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Hosted by Christopher Calloway, the podcast features interviews with comic book writers and artists. Interviews will include new, veteran and living legend creators.

Hosted by Christopher Calloway, the podcast features interviews with comic book writers and artists. Interviews will include new, veteran and living legend creators.
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Hosted by Christopher Calloway, the podcast features interviews with comic book writers and artists. Interviews will include new, veteran and living legend creators.






80 Matthew Dow Smith & Beasts of The Black Hand

Artist Matthew Dow Smith (X-Files, Doctor Who and Batman ’66 Meets Steed and Mrs. Peel) represents the creative team behind the Kickstarter “Beasts of the Black Hand.” Conceived/plotted by sculptor Paul Harding and written by Ron Mars, this 64 page over-size hard cover grpahic novel is set during the closing days of World War One and features historical figures Rasputin “The Mad Monk”, MI-6 Agent Oswald Rayner and… Monsters?! We also get an update on the creator owned project Matt writes...

Duration: 00:48:07

79 The Memory Arts with Sarah & David Trustman

My guests Sarah & David Trustman are the authors of The Memory Arts (Secundi Millennii) Fundamentals Boosk A and B. David is also illustrated and co-authored with Dean Haspiel the web comic Godslap, now available in trade paperback. We talk about life on Sarah & David’s berry farm, the history of mnemonics and how their book can help expand your memory. All this and more on this episode of Creator Talks! About David Trustman Sarah & David’s Book The...

Duration: 00:51:09

78 Phil Hester from Blood Blister to Birdman

Phil Hester talks about his introduction to comic books and the one that put him on the path to being a comic book writer and artist. He reflects on his past health issues, how they impacted his comic book production and how he finally overcame those limitations. Phil recalls his creator-owned work The Wretch and the upcoming graphic novel collecting the orginal comics plus new material. Finally, we get a status report on Shipwreck, Blood Blister published by Aftershock and his upcoming...

Duration: 00:44:51

77 Kim Newman on Anno Dracula abd Horror

Bonus episode this week: award winning author & broadcaster Kim Newman joins the show from London. We talk about his Anno Dracula series of books, the Anno Dracula: 1895 Seven Days in Mayhem trade collection out this week through Titan Comics, his other recent work and what he might write in the future. We talk about famous film vampires. Who was the best? All this and how you can be entered to win two weekend passes to the New Jersey Comic Expo held on November 18th snd 19th in Edison,...

Duration: 00:48:39

76 Dean Haspiel on War Cry & Harakiri Kane

Dean joined the show from his Brooklyn Studios late one evening while feverishly inking pages for War Cry, his sequel to The Red Hook. We also talk about his play Harakiri Kane, coming to The Brick Theater in late October. Dean shares his physically painful experience at The New York Comic Con and suggests a new model for large cons to alleviate the crushing crowds. We talk about the format of comic sand their sky-rocketing price tag: could digital distribution be the ultimate fate of...

Duration: 01:11:34

75 Jeffrey Loveless on Judas from Boom! Studios

Emmy nominated and WGA award-winning writer Jeffrey Loveless joins the show to talk about his new comic being published by Boom! Studios in December: Judas. I talk to Jeff about his comdey writting and acting work. We also talk about the phenomial art of Jakub Rebelka on the book Judas and much more! Sit back and enjoy this fun interview! About the book About Jeff Loveless About the...

Duration: 00:46:14

74 Mile Gunter on Dang Fang

Miles Gunter is the creator & writer of Dark Fang being published by Image Comics in November. It’s the story of a vampire named Valla that leaves the darknes of the ocean deep due to an oil spill. We talk about the book and the actual damage being done to the ocean and mother Earth through improper disposal of our waste and pollution. Plus, we discuss Miles’ favorite way to relax next to video games: yoga & mediation! Listen now, and may you be well! About Dark...

Duration: 01:04:36

73 Ben Templesmith on Mr Wormwood Goes to Washington

You might know Ben Templesmith as the co-creator and artist of the horror comic book 30 Days of Night which was made into a major motion picture. Yet near and dear to his heart is Wormwood the Gentleman Corpse, and he is back this week in a new series Mr. Wormwood Goes to Washington, written and illiustrated by Ben Templesmith. It is a three-part series being published through IDW. Ben and I also discussion his experience at the New York City Comic Con, his Patreon and projections that...

Duration: 00:49:54

72 Wes Locher on Unit 44

My guest Wes Locher is a freelance writer and the author of Unit 44 published by Alterna Comics. We discuss growing up in a home where journalism and teaching influenced his decision to be a writer, how Unit 44 came to be and his other work. About Wes Locher About Unit 44 Creator Talks Podcast

Duration: 00:58:49

71 Women Creators on the Evolving Comic Book Industry

From Baltimore Comic 2017 on Saturday, September 23rd it’s the Women Creators on the Evolving Comic Book Industry panel moderated by your host with panelists Meredith Finch (Wonder Women/DC Comics & Rose/Image Comics), Mina Elwell (Infernoct/Scout Comics), Erica Schultz (Charmed/Dynamite & M3) & Dawn Griffin (Zorphbert & Fred web comic & graphic designer). Hear this enlightening and lively discussion with lots of audience participation.

Duration: 01:05:43

Baltimore Comic Con 2017 Recap & Interviews

Christopher recalls his experience at Baltimore Comic Con 2017: who he meet, panels attended, comcs bought and ale drank! But, since this is Creator Talks, there is an interview with Mark Waid from the con on his return to Captain American and his future plans for The Avengers. The episode wraps up with writers Justin Jordon & Nicki Ryan talking about their new title The Family Trade being published by Image Comics in October. And cats. We talk about cats.

Duration: 00:57:25

69 Todd Dezago in Tello & Mike Wieringo

Todd takes a break from moving into his new home to talk about the unpcoming 2017 Baltimore Comic Con and the Tellos Tribute panel. Todd provides some insight into the creation of the Tellos series, the reasion for the limited print run of the Tellos Tribute books volumes 1 & 2 and fond memories of Mike Wierino. Plus: how to avoid con crud! Tellos Tribute Book Baltimore Comic Con Ringo Awards Creator Talks...

Duration: 00:39:38

68 Dawn Griffin on Baltimore Comic Con’s Kids Love Comics!

Hey kids, it’s comics with Dawn Griffin! Christopher talks with Dawn about her upcoming appearance at the 2017 Baltimore Comic Con “Kids Love Comic Pavillion”, her Alient Art panel and Women Creators on the Evolving Comic Industry panels. Dawn discusses the lessons she learned on the way to becoming a graphic designer, the ten year run of her web comic Zorphbert & Fred and the childrens’ books she has illustrated. We also get a bit of buzz about her next project! Dawn’s...

Duration: 00:55:46

67 Sean Mackiewicz on Gasolina

Editor-In-Chief of Skybound Entertainment Sean Mackiewicz talks about his new comic book Gasolina published through Image Comics. Sean talks about the road to becoming EIC for Skybound, from training to be a playwright, to working at Harliquin Publishing and DC comics. Sean also talks about the contributions of artist Niko Walter and colorist Matt Lopes to Gasoline. All this plus what Sean likes to do for Rest and relaxation! About...

Duration: 00:31:04

66 Jeremy Haun and Seth M. Peck on The Relm

Jeremy Haun (co-creator and artist) and Seth M. Peck (co-creator and writer) talk about their new series published through Image Comics The Relm! Plus: Seth talks about producing the promotional music video for the first issue featuring the band Me Like Bees, who will also provide a song to accompany each of the first five issues! There EP will be coming to iTunes. Seth and Jeremy both talk about the uniqueness of their home towns and what music they like. All this and much more on this...

Duration: 00:43:19

65 Dan Panosian on Slots

Creator Talks welcomes Dan Panosian to the show! Dan discusses with Christopher his series Slots (Image Comics) coming October 4th. First, there is plenty of talk about Dan’s love mixed matrial artist and some of his experiences. Listen to what it was like for Dan learn about art from the great Neal Adams while at Continuty Studios, his entry into Marvel Comics through Walt Simonson and the early days at Extreme Studios! Dan and Christopher also talk about one of their favorite places, Las...

Duration: 00:56:10

64 Matthew David Smith on Amazing Age

Matthew David Smith joins the show for this Labor Day Special, taking us back to the more carefree days of our childhood through his new series Amazing Age, published through Alterna Comics. Selling out at comics shop and newsstands everywhere, it’s part of the Alterna line up of comics that are just $1.50 and printed on good old newssprint! Kick back and enjoy this fun conversation with David! More info on the Amazing Age series: David’s...

Duration: 00:40:38

63 Jim Zub returns to talk Glitterbomb: The Fame Game

Jim Zub is back and we talk about the second arc of Glitterbomb: The Fame Game coming September 20th published by Image Comics. We also discuss Jim’s appearance at Gen Con 50, cartoons, his other work coming up and the influence of Jack Kirby on comics, film and creators today!

Duration: 00:38:54

62 Mina Elwell, Eli Powell & Tristan Elwell on InferNoct

Writer Mina Elwell, artist Eli Powell and colorist Tristan Elwell are all here to talk about the Lovecraftian style horror comic InferNoct coming this October from Scout Comics. We have lots of fun talking about Mina’s early years and discussing everyones connection to the School of Visual Arts! InferNoct Comic InferNoct Facebook Page Eli Powell’s Art Tristan Elwell’s...

Duration: 00:39:58

61 Declan Shalvey on Savage Town OGN

Declan Shalvey talks about writing his OGN Savage Town coming September 20th through Image Comics. But first we talk about the solar eclipse this past week, the World War II watch towers built along the Delaware shore and craft brews. Delcan discusses the Irish film renaissance of the 1990s and today’s Irish comic creator boom! We also talk about his and Jordie Bellaire’s creator interships through Red Cube Studio, the reason for his #ArtCred posts on social media and the King Jack...

Duration: 01:19:35

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