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Mystery 8: A Night at the Opera

In this edition of minisode mysteries Ana shares the story of the disappearance of Ambrose Small. Ambrose disappeared from downtown Toronto, Canada the day after finalising a deal to sell much of his real estate. Jonatan tells the riveting tale of the 1987 Opera House heist. It begins with Mohan Singh bringing together a group of hopeful interviewees for what they believe to be a ‘mock raid’ but things begin to get very real. Don’t forget to rate and review if you’ve enjoyed this episode...


8: The Russians are Coming!

On International Happiness Day we bring you terrible tales from Russia and round off the episode with vodka. Jonatan covers the Academy Maniacs, a teenage duo who murdered and attacked residents in Akademgorodok of Irkutsk. Ana covers the Maniac of Novosibirsk who went on an 8 year killing spree only for DNA to solve the case in recent years. We end the show with clear, custom cocktails; you can get the recipes at As usual you can get in touch on Twitter,...


Minisode 7: Away with the Fairies

It’s the eve of St Patrick’s Day! In the spirit of things, we’ve had many many drinks and we’re sharing more Irish crimes. Ana talks about the 2010 kidnapping of 10-year-old Kelli, who was abducted from Phoenix Park, Dublin. The case remains unsolved: #justiceforkelli Jonatan covers a tale of the Irish legend Manannán Mac Lir. Soon after his disappearance Limavady police asked the public to look out for “a well-known 6ft tall striking local male with an athletic build”. Don’t forget to...


7: Crime on the Emerald Isle

Happy St Patrick’s Week! We start as we mean to continue: with drinks! Jonatan covers the accidental death of Mary Whelan (née Gough) that begins to look a lot like murder when the most likely suspect goes on the run. Don’t worry- a pub patron manages to save the day. Ana shares the story of why £10 bank notes were changed to green and the biggest bank robbery in Irish history: the Northern Bank heist. You can find the usual good stuff (like drinks, recipes and photos) on our website,...


Minisode 6: No Roads Lead Home

We’ve got that Friday feeling! In our latest Minisode Mystery we talk about hitch-hiking and Jonatan shares the murder of Lois Roberts. Was it a planned killing and was she the intended victim? Ana talks drink-driving and drinking culture, then introduces Brandon Swanson, a 19 year old who seemingly got lost on the way back from a graduation party. Don’t forget to share this podcast with others who might enjoy it. You can visit for more details on the show and reach...


6: Planes, Trains and Bloodstains

It’s a new week and Ana and Jonatan have picked the same crime! In a last minute change, Ana talks about her first murder mystery experience and then tells the story of Otylia Vranska who was found on trains (yes, plural) leaving Prague. Jonatan shares the tale of All Nippon Airways Flight 61 and what happened when Yuji Nishizawa decided to bring extra luggage. After all that chat Ana has a nap. For their drink this week there’s a travel friendly choice: the Gin and Tonic. Recomendations...


Minisode 5: Late Check Out

It’s Friday! We debate American English v. British English and Jonatan tells the tale of Blair Adams, a Canadian who was killed in Seattle. Ana talks about a mysterious death by sucide where the victim wished to remain anonymous and recalls a strange tale of her own. If you’ve enjoyed the show please rate and review. Or tell another true crime fan who might enjoy the show. We love when you send your theories- you can email or on Twitter @crimebythebar CN: murder,...


5: Rum… And Justice for All

We have an explanation of an ‘Irish goodbye’ to kick off this week’s episode. Jonatan tells the tale of capital punishment in Belarus and Ana dives into a murder in Ireland. Finally, we cover two bonus crimes and ask ‘Was justice served?’. As usual we round things off with a drink: this time it’s got rum, pear and spice. Don’t forget to send us your stories and feedback: or @crimebythebar on twitter. CN: capital punishment, rape, murder, sucide, animal abuse,...


Minisode 4: …and they were never seen again!

We begin this week’s mini with Jonatan’s story of Lars Mittank, a German tourist who disappeared in Bulgaria… seemingly with no one else involved. In the second half Ana tells the tale of Jim Donnelly, a New Zealand family man who went to work one morning and never came home. Don’t forget to rate and review us if you’ve liked the show and as usual you can reach us at or on Twitter @CrimebytheBar CN: wine, alcohol, cats, disappearances, head injuries, missing people


4: Shooting from the Hip (Flask)

This week we’re talking about impulse crimes. Ana discusses the Derrick Bird, Cumbria shootings while Jonatan tells the story of Yvonne Chevallier who was fed up with her philandering husband. Later Jonatan makes a whiskey cocktail but will Ana finally be a convert? As always, send your stories, suggestions and corrections to or via Twitter, @crimebythebar. You can get our cocktail receipes on our website CN: shootings (many), random...


Minisode 3: Spousal Support

It’s 4am and Valentine’s is over. Let’s discuss relationships gone wrong! Ana talks about the most expensive divorce in British history (Young v Young) which is packed full of accusations, intrigue and conspiracies then rounded off with a mysterious death. Jonatan tells the tale of Dagmar Tauchenová’s reaction when her safe cracking husband is sent to prison. Finally, we briefly touch on a missing canoer who returns from the dead but does his wife know more than she’s letting on? As...


3: Love, Marriage, Murder

It’s an extra special (and extra long) Valentine’s Day episode and we’re on theme! Jonatan tells the tale of the Russian family known as the Gang of Amazons and Ana discusses Barbara Kendhammer’s murder. Later they enjoy a delicious purple cocktail. As usual you send questions, suggestions and corrections by emailing us at or reaching out on twitter @crimebythebar. You can find our latest cocktail recipe and extras from the show at CN:...


Minisode 2: The Kids Aren’t Alright

In the latest minisode mystery, Jonatan covers the 1979 (possible) revenge killings of four members of the Tan family in Geylang Bahru, Singapore. Later Ana covers the 1988 abduction of Michaela Joy Garecht. Remember you can follow us on twitter @crimebythebar, send your mysteries and comments to and visit our site for extras from the show. CN: Murder, children, missing persons


2: New Tales & Foreign Spirits

This week Ana is covering the Van Breda Murders in South Africa, Jonatan discusses the 2016 (not 2017) killing of Koen Everink and the duo present a foreign take on Dutch culture. Stay to the end for a fiery cocktail and an update on Episode 1- yes, we have new information on a cold case! If you have updates, corrections or insider information you can email us at or reach out on twitter @crimebythebar. You can find our latest cocktail recipe and extras from the...


Minisode 1: Antiques Roadshow

For our first edition of Minisode Mysteries, Jonatan talks about the mystifying murder of Margareta af Forselles in what became known as ‘Koffertmordet i Göteborg’ or the Trunk Murder of Gothenburg (Sweden). Later, Ana tells the story of the curious disappearance of Trevaline Evans who failed to return to her antique’s shop on a busy Saturday afternoon. Plus a bonus Welsh lesson! (For any listeners in Wales, please send us pronunciation corrections and rarebit recipes). Remember you can...


1: Vintage Crime & Lethal Cocktails

In their first ever episode Ana has a sore throat and Jonatan has mic problems. Over several glasses of wine, they discuss an unsolved (Northern) Irish murder, a Japanese robbery and the airport equivalent of ‘Storage Wars’. Stay to the end for the ‘Drink of the Week’- it’s strong, sour and full of gin. Send your crimes and comments to and visit our site for extras from the show. CN: Murder, stabbing, bomb threats, alcohol


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