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Crew Roundtable Bites - Ep8 - Fake News and Real Research

“Fake News” is the zeitgeist of social media! It is incredibly easy in our always-on, connected world to spread lies. Even respected news organizations fall victim to fake news. Legitimate journalists sometimes knowingly spread fake news. When they do, and are found out, punishment is swift to maintain journalistic integrity by the publisher of those fake news reports. What about news spread by people who do NOT claim to be journalists? What about bloggers, facebook posts, random tweets...


Crew Roundtable Bites - Ep7 - Right to Die

Gino and JR discussed death education in episode 4 of Crew Round Table Bites. In this episode we further explore this topic, discussing living wills and debate Canada's medically assisted death legislation. There is strong support for this legislation, as well as equally strong opposition. We breakdown the law, explain it's application provisions, and discuss it as best we can. We reference the case of Terri Schiavo, and the nearly five year legal battle between her husband, her parents,...


Crew Roundtable Bites Episode 6 - Women Helping Men be Better Men Towards Women

Are you aware how your actions affect women in certain situations? Can you define “rape culture”? Rape culture is a sociological concept used to describe a setting in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality. In the aftermath of many allegations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, men have been asking, "How can I help?" Ms. Nicole Stamp has written a Facebook post to help men behave better towards women, and ultimately, fight...


Episode 28 - Marijuana & Ontario's LCBO

The Government of Ontario is ready to be your marijuana hook up, holler if you hear me! Ontario is the first province to outline a plan addressing the Federal government’s coming legalization of marijuana. The LCBO model will be employed. Ontario will set up new, dedicated storefronts for marijuana distribution, and run the online distribution for approved government growers. Join Crew Roundtable as we discuss how this affects existing Ontario dispensaries, and compare models for beer and...


Crew Round Table Bites: Ep. 5 - Take a Knee

Protests are a cornerstone of free speech. Speaking out against perceived wrongdoings by the government, and other authorities, is an essential part of modern western democracy. In 2016, Colin Kaepernick became a national figure after his protest against the oppression of people of color in the United States. He was a quarterback in the NFL, and protested by not standing while the United States’ national anthem was played before the start of NFL games. Since then he has been demonized,...


Crew Round Table Bites: Ep. 4 - Death Education

​"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." - Benjamin Franklin No truer words have ever been spoken, yet, while we *LOVE* to talk about taxes and how much we hate them, in today's society we are increasingly leaving the discussion of death behind. ​We discussed the new Ontario sex education ​curriculum back in Episode 11 of the Crew Round Table podcast, and spoke about how people want to shut down the conversation surrounding sex and teenagers because it...


Crew Round Table Bites: Ep 3 - Google Fires ​James Damore

​Google created headlines when executives fired James Damore after an internal memo criticizing the company's diversity efforts came to light in the media. The article started conversations about diversity in the workplace, and his firing began conversations about freedom of speech in the workplace. In this episode of Crew Round Table Bites JR and Gino dissect the controversy into its two parts: Do James' criticisms of office diversity efforts have merit, and was his firing justified or...


Crew Round Table Bites: Ep 1 - Gender Pronouns

Prof. Jordan Peterson has angered many in and outside U of T with his refusal to use gender-neutral terms. In doing so he has ignited a debate as to how far do we get to define ourselves. How much weight do our self-descriptions and do others get to redefine us? At the heart of the debate is the transgender community, fighting for their right to have their self-description acknowledged and respected. Essentially fighting for their right to exist on their own terms. Opposing them are...


Episode 27 - Has The TTC Failed Toronto?

The Toronto Transit Commission was named the Outstanding Public Transportation System for 2017 by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). We at Crew Roundtable are beside ourselves in disbelief, just like the loyal listener that suggested this topic. Join us as we dive into the seedy underbelly of the ttc, identify the body that gave out this “award”, and have a rocking good time back from summer break. All this and more in another fantastic episode of “Crew...


Episode 25 - Romance vs Stalking

Have you ever been in love? Have you ever done something to “win” the love of another person? Join the Crew Roundtable as we explore “grand romantic gestures”, primarily carried out by men trying to woo women. We explore why Hollywood movies glorify this behaviour, what message these films send to kids, and the point where romantic feelings turn dark and become inappropriate stalking. All this and more in another fantastic episode of “Crew Roundtable”! Subscribers get the latest and...


Illegal Touching with Captain Handsome - Handicapping week 5 in the NFL

Oh Captain my Captain! 5 straight winning weeks! The captain is the gift that keeps on giving. Subscribe to make sure you never miss another show where Captain Handsome PROVES he is the one and only most consistent winning source for all your NFL picks. Subscribe at so you always get the Captain's Choice NFL Picks! Tweet #AskTheCrew


Illegal Touching wCaptain Handsome - Handicapping Week 4 in the NFL

Captain Handsome is back to help you find value in the NFL week 4! He is STILL in the money for the season. He is the real deal, and God’s gift to pigskin prognostication. Subscribe at so you always get the Captain's Choice NFL Picks! Tweet #AskTheCrew


Illegal Touching with Captain Handsome Week 3 Picks

Illegal Touching with Captain Handsome Week 3 Picks The captain is ON FIRE!! Going 10-5 for the week and 18-11 on the season listen as he gives you the BEST picks fr NFL week 3! Subscribe at so you always get the Captain's Choice NFL Picks! Tweet #AskTheCrew


Illegal Touching with Captain Handsome Week 2 Picks

Illegal Touching with Captain Handsome Week 2 NFL Picks! Captain Handsome went 8-7 against the spread and 6-4 in his other picks! Join the Captain for his week 1 recap and get it in high gear for week 2. Subscribe so you never miss another show by visiting today! Thanks! Tweet #AskTheCrew


Episode 11 - Ontario Sex Education

The Ontario Government has instituted a new sexual education curriculum in Ontario schools. These changes apply to both the public and Catholic boards funded by the government. How do these two systems teach the same curriculum with seemingly opposing views on many hot button topics? Join us as we explore; the need for a new curriculum, how it will be delivered to students, the main points of contention in the new curriculum, and what options parents have working within the new curriculum...


Episode 19 - How did Black Lives Matter get Toronto Police banned from Toronto Pride Parade?

WARNING: Five straight white guys discussing a topic couched in Race and Homosexuality in 2017 – Can we possibly check our white privilege long enough to be unbiased? Listen and find out! Black Lives Matter Toronto, [or BLMTO], had a sit in with roughly two dozen people in 2016, blocking the Toronto Pride parade route. This demonstration was over uniformed police involvement in the parade. The parade was brought to a standstill, until the Chair of the Pride organization signed a pledge to...


Episode 13: Calorie Counts On Menus

Certain restaurants and other food establishments in Ontario must now show the calories in foods they serve. Calories for all items must be prominently displayed on the menu, and when recipes change information must be updated for the public with new menus. The intent of this government decree appears as combating obesity in Ontario. More information should help diners make informed choices, but the Crew is split on the effectiveness of this program. Is displaying only calorie counts on...


Episode 15 - NES Classic Edition; NES Classic, Extra Life or Game Over?

The gaming system that single-handedly brought back the home video game market from a depression in the mid-1980s is back! The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, may be the greatest home video game system of all time. Nintendo introduced the NES Classic for Christmas 2016 and retailers cannot keep it in stock! The deep pull of nostalgia has the NES Classic currently selling for $300 on Amazon! (Use the Crew Amazon links at the top of our page if you plan to pay $220 over MSRP, we'd...


Episode 16 - Celebrity Politicians: Bane or Boon to Responsible Voters?

Is there anything inherently bad about celebrity politicians? The USA has plenty of celebrity politicians, but in Canada… not so much. Kevin O’Leary is looking to change that by becoming the leader of the Federal Conservative Party of Canada. Is he just a slightly more genteel version of Donald Trump for Canada? Celebrity politicians seem to seem to flourish in times of hardship. From time to time the voting public craves a tough-talking celebrity “outsider” who will come in to clean up...


Episode 17 - Ontario Organ Donation: Organs for the Rich and Cute first?

There are about 6000 people waiting for organ transplants in Canada, according to Canadian Blood Services. 250-300 people died in recent years while waiting for organs. In Ontario, we have close to 2000 people on waiting lists for organs. Some have taken to private campaigns to find suitable donors outside the official list of those waiting for transplants. In this show we examine the moral and ethical obligations of donating organs, being a “living donor”, respecting family wishes after...


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