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Hosted by Christopher Calloway, the podcast features interviews with comic book writers and artists. Interviews will include new, veteran and living legend creators.

Hosted by Christopher Calloway, the podcast features interviews with comic book writers and artists. Interviews will include new, veteran and living legend creators.
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Hosted by Christopher Calloway, the podcast features interviews with comic book writers and artists. Interviews will include new, veteran and living legend creators.






100 Peter Milligan on The Prisoner, Kid Lobotomy & Legion

It’s 100th episode of Creator Talks! Returning for this celebration is my guest from episode #4 Peter Milligan! First, I get an update from Peter on how his German lessons are progressing and on the life drawing class by Jason Atomic he attended which included a lecture by an Egyptologist. Speaking of Egypt, will we see another arc of the The Mummy (Titan) from Peter? How about more of Rome’s Antonius Axia, the ancient world’s first detective from the series Britannia...


99 Ron Randall on his Kickstarter Trekker: Chapeltown

Welcome back Ron Randall to this special bonus episode of Creator Talks! Ron is publishing the next chapter of Mercy St. Clair’s Trekker through Kickstarter. It’s a complete graphic novel called CHAPLETOWN and also includes the noir-style Trekker story The Volstock Payoff that began in the pages of Dark Horse Presents final issue. Ron had just return from the 2018 Emerald City Comic so we discuss his experience and fan reception to his Kickstarter. We also discuss the work Ron undertook...


98 Jordan Hart on Doppleganger (Alterna Comics)

Jordan Hart who is the creator and writer of Doppelganger published by Alterna Comics my guest this week. There is plenty of talk about comics, especially comic books printed on good ol’ newsprint and why we love them so much. What recent acquisition did Jordan need to add to his collection of comics? Besides talking about Jordan’s four-part comic Doppelganger, we also talk about Jordan’s brush with greatness with Stan Lee and George RR Martin. We also cover Jordan’s admiration for 80...


97 Johnnie Christmas on the OGN Firebug

Johnnie Christmas is the writer and artist of the graphic novel Firebug published through Image Comics. I talk with Johnnie about his early web comic and collaborations with Ed Brisson who currently write Iron Fist and Old Man Logan for Marvel Comics Johnny also talks about his work on Angel Catbird with writer Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale. What obstacles did Johnnie face during his comic book career and how did he overcome them? How did Firebug become a graphic...


96 David Leach on Fighting American

David Leach is an editor at Titan Comics and joins me to talk about his experience writing, drawing, inking, coloring and lettering comics strips, comic books and animation. (WHEW!) After David catches his breath, we explore the history of Joe Simon & Jack Kirby’s Fighting American and it’s return through Titan Comics. Is the series a reboot? What other Titan series of classic properties is David editing? With all this work, how does David choose to relax? Plus: What are David’s most...


95 Evan Narcisse Rise of the Black Panther

The high anticipated Black Panther movie made its debut last weekend! I will say a few brief words about my impression of movie near the end of this episode. No spoilers! This week’s bonus podcast shines the spotlight on the creator currently writing for Marvel Comics! Evan Narcisse chronicles the early years of T’Challa, King of Wakanda, in Rise of the Black Panther. It is his first comic book writing credit! Evan has an impressive number of writing credits among them Time, The...

94 Chris Mooneyham on Planet of the Apes: Ursus

Making his podcast World Premiere is Chris Mooneyham! Chris is the artist on Planet of the Apes: Ursus being published by Boom! Studios. He is a big POTA fan and we discuss POTA in film and television over the years. Which POTA movie was his first, and which made the biggest impression? What challenges did Chris meet trying to draw the likeness of Charlton Heston for POTA: Ursus? We also discuss Chris’ time at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Design. Chris talks about...


93 Christian Carnouche and The Resurrected

February continues with great interviews! This week is Christian Carnouche, creator and writer of the upcoming Kickstarter The Resurrected coming in late February. The first two issues of the mini-series are complete. We talk about the extensive research Christian undertook about the Aboriginal people, the assembly of the creative team, his editor and former guest Erica Schultz and how to properly promote a comic book! We round out the show with rest and relaxation questions plus we...


92 Cynthia Von Buhler on Minky Woodcock The Girl Who Handcuffed

February is going to be a great month of interviews! I begin with Cynthia Von Buhler, writer and artist on Minky Woodcock The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini. Titan Comics and Hard Case Crime are the publishers of the fiction mini-series. Cynthia talks about Harry Houdini’s mission to debunk crooked piritualists and the circumstance surrounding Houdini’s death. Cynthia had to undertake some of her own investigative work. We find out why and how, which is a fascinating topic in...


91 Patrick Trahey The XII - Alterna Comics

Back in early December I spoke with Patrick Trahey, the creator and author of The XII: The Father being published by Alterna Comics. Patrick and I discuss the origin of the comic as a graphic novel though a Kickstarter campaign. What makes this post-apocalyptic tale unique from others? What sage advice does Patrick give to writers who want to break into the comic book business? Plus we talk about Patrick’s love for sci-fi series The Expanse, Queens of the Stone Age and Anthony...


90 David Lucarelli on Tinseltown - Alterna Comics

It’s an early release of Creator Talks this week! My guest is writer and musician David Lucarelli to talk about his latest work Tinseltown being published by Alterna Comics. Tinseltown will be on newsprint for just $1.50 per issue! FOC is 01/18/19 for issue #1 being released in March 2018. Hey Vampire lore lovers, we also discuss David’s other work The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade. The origin of CVHB is based on an event that occurred in Scotland in 1954. We talk about David’s...


89 W. Maxwell Prince & Martin Marazzo on Ice Cream Man Image Comics

I scream, you scream, we all scream when the Ice Cream Man cometh! Writer W. Max Prince and artist Martin Marrazzo join Christopher to talk about their latest work, a horror series guided by a mysterious Ice Cream Man! Who is he? What is he? What is the concept behind Ice Cream Man from Image Comics, and how did classic shows like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits influence Will to write a horror story in the style of Ice Cream Man? We get a chance to learn about the environs of the...


88 Matt Mair Lowery & Cassie Anderson on Lifeformed Dark Horse Comics

Happy New Year! Season Two of Creator Talks leads off with two new guests: writer Matt Mair Lowery and artist Cassie Anderson who talk about their graphic novel published through Dark Horse Comics Lifeformed. Matt and Cassie also share their experiences from their November promotional tour of local comic shops and Barnes and Noble. How did a local comic shop lead to a them pitching their book to Dark Horse Comics? Why are brick and motar book stores and libraries still an important...


87 Mina Elwell and A.C. Medina

For the final interview of 2017 former guest Mina Elwell returns and for the first time A.C. Medina teases us with a special project both are working on for 2018 under a brand new publisher! Plus, A.C. talks about two comics of his through Scout Comnics in 2018, Welcome to Paradise in March and Monarchs in September. But that’s not all; we digress on a plethora of topics, which include not only comic books, but also Dog Talk! Mina on the care and feeding of Beta Fish! Why does A.C....


86 Chris Sebela on Cold War Aftershock Comics

Chris Sebela joins me to talk about his latest work Cold War being published through Aftershock. We also discuss his other work Kiss/Vampirella coming out as a trade in February and Agent 47 Birth of the Hitman, both for Dynamite Entertainment. Plus: Chris’ early freelance work outside of comics, how he comes up with the playlists for his comics, and the wonderful world of coffee shops as a place to work! About Chris Sebela About the...


85 Justin M. Ryan Trespasser Alterna Comics

This week I have a bonus podcast, an early Christmas present for my listeners! Writer Justin M.Ryan joins me to talk about his four-part sci-fi thriller Trespasser. The fourth and final issue is out December 20th and is being published in color by Alterna Comics on newsprint for only $1.50! Justin talks about his early years growing up with his brother creating their own comic books and stop motion videos. Why does Justin think the M. Knight Shyamalan’s movie Signs missed the mark in...


84 Steve Conely on The Middle Age

Eisner and Ringo Award nominee Steve Conely is the creator of the online comic strip The Middle Age, the humorous tale of Sir Quimp and his snarky-talking sword. Steve has made several contributions to web comics, including being a driving force behind having the “Best Web Comic” category added to the ballot of the Ignatz and Harvey Awards. We discuss Steve’s process for creating The Middle Age art and formatting his comic for multiple platforms and plus some of our favorite web...


83 Tom Mandrake on The Spectre and Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter

Artist Tom Mandrake talks about the influence of comic books during his youth, being a student and teacher at The Kubert School of Art and his best know work for DC comics, The Spectre. Tom’s latest work with Dan Abnett, Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter, is published by Titan Comics/Hammer Horror. How is the Captain Kronos comic today differ from the 1974 film and comic adaptations of 1970s published in The House Horror magazone? What are Tom’s thoughts on working with pencil and ink...


82 Ram V and Dev on Paradiso - Image Comics

It has been one year since Creator Talks launched! To celebrate the show’s anniversary, I span the globe! (o.k… through Skype) from London to Bangalore to bring together my guests Ram V and Devmalya Pramanik, the two creators of their upcoming comic book Paradiso being published by Image Comics on December 6. What does each like about the cities they call home? How does science fiction and horror blend in their comic Paradiso? And why is it so hard to find a Guinness in India?? We...


81 Joel Rose on Hungry Ghosts

Joel Rose co-wrote Get Jiro! and Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi with Antony Bourdain. The two are back together with a new anthology coming out January 31, Hungry Ghosts being published through the Berger Books imprint of Dark Horse Comics. Joel talks about his first encounter with Antony Bourdain when Tony tried to publish his first comic book. Joel also reminisces about his early years in New York City as a waiter, establishing his own publishing company Between C&D, and working at Vertigo...


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