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Two comedians take an unmerciful and hilarious look at athletes who have lost big games...with the law! Crime in Sports does the research, and finds the funny in the world of sports true crime. New episode every week!




#081 - An Enemy To His Own Cause - The Miraculousness of Ron LeFlore - The Miraculousness of Ron LeFlore

This week, we navigate one of the most truly miraculous stories in the history of sports, or any other medium. Don't worry, he went from having Levar Burton play him in a big TV movie, and having a best selling autobiography, to being frequently arrested at inopportune times, and generally sliding into a hole of despair. And it's hilarious! Do drugs, hang out with gangsters, and disappoint Levar Burton with Ron LeFlore!! Check us out, every Tuesday. We will continue to bring you the biggest...

Duration: 01:57:56

#080 - Impulsive Actions, Killer Results - The Jealousness of Leslie Hylton

This week, we go down a deep hole of rage, and crazy. We look deep into the past to break down a man from a different time, that tended to react poorly to unwanted news, to say the least. He was a hero in his country, but threw it all away, and ended up being handed the most severe penalty in CIS history!! Sticky up your wicket, move in with your mother in law, and shoot at the moon with Leslie Hylton!! Check us out, every Tuesday. We will continue to bring you the biggest idiots in sports...

Duration: 01:55:00

#031 - A Slight Death In The Family - The Nastiness of Sly Williams

This week, we peek into the world of a man who had more than his fair share of what he called "personal problems". These problems overtook a once promising NBA career, and sent him to much less glamorous places, such as Binghamton, NY, and prison. Find out why he would flee from a hospital with a gaping stab wound in his neck, or why he just couldn't seem to ever be anywhere that he was supposed to be, when he was supposed to be there. Or, most importantly, why couldn't he stop committing...

Duration: 01:41:13

#079 - Violence In, Violence Out - The Unraveledness of Mandy Meloon

This week, we look at a woman who went from the glory of Olympic promise, and the potential admiration of her entire country to being wrestled to the ground after fighting with a police officer about the legality of petting his horse. And that's the least crazy thing she's done! Find out what happens when systemic abuse is ignored, and mixed with the fire of a truly unhinged person... It's a deadly cocktail. Kick your room mate in the face, spit at a police officer, and expose yourself in...

Duration: 01:57:57

#076 - The Fresh Prince Of Violent Behavior - The Hazardousness of Brett Rogers

This week, we take a long, hard look at someone who committed crimes ranging from the scary, to the downright hilarious. He had such a promising life, before realizing that he'd much rather be arrested, feared, and eventually homeless, and menacing the downtown of a major city. Stay tuned until the very end, because this story ends with some crimes that have never been committed on Crime In Sports! Change your last tire, call violence a misunderstanding, and scare a library employee half...

Duration: 01:58:24

#078 - Violent, Stupid & Beloved - The Heedlessness of Bernard King

This week, we look into a man that has somehow managed to sweep all of his many crimes, ranging from the idiotic to the downright disgraceful, under the rug. He screws up, and the world was always all too ready to forget the criminal behavior, and forgive him. He left a trail of disappointment, and police reports, leading all the way to unexpected places. Including the basketball hall of fame. Sometimes, bad people come out on top. Drop 60 points on a rival team, drive to the worst...

Duration: 01:58:15

#077 - A Killer Without Conviction - The Mysteriousness of Jim Dunaway

This week, we go deep into a mystery, that doesn't actually seem to be much of a mystery, at all. He was a hero, an idol, a champion, and a teammate of OJ Simpson. Problem is, he has way more in common with OJ than just playing on the same team. His crimes cause his children to despise him so much that they took it to court. It's a twisted tale of death, and deception... So much fun!! Attend your own parade, milk the cows, then try to dodge a murder charge with Jim Dunaway!! Check us out,...

Duration: 01:56:59

#075 - Fast times & Slow Sentences - The Catastrophicness of Tim Montgomery

This week, we explore someone who fell from the highest of mountains, and ended up in the lowest of depths. He was "The Fastest Man In The World", an Olympic gold medalist, had a rich, famous, talented wife, his own Nike commercial, and was even touted by Oprah as a national hero. That was before he decided to be involved in a giant criminal conspiracy, resulting in a huge federal sting, and tons of jail time for all. To try to get out of that hole, he decided that committing even worse...

Duration: 01:55:50

#074 - Death Would Be Too Good - The Detestableness of Eugene "Buck" Zumhofe

This week, we head into a wilderness of horrors with possibly the most deplorable, disgusting, and down right horrid human being that we've ever had the pleasure of verbally destroying. The level of utter disdain this man has for any form of decency is startling, and revolting. He was awful at his job. He was awful in the world. He's just awful. And we treat him as such. Enjoy!! Sell your scrap metal truck, give yourself a stupid nickname, and be the worst human being alive with Eugene...

Duration: 01:56:59

#063 - The Path Of A Dangerous Individual - The Erraticness of Trevor Berbick - w/ SPECIAL GUEST Dan Cummins

This week, we take our special guest, the hilarious comedian, and host of the amazing "Timesuck" podcast, Dan Cummins with us, as we head down a long path of unravelling, that negatively impacts the lives of everyone this man came in contact with. Especially the women he attacked, the other women, he held at gunpoint, the men he held at knifepoint, and of course, his large brood of children, and former wives. Not to mention, his country, his family, and even Muhammad Ali. This is a tale of...

Duration: 01:47:38

#062 - Hard Time For A Hard Man - The Inexplicableness of Peter Storey

This week, we check out the tale of a man that seemed to make the wrong choice, at every turn, even if it defied all logic, or his own best interests. He went from being feared by all that he played against, to being feared for his erratic, and dangerous behavior. It's a fall from grace, that just keeps falling... and becoming more hilarious! Kick an injured man, crank up the fake gold machine, and smuggle something in from Holland with Peter Storey!! Check us out, every Tuesday. We will...

Duration: 01:53:55

#061 - Colder Than A Killer - The Tyrannicalness of "Hardbody" Harrison Norris

This week, we are neck deep in a hole, filled with deception, violence, and more arrogance than we can dig our way out of. It's the story of a man that thought so highly of himself that he forced his will on countless people, using them to fill his pockets, and his ego. His business was to pretend to be violent in public, and actually be a monster in private. He's a dangerous man, and possibly one of the very worst people that society has to offer. Let's laugh at him! Lose every match,...

Duration: 01:55:19

#060 - The Sudden Violence Of Bad Decisions - The Madness of Vernon Maxwell

This week, we see what happens when a man lives by two rules: Never think before you act, and never, ever take any responsibility for your actions. Living by these simple rules helped him to break nearly every law he could probably think of, including drugs, assault, kidnapping, gunplay, never paying child support, and a slew of other infractions, both scary, and hilarious. A champion o the court, a menace off of it. It's a police pushing, disease spreading, fan punching good time, with...

Duration: 01:54:42

#059 - If OJ Simpson Had A Little Brother - The Explosiveness of Tommy Kane

This week, we explore a tragic tale of a love story & life gone terribly wrong. He went from a being hero in his community, to becoming what can only be described as a monster. Like many others, he had trouble adjusting to life, out of the spotlight, but not all the others reacted with a life of madness, cocaine, and eventually murder. It's a roller coaster ride of sorrow, and despair. And jokes!! Become a neighborhood hero, do enough cocaine to kill an elephant, and always carry two...

Duration: 01:54:40

#058 - If He Could Kill The World... - The Terribleness of Viacheslav Datsik

This week, we explore a new frontier of violence, delusion, and all around crazy. A man who was deemed too crazy even for Russian prison. He made a name for himself with his MMA antics, then made an even bigger splash with his robberies, violence, and racism. He has a lot of opinions, only some of which are relevant to the planet earth. From mental institution escapes, to brazen criminal behavior, to the most abhorrent political activism imaginable... All topped off with some of the most...

Duration: 01:53:14

#057 - Death Was His Co-Pilot - The Obliviousness of Salt Walther

This week, take a peek into the world of a man with no limits to his desire for speed, drugs, and getting arrested. From a background of money, and privilege, he figured out a way to ruin it all, and become an embarrassment to his family, his sport, and anyone with half a molecule of decency. From his near death on the race track, to his guest spot on The Dukes Of Hazzard, to one of his many run ins with the law, he always lived by one bit of wisdom... Never, ever learn from your mistakes....

Duration: 01:52:37

#056 - The Naked, Knife Wielding Evangelist - The Ugliness of Otis Nixon

This week, we delve into a story of constant criminal stupidity, followed by second chances, and even more criminal stupidity. He must have thought he could get away with anything, based on his behavior. Doing things like scamming people when they're at their lowest, sexual assault, naked knife wielding, and a whole lot of cocaine, to name a few. His tumultuous life goes from charity events, to county jail, and back again. We will give him one thing, he is never dull. Steal second base, take...

Duration: 01:51:47

#055 - Demons In The Air Conditioning - The Regalness of Ike Ibeabuchi

This week, we travel down the road of huge potential, squandered by stupidity, arrogance, and just plain crazy. A man who came to the United Stares from Nigeria, and achieved his dream of being a champion, then quickly drifted away into madness. He took his nickname of "The President" a little too seriously, along with being a menace to escorts, prostitutes, and basically any woman he could get his hands on, not to mention their children... He's violent, unstable, and could snap at any...

Duration: 01:49:33

#054 - A Genuine, Bona Fide Serial Killer - The Viciousness of Randall Woodfield

This week, we check out a man who went from having all the potential in the world, to taking & destroying more lives than can be counted by authorities, and earning the nickname "The I-5 Killer". A kid from a good family, handsome, drafted by the NFL, and harboring a deep desire to kill. He committed some of the most henious acts possible, in the most calm & callous manner that can be imagined. It's madness, mayhem, and murder. And most importantly... Funny! Celebrate the 1 year anniversary...

Duration: 01:53:38

#053 - The Heart For Murder - The Gruesomeness of Jarrod Wyatt

This week, we look at one of the craziest, most depraved, and bloodiest stories we've ever heard about. An up and coming MMA fighter begins to unravel, culminating in a brutal murder that is both insanely horrific, and just plain insane. See what happens when things go wrong during a mushroom trip, and a trained fighter, with a sick mind, mistakes you for the devil. It isn't pretty. But we do make it hilarious! Stay tuned for the end of the episode for our 1st Annual CIS Scummy Awards,...

Duration: 01:51:04

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