’t showing the normal warning signs of a market drop. Ali also discusses the trends of Millennials with regards to renting vs. buying a home, their purchasing cycles and what they are willing, and not willing, to pay for. Key Takeaways: [01:25] Meet the Masters of Income Property event...

Duration: 00:41:54

CW 897 - Small Apartments & SFRs - Buy It, Rent It, Profit! Make Money as a Landlord in ANY Real Estate Market & The Landlord Entrepreneur, The Landlord Academy by Bryan Chavis

As the latest Venture Alliance Mastermind is wrapping up Jason asks the attendees to share their favorite moments and key takeaways from the event. And in the interview, Brian Chavis, author of The Landlord Academy and Creator of the website of the same name, describes his property management methods and tools. His advice is for income property investors to treat their portfolios as a business and to set expectations from the onset of a landlord-tenant transaction. Key Takeaways: [02:38]...

Duration: 00:38:26

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