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3 Years Later

In this very special anniversary episode, I go behind the scenes to what I’ve learned the past 3 years and what I’m doing next. This was a fun episode to make because I really had to stop and think about all the things that have happened over the past few years. The good, the bad, the costly.


Episode 30: 19 Client Management Tips

In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I share 19 tips for excellent client management. These tips may seem simple but they can make a huge impact and are easy to miss. When I was creating the outline for this episode, it started with 10 tips but then they just kept coming to me. Seriously, these aren't super complicated but they can make all the difference between hearing, "How do I keep working with you," or "Bye Felicia."


Episode 29: Know Your Worth With Erica from Coming Up Roses

This week I have Erica Ligenza from Coming Up Roses. Erica and I dive into the problems bloggers face getting the payment they deserve. She also shares how she stepped up her game and the perfect way to frame requesting payment for your marketing services (i.e. publishing sponsored content and giving brands access to your loyal following). Erica is pretty kickass and I know anyone looking to build a lifestyle business will get a lot out of this episode. In this episode:


Episode 28: Five Benefits of Hiring a Project Manager

Welcome to this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety! Today we are talking about five benefits of hiring a project manager in your online business. Obviously, this is something that is important to me and I'm extremely excited to share this with you. In this episode:


Episode 27: Write You Book With Angela Ford

In this episode: How she got her start helping others’ market their book. Why she thinks you need a balance of fiction and nonfiction on your bookshelf. The big challenge she sees writer’s face. How she suggests you find your target reader locally. The trends she sees in self-publishing right now. How she balances being a writer and an author coach. How she inspires herself to write. The practice she does to make her days great and improve her attitude.


Episode 26: Processes For A Great Client Experience

You are kickass at what you bring to the table for them but setting up the behind the scenes moving parts is just as important as providing value and results. As your business grows if the right systems aren’t set up your attention to the service will be distracted. In this episode we talk about:


Episode 25: Identify Your Internal Cheerleader with Olivia Pener

In this episode Identifying your drowned out passengers (inspiring and uplifting voices).Why you shouldn’t minimize complimentsWhy you don’t need to stay in your head or focused on fun or frustrating feelings so much that you don’t take action.The two professionals she recommends all online business owners talk to.How she makes her newsletter extra valuable.


Episode 24: The Next Hire You Need To Make On Your Team

In this episode: client support


Episode 23: Collaborating Like A Pro With Krista Rae

In this episode we discuss:


Episode 22: Recognizing Your Genius With Lanie Lamarre

This week I chat with Lanie Lamarre from Miss GSD. In this episode: • Why you need to look internally instead of externally to find your business model. • Why an online course or program may not be the answer. • Here workaround for avoiding shiny object syndrome in this supersaturated course market. • Why we need to stop doing work that drags you down. • Why you need to organize the way it happens. • How Laine plans her goals. • Why it’s so important for service-based business...


Episode 21: Teamwork Lessons From Criminal Minds

In this episode, I talk about my new favorite show, Criminal Minds. In this episode, I talk about the similarities between the BAU team and the different roles that make up your business. This is a fun and short episode that might help you realize what you're missing as an online creative. Hopefully, it will also open up your eyes to what roles you play in your business.


Episode 20: My Word Of The Year & Changes I'm Making In 2018

In this episode, I reveal my word of the year, discovers I made in 2017 and my plans moving forward in 2018. This is always one of my favorite posts to write because let's be honest, who doesn't love starting over. Well, now that 2019 is here know that we may be getting a new start but I am not going into 2018 starting from scratch. I know the internet has been swamped with tips for 2018 and 2017 reflections but you should check this episode out for some ideas that you might not have...


Episode 18: 5 Myths About Launching Something Online

There are enough obstacles that make new projects complicated you don't need myths holding you back. Busting five myths about launching something online.


Episode 16: Can't I Just Hire A General VA & Client Myths

General VAs are great but when it comes to supporting your high-level clients you need more. Why you need an online client specialist, not a general VA and 5 myths about working with clients online.


Episode 13: 8 Things You Can Do To Grow As A Person

In this episode, I talk about 8 things I did in 2017 to find more balance in my life. Episode highlights:


Taking The Next Step With Linda Clay

In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety I chat with mentor and coach Linda Clay from When I first came across Linda's website I was completely floored by her life story when I reached out to her about doing an episode of the podcast I was really nervous that she wouldn't want to discuss some of the personal things she'd been through that have made her the amazing person that she is Linda was so open and honest and willing to discuss some of the darkest chapters of her...


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