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Episode 188: Building a Calligraphy Community, with Becca Courtice - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are joined today by Becca Courtice of The Happy Ever Crafter. Becca is modern calligrapher, doer and teacher based on Ottawa, Canada but has been traveling quite a bit recently. The trio start the episode by listening to Becca explain how she has created a Facebook community with her "Show Me Your Drills" challenge. She shares the struggles she has seen her community face and how pricing and community should go together. Becca shares about her love of teaching, plus what...


Episode 187: Authenticity + Storytelling in Your Business, with Marisa Arredondo - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by Marisa Arredondo of Phace Bioactive. If you have not heard of Marisa or her product, then get excited to hear about how she went from somebody who just had a problem to being on QVC! The episode starts with Marisa sharing how her product was created and why she chose to be the solution. She shares how storytelling has been a big part of her brand. Marisa also shares about hiring people, but knowing your business by being present in all parts of your...


Episode 186: Heels + Confidence In Business, with Abby Walker - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christian are joined today by Abby Lou Walker who is the CEO of Vivian Lou Incorporated. The episode starts by us diving into Abby's journey into how she got to where she is and we learn more about the business she runs. She talks about keeping momentum in business and how persistence has kept her going throughout many business hurdles. The trio talk about the emotional experiences of being a business owner and Abby shares how she continues to move forward. Lastly, the trio...


Episode 185: Being a Disruptor + Filling the Gaps, with Jackie Nwobu - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina today is Jackie Nwobu, the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Munaluchi Bride Magazine. Jackie dives right into the episode, chatting about how she started in the magazine industry. She talks about how her retreat came to be and what it feels like to be a disruptor in an industry. Additionally, she shares about business struggles and how we can help support others. Lastly, the trio talk about spotting gaps in the industry and how to listen to your audience. Main...


Episode 184: Focusing + Growing on Social Media, with Ashley Perkins - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by Ashley Perkins of Prestige Revolution and the Social Smarter Society. The trio jump in and talk about how social media has impacted Ashley's business. Ashley's shares how she started small and how social media was her go-to for connections. She shares how social media is a good way to leverage connections and how to use analytics to see how your business is doing online. Next, she shares how video is the game changer in social media and way you need...


Episode 183: Email Marketing + MemberVault, with Erin Kelly - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined with Erin Kelly who is the co-founder of MemberVault. Erin has transformed in her business adventures, starting out as an online business manager, to now managing MemberVault with her husband. She shares how she has handled big life decisions and what life challenges she has faced from having an on-the-road business. The trio discuss re-engaging with your list and how email marketing can be engaging. Lastly, they dive into MemberVault and how it can...


Episode 182: Mindfulness + Self-Compassion In the Entrepreneurial World, with Dr. Leah Weiss - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by Dr. Leah Weiss who is a teacher at the Stanford School of Business and the author of an upcoming book titled, How We Work: Live Your Purpose, Reclaim Your Sanity and Embrace the Daily Grind, published by Harper Collins. The trio start off by chatting about Dr. Leah's background and how it has influenced her career. They then discuss the idea of mindfulness and what some practical ways to start incorporating mindfulness into your routine can look...


Episode 181: Educational Nugget - Getting Testimonial from Clients, with Reina + Christina, Contentment in Business - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina is here in an educational nugget, to teach us about testimonials and how to get them from clients. Reina is diving in and talking about the why behind testimonials and what to do with client testimonials once you have them. Main Takeaways: “”Show Notes: How to Get Killer Testimonials From a Client from ReinaMelissa CasseraJenna KutcherDuct Tape MarketingDannie FountainSpeaking Page“” Do you love what you've heard? Add this graphic to your Insta Story!


Episode 180: Jam Session with Reina + Christina, Contentment in Business - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are jamming out about contentment within business. They are chatting about what it can feel like to be content in where your business is as well as what contentment would look like for each of them. This episode is full of talking about giving ourselves grace and discussing a real life struggle in business. Main Takeaways: “”Show Notes: Ashley of Modern Calligraphy SummitVanessa Kynes - Pinterest StrategistEmily Hirsh - Facebook Ads ManagerThe 1 Thing - Gary...


Episode 179: Empire Mentoring Session: Content Creation + Consistency, with Tani Mitsch - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined with Tani Mitsch of Splash of T Design for an empire mentoring session. Today, we are learning that Tani is struggling with content creation and bring consistency to that routine. The trio talk about the best platforms for your audience and discuss which topics fit with your audience. Also discussed are calls to action and how to use those with a freemium. Main Takeaways: “”Show Notes: Lauren HookerHer Creative Empire EpisodeJillian SmithHer...


Episode 178: All About Surface Pattern Design, with Bonnie Forkner - the Creative Empire podcast

In this episode, Reina and Christina are joined with Bonni Forner of Going Home to Roost. Bonnie is a successful service pattern designer and she has taught over 50,000 people on other platforms and this is the first time that she will be teaching people on her own, so we’re excited to see how that development happened. At the beginning, Bonnie shares about what surface pattern design is and how her new course will teach you the ins and outs of surface pattern design. After that, she...


Episode 177: Fear, Strengths, + Confidence, with Christy Wright - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, we’re talking with Christy Wright. Christy is the creator of the Business Boutique; she’s a certified business coach and a speaker who’s spoken on stages all across the country. She is also a podcaster. She’s the host of the Business Boutique Podcast and has and hosts an incredible one-day event. She’s helped many women step into their gifts and overcome fear, which I absolutely love, to make money living their dreams. She believes that you can do it too and I’m so excited to dive...


Episode 175: Starting out + Selling A Business, with Debbie Orwat - the Creative Empire Podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined today by Debbie Orwat of the Planner’s Lounge. This episode jumps right in to learning how Debbie sold her businesses and how she determined when outsourcing was needed. The trio chat about organization of your leads and how you can feel when your leads disappear. After that, Debbie shares her favorite lead generating tactics, including: search engine optimization (SEO), personal relations, social media, ads, traditional wedding sites, and referrals....


Episode 174: Empire Mentoring Session: Focusing In Your Business, with Nicole Logan - the Creative Empire podcast

Today Reina and Christina are doing a mentoring session with Nicole Logan from At the beginning of the episode, Nicole chats about how she just moved to Canada and how she is struggling with focusing. The trio begin by chatting about finding your audience and how creating verticals in your business can help you create consistent content. They also discuss how having people around you and your business, can help you flourish. Lastly, they talk about visibility and the mediums...


Episode 172: Empire Mentoring Session: Financial Mindset + Setting Goals , with Magen Ferrer - the Creative Empire podcast

Today Reina and Christina are chatting with Magen Ferrer of The Lefty Writer for an empire mentoring session. Magen is a calligrapher who does wedding stationary calligraphy, spot calligraphy, and offers custom fabric pieces. The episode begins with some chat from Magen about what she is struggling with and why she is holding back from going full time. The ladies share that looking at the financials of your business and having financial goals, will help ease her mind. They chat about ways...


Episode 170: How SEO Can Help Grow Your Business, with Sarah Chancey

Today Reina and Christina are joined today by Sarah Chancey of Chancey Charm. Chancey Charm is one of the nation’s leading luxury wedding planning, coordination, and design teams, and the planners work from offices in more than 13 cities. At the beginning of the episode, Sarah shares how her business has shifted recently. She explains how she has created new locations in different cities and how search engine optimization (SEO) has aided that journey. Sarah explains about growing her team...


Episode 169: Educational Nugget - Three Legal Steps to Get Your Business Up, with Christina + Reina

Today, Reina and Christina are sharing a new type of episode! The educational nugget episodes are here to help you learn about business practices that can help your business succeed. Today, Christina is sharing some pertinent legal steps to get your business up and running. Main Takeaways: “” Show Notes: Reina + CoAutumn Witt Boyd of AWB FirmLegalZoomHelloSignEchoSignDubsadoKelly Newsome GeorgesHer Creative Empire EpisodeTina Stark How To Draft ContractRising Tide...


Episode 168: Empire Mentoring Session: Teaching + Scaling Struggles, with Sarah Barrett - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by Sarah Barrett of Sarah B. Calligraphy for a creative empire mentoring session. Sarah creates wedding stationery for brides nationally. At the beginning of the episode Reina and Christina ask Sarah about what she is struggling with. Sarah shares about wanting to teach the behind the scenes of a calligraphy business and how she wants to teach that to others. They discuss what unique value propositions are and how that can influence your audience....


Episode 167: Automation + Productivity, with Haley Burkhead - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are joined today by Haley Burkhead of Market Beautifully. Haley is a Marketing Strategist and she helps entrepreneurs map out where their marketing can take them. As we dive into the episode, Haley jumps in to talk about how sytems and processes can be the foundation of your business. She shares how Asana can help with projects and the flow should look like this: evaluation, projects and brain dump, then due dates, then action. The trio chat about what a "normal" day...


Episode 166: How to Survive 8+ Months with NO Social Media, with Shanna Skidmore - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Christina and Reina are joined with second time guest Shanna Skidmore. At the beginning of the episode we dive right into the decision Shanna made to leave social media and how it has affected her. She shares about the scary side of silence in your business and how to market more effectively in your business. Lastly, she talks about her signature model, the Blueprint Model. Main Takeaways: “”Show Notes: InstagramFacebookPinterestThe Power of OneJeff GoinsHis Creative Empire...


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