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Creative Riding Episode 108 "We're Doin' Great"

Motorcycles, roasts, Races, Shows, Giving a Shift about the future. This is episode 108. Well, you’ve made it to another episode. Congrats! On this episode we discuss listener feed back. We have a round of Instagram Shoutouts at the end of the show. Before we begin, I’d like to encourage you to take a ride over to and use the link to buy yourself a mug! You’re worth it! In the spirit of the show, you can even customize it and send us pics....

Duration: 02:08:13

Creative Riding Episode 107 "Just as Worse"

Motorcycles, roasts, CAN-Bus, suppliers, what else? Get your info here. Well, you’ve made it to episode 107. Congrats! On this episode we discuss listener feed back. We have a round of Instagram Shoutouts at the end of the show. Before we begin, I’d like to encourage you to take a ride over to and use the link to buy yourself a mug! You’re worth it! In the spirit of the show, you can even customize it and send us pics. Part one: Wiggins...

Duration: 02:07:36

Creative Riding Episode 106 "Rose colored glasses"

motorcycles and riding is what it's all about. no matter how sunny it is in Southern California. Welcome to episode 106 of the Creative Riding Motorcycle Podcast. On this show the co-host and I talk about the New Year's weekend. We rode with the Southern California Norton Owner's Club to Newcomb's Ranch for their annual Rose Ride. (Run for the Roses) We also talk about customizing your bike. That BikeEXIF deadline is coming up. We did a fair share of talking about the Rose Parade to be...

Duration: 02:04:11

Creative Riding Episode 105 "Happy New Year'

Brappy New Year Junk Terdman and Hooligan Jesus talk about the last year. We look forward to bringing you some cool stuff in the new year, but until then, in the words of famous U.S. President Abraham Lincoln - "Party On Dudes". Join Creative Riding for the Run to the Roses on January 31st. We're heading out with the SoCal Norton Owners Club on their annual run up Angeles Crest to Newcomb's Ranch. Meet at Lucky Baldwin's Trappiste on Colorado Blvd (east end of the Rose Parade Route). KSU...

Duration: 01:45:49

Creative Riding Episode 104 "Straight Blabbin"

Brappy Holidays. Chris and I sit around and straight blab for you. Yes, Jared Mees did some record breaking things this year. Yes, Ferran Cardus is a Spanish Flat Track Racer. Yes, there WAS a Vulcan 500. Yes, if you want to make it rich racing, start out really, really rich first. Yes, we all know that YOU don't use crappy tools... If none of this makes sense, sit back and listen. We're also going to get you going on your BikeEXIF build starting with the basics - the space you're going to...

Duration: 01:45:09

Creative Riding Episode 103 "The Build Intro"

Motorcycles, Builds, Custom Tips & Tricks Welcome to episode 103 of the Creative Riding Motorcycles Podcast. There are several things that you can build: houses, bridges, collections, rapports, um... buildings. But the best things are motorized two-wheeled things that go between your legs- Motorbikes! 0:33:05= We talk to a Wisconsinian about a quick turn around on a DRZ build, plus what it's like to build a race league up north. 1:04:00 = We also have an interview with Rick Ortiz. You know...

Duration: 01:47:11

Creative Riding Episode 102 "The Shocker"

This is the future of motorcycling. Clean 2-strokes and electric motorcycles. In this episode we talk a little news regarding Flat Track and the Superprestigio. The majority of this episode is about electric motorcycles, specifically the Zero FXS. Included in this banter is: ºThe future of motorcycling ºThe rest of the world's view on electric ºOur Impressions of the Zero FXS ºWhy video games are setting the next generation of consumers up for failure. ºWhy you shouldn't judge a book by...

Duration: 02:10:56

Creative Riding Episode 101 "IMS Recap"

Motorcycles, Gear, Custom Builds, Interviews... it's here. Welcome to episode 101 - where you find out that I drive a stick-shift! Wiggins and I recently attended the Progressive IMS Long Beach, and since we were busy celebrating 100 episodes last week, we thought we'd give the rest of the nation a chance to catch up with the tour. Come along with us as we return to Creative Manor in the mobile studio. We'll talk about the new bikes for North America and what the OEMs are bringing to the...

Duration: 02:03:23

Creative Riding Episode 100

This is Creative Riding, a podcast about motorcycles. Welcome to episode 100. We'll cover the last 100 episodes and review the guests and some of the topics. Enjoy with beverage of your choice. Find us here: web / email / twitter / @Creative_Rider instagram / @creativeridingpodcast facebook / @CrativeRidingPodcast tumblr/

Duration: 01:46:34

Creative Riding Episode 99 "Wrapping Up"

Motorcycles, Art/Artists, Dancing, Music, Stunts, Freestyle BMX, Drag Racing, Flat Track, Crashes, Drama- This episode has it all. Welcome to episode 99! This is a wrap. In the studio we have OC Jenn (@skeeterhornacek on IG) to help us wrap up a few motor-related issues. In this episode we wrap up: 1. The motor challenge - Even though Chris won the motor challenge 4 -1, he still wanted to pull out some finishing moves (a-la Mortal Kombat) and smash my already pulverized list of "zany"...

Duration: 01:49:40

Creative Riding Episode 98 "Week 4 Motor Challenge/Sh*t Show"

Motorcycles, news, and industry talk. We try to pretend we know what we're talking about as the Tokyo Motor Show premieres were announced (a few weeks ahead of EICMA). Welcome to episode Ninety-eight of Creative Riding... OF COURSE WE DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT!!! Here are a couple of the things we discuss: -Spooky Spoke Wrap Up -Tokyo Motor Show: --Yamaha: 'Operation Kando', Motoroid, Motobot ver.2, Nikkkkken --Honda: No Gold Wing talk after all, Neo Sports Cafe, Super Cubs,...

Duration: 01:46:41

Creative Riding Episode 97 "Motor Challenge wk3/SpookySpokes"

BRAAAP!!! BOO!!! Stay awake, stay alert, stay alive... This is episode 97. In this episode Chris and I go head-to-head for the third week of the motor challenge. This weeks picks may see the tables turn and fortunes change. We also talk Twisted Throttles with promoter Brian Bell This event is rapidly approaching, and it's not too late to get in on the experience. Contact Brian directly for racing registration. His info can be found at You can also buy event tickets here:...

Duration: 01:25:34

Creative Riding Episode 96 "Motor Challenge WK 2"

Motorcycle Podcasting if podcasts were technical stuntmen: Welcome to episode 96!!! Four more until we reach our century. Thanks to @Wingman's Garage for this week's word: "Debatable" If you like the show, leave a rating or review in iTunes. Subscribe to us on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Google Play, Pod Bean, Pocketcasts, DownCast, PodCruncher, Overcast, Podkicker, Podcast Addict, CastBox, Player FM, Pandora, alien transmission, smoke signal, etc, etc. We discuss last week's Crazy Motor...

Duration: 01:37:48

creative riding episode 95 "The Motor Challenge"

Motorcycles... YAY Motorcycles!! This week Chris and I are starting a new 5 week challenge. There are also a couple interviews. 00:01:50 The 'Crazy' Motor Challenge: Chris and I have constructed a challenge that began with a discussion over the Ducati Stradale, and will probably end in humiliation on two wheels. Here's the breakdown: We will have a 5 week throw-down that revolves around 'crazy' motors. a. Each week we will have a head-to-head 'battle', or comparison of different motors. We...

Duration: 01:40:02

Creative Riding Episode 94 "The Gentleman and the Wizard"

Motorcycle rides, races, flat track, interviews... we've got it all. Welcome to episode 94. In this episode we talk to a couple riders. One on the street, one on the track. The Gentleman is none other than legendary mile-gobbler Paul "Bri Viffer". He recounts his experience on the 2017. Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. If you've never done the DGR before, it's a ride that was started by Mark Hawwa of Australia in 2012. Initially it was just a ride to show the general public that hipsters on...

Duration: 01:39:50

Creative Riding Episode 93 "Shop Talk"

Motorcycles, mechanics, machinists, and a man-child. All on this episode of the Creative Riding Motorcycle Podcast. Welcome to Episode 93 of the Creative Riding podcast!! In this episode Chris Wiggins and I are talking in a garage. Literally. It's almost as if we're paying the ultimate tribute to Wingman's Garage by ditching the studio setup, and not even trying to talk into the recording device. Awesome sauce! He was repairing his Dyna master cylinder after suffering a pressure loss at...

Duration: 01:29:24

Creative Riding Episode 92 "Those Harley Guys"

Motorcycles, mayhem, mahalo! Welcome to Episode 92 of the Creative Riding Podcast. This week we continue to keep the recent Hurricane victims in our thoughts, as well as the victims of the gigantic earthquake in Mexico. 00:07:30 - Hopefully everyone from the U.S. of A. down to the islanders in Cuba and the many smaller island nations in the Bahamas can make a speedy recovery and get their lives back on track in the aftermath of several storm systems that ravaged those areas over the past...

Duration: 01:39:01

Creative Riding Episode 91 Expensive Bikes and Emblems"

Motorcycles & misinformation.. yep, this is Creative Riding. Welcome to episode 91. Chris has the week off. He's enjoying the luxurious palm-strewn beaches of the Cuba, puffing on an OG Cubano Cigar and watching the sea breeze gently blow boats and houses down the flooded streets. Actually, I have no clue where he is, so sit back and enjoy so quiet time with yours truly... ;) In the first segment I talk about Top Tier Bikes... Why you need them, why we need them, why I need you, and you...

Duration: 01:42:21

Creative Riding Episode 90 "Spicy Hot Gold Wing Recipies"

Welcome to Episode 90! This is episode 90 from Creative-Riding, the internet's best motorcycle podcast (in the San Gabriel Valley north of the I-210 and east of the Kinneloa Mesa, yet west of the San Gabriel River). Yes, it's a very small area that we operate out of, yet we enjoy tormenting.... er I mean, treating each and every listener from California to Calcutta with motorcycle information and discussions that revolve around a common passion for all things two-wheeled! Episode 90 covers...

Duration: 01:41:11

Creative Riding Episode 89 "Bro-host"

Welcome to Episode 89! In this time sensitive episode, I'd like to send my thoughts and prayers to those in Texas right now who have been suffering with Hurricane Harvey and the ensuing aftermath for a week now. As the storm moves on, hopefully others won't be affected in the same manner. It will take years to rebuild and repair the cities, homes and lives of those who were stranded by the disaster. It has been so awesome to see the moto community come together all week to raise money and...

Duration: 01:30:01

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