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The Frederic Byé Show - Friday Edition

In today's show we chat email marketing! It's funny how life is. I have been bored lately...I do love podcasting and the online world (for the most part), but I have to admit I have been doing it on autopilote for a while. I needed a change, something to shake the foundation of what I am doing. And boom! I stumbled upon The Circle of Profit book by Anik Singal. Since Saturday, I have been obsessed with the new things I am learning and implementing in my online business. I usually sleep at...

Duration: 00:15:10

Maura Sweeney - Living Happy Inside Out

Are you the embodiment of the Declaration of Independence? The official document announcing a free and independent people would eventually form the foundation of the U.S. Constitution. Find out what the Declaration of Independence has to do with happiness – and how you can apply that document’s intent to your personal life today. This podcast contains empowering content with a governmental angle. Then, listen to mentor and coach Kristie Kennedy as she shares what makes her happy from the...

Duration: 00:11:20

Laurie Lawson on What's Your Excuse w/Max Ivey!

Today, our favorite Blind Blogger chats with a good friend of his: Laurie Lawson! Can I get a whoop whoop!? Laurie Lawson’s philosophy: Coaching is life-changing business but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while you’re doing it. She is a Certified Empowerment Coach (, a Professional Credentialed Coach, a Certified EQ Mentor, a Mentor Coach for iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), Past President of the Board of the International...

Duration: 00:51:14

Jill Lublin on The Frederic Byé Show

The Cream of the Crop! Jill Lublin is on The Frederic Bye Show to talk her recently released book: Profit from Kindness! When kindness becomes your primary goal, everything changes: how you look at life, what you get from it, and how others interact with and relate to you. The Profit of Kindness will help you master the art of building trusting, long-lasting relationships through open, nonadversarial interchanges that result in mutually beneficial outcomes. A basic adjustment in attitude...

Duration: 00:32:16

The Frederic Byé Show - Jeff Rasley

Jeff Rasley is back on The Frederic Byé Show! Livin'on the! MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY 1969; Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Viet Nam, Civil Rights, and Football (2d Edition) is historical fiction, a comedy, and a romance set at the University of Chicago (so it must be fiction). The narrative is about the struggle of the star of UChicago’s football team to cope with the cultural revolution on campus, a 2-year losing streak, and a girlfriend who hates football. Jack's football coach,...

Duration: 00:53:18

The Frederic Byé Show - Friday Edition

School. It is becoming one of the most controversial subjects today. Kids are rebelling. They are bored. The traditional system tells us to get good grades so you can get a good, high-paying job. However, is this really what kids want today? Are they willing to give up their creative urges for a paycheck? I share an article from the Huffington Post written by a 14-year-old student who talks about this fascinating subject.

Duration: 00:11:14

Cate Montana on The Frederic Byé Show!

A book of liberation and ecstasy, The E-Word lucidly explains how the ego is created, how it thinks, and how its limited mind-set can be expanded—not inflated—into a joyous transpersonal perspective that eradicates feelings of isolation, fear, and insecurity in your life. Through stories, practices, and a masterful detangling of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the Matrix, and quantum physics, The E-Word strips the ego bare and liberates the soul in highly entertaining, relatable ways,...

Duration: 00:53:00

Maura Sweeney - Living Happy Inside Out

What are you teaching? You don’t need to hold the title of school teacher to realize that you are teaching others all the time! If you recall the old adage, “Actions speak louder than words,” then you will enjoy what follows. This podcast takes a look at the disconnections that often show up between the words we speak and the hidden motives and behaviors we actually display. While we may not recognize our own disconnections, others do and often take note. Regardless of our occupation or...

Duration: 00:09:46

The Frederic Byé Show - Friday Edition

This is the Friday edition of The Frederic Byé Show! If you haven't heard of Julia Cameron you've been living under a rock. Seriously. To me, she is the master, the go-to person when it comes to my creative life, and if she isn't already, she will be yours too. Today, I share an article from They interviewed Julia Cameron back in 1998. Are you stuck? I think this article will inspire you and make you feel better about your creative life. Julia explores how the creative path...

Duration: 00:12:30

What's Your Excuse with Max Ivey

Inner Success Radio.... a resource ran by Charles & Demetrius, to help people discover the potential that lies within each and every one of us. Who is Charles? Meet Him! I'm the CEO and Founder of Inner Success Radio. I'm a family man in my early thirties who learned about personal growth and development more so out of necessity than a willingness. Like so many others who've faced trials, tribulations, and failure, I had to find a way to position myself to do that very same thing. I...

Duration: 00:51:54

Maura Sweeney - Living Happy Inside Out

You may be unfamiliar with the term, but you’ve definitely met a few! The vaunter is the braggart. He’s the one whose presence fills the air with an inflated ego that often turns the majority of us completely off. Sad to say, the role of the vaunter is so commonplace in society that most of us never take time to observe its effects or consider its bane outcomes. Yet if we’re truly looking for a happier, higher and more wholesome existence, we need to give vaunting a closer look. If you’ve...

Duration: 00:10:49

Battling Your Loneliness

Hey, Pencil Neck Geeks! Are you lonely? Better yet, are you an artist or freelancer who works from home on a regular basis? I know how you feel; you're free, you can do house chores when you feel like it, unlike your friends you don't need to take your car and go to an office and work from a cubicle every day. But you have a dirty secret: loneliness. How do you deal with isolation? How do you deal with the lack of social interaction? I share an article from that tackles...

Duration: 00:13:24

From The Vault - #1 Bestselling Novelist Jennifer Skutelski!

Freak out! Freak out! We're going back in time as we chat with a wonderful lady who personifies class and talent. #1 bestselling author Jennifer Skutelsky talks about her novel, Grave of Hummingbirds, a mixture of gothicism and mysticism... Jennifer is an international literary contest judge, an award-winning author and former literary agent. She is committed to helping writers around the world align project development with contemporary publishing demands.

Duration: 01:01:04

What Are You Listening To?

Are you paying attention to what you’re hearing? This podcast examines the way we inadvertently act as self-censors. We screen in certain types of news, ideas, sounds and insights – and we also screen out others! If you have never considered how what you listen to impacts your well-being, this is a podcast for you. I share a bit of my own background and the process of learning how to listen in ways that would empower, rather than depress, my sensibilities and thoughts. I also talk about an...

Duration: 00:11:07

Is a Creative Writing Degree Necessary?

College degree or not? Most people struggle with that question their entire lifetime. In fact, for many who don't have a College degree (like me), they walk around with an inferiority complex believing that if they had the paper, they would achieve their full potential and get a better pay. And writers are no exceptions. I share with you a cool little article from written by Jane Friedman that addresses this question.

Duration: 00:10:57

Defending Your Dogma?

Are you defending a dogma, a point of view or “-ism” that has become insufficient, obsolete or even discredited? If you have been struggling with an outmoded belief system established by an external authority that is no longer speaking truth to you, it may be time to step into the light. This is a self-help episode to help you find harmony, integration and greater peace from within. Listen and let go of what you no longer can uphold as reality while increasing your happiness and emotional...

Duration: 00:08:47

Max on his way to NYC!

Max won the Amtrak Contest back in February and now he is on way to NYC! He will tell you all about his trip, what he is learning about himself, what he had to go through to get to this, and more!!! What a great way to begin the holidays!

Duration: 00:44:42

Your Nature Unveiled with Solange Tardif

Have you ever experienced the Monkey Mind? You know, like Curious Georges minus the lovability...? We're chatting with someone I know personally and I like her for her simplicity and down-to-earthism...and you'll love her too. Her name is Solange Tardif and she's building her brand to help people improve their well-being and vitality. Being a member of the National Association of Naturopaths since October 2015, Solange offers a variety of holistic services that are tailored to your...

Duration: 00:54:45

Are You a Stereotype?

Freak out! Freak out! It’s easy to get caught up in stereotypes, those widely held but preconceived notions we use to categorize people or ideas into fixed boxes. Stereotypes provide us with easy ways to identify each other and communicate in general terms, but they also contain a downside. When improperly applied, they cause us to limit our understanding of others and run the risk of having others limit their understanding of us. We often find ourselves assimilating into one group,...

Duration: 00:11:34

Comedy, Podcasting , and Law of Attraction w/ Hurrm's House Radio

Stylin' like a champ, today your favorite French-Canucker talks to a dude who hosts a podcast with 100% pure humor. Sherman talks about the law of attraction, what he learned from his father in order to achieve his goals, and what lead him to Hurrm's House Radio Show. Smell what I'm cookin'...? Bringing you 100% pure humor every Sunday morning at 10:00 AM. Episodes include interviews with all types of entrepreneurs and affiliate advertisements that help stock their beer fridge.

Duration: 00:51:22

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