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Criminal Justice Evolution (CJEvolution) - Hosted by Patrick Fitizgibbons-logo

Criminal Justice Evolution (CJEvolution) - Hosted by Patrick Fitizgibbons

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CJ Evolution / January 19th / Episode 171 - Law Enforcement Advisor & Educator, Lawyer and Author - Elliot B. Spector

Hello everyone and welcome back. In this episode Patrick welcomes Elliot B. Spector to the show. Elliot is a former police officer and is the creator of The Spector Criminal Justice Training Network. Elliot has presented at many conferences on issues such as Officer Liability, Use of Force, Search and Seizure, Technology and he Law, Racial Profiling and many other important topics. Elliot believes that improving the quality of policing improves relationships with members of the community,...

Duration: 00:31:07

CJ Evolution / January 15th / Episode 170 - Blue on Blue Shootings and 3 Ways to Avoid Them

Hello everyone and welcome back. In the military the term “Friendly Fire” is never a good phrase to hear. This term means friendly forces are firing on each other, and unfotunately it does happen sometimes. Unfortunately, in law enforcement data indicates that friendly fire incidents are on the rise. So much that the term “Blue on Blue” has been coined, which means friendly fire between law enforcement personnel. In this epsiode Patrick talks about some ways to avoid this deadly...

Duration: 00:05:57

CJ Evolution / January 12th / Episode 169 - 19 Dale Carnegie Quotes to inspire You to Keep Going and to Not Give Up

Hello everyone and welcome back. One of the biggest influencers in Patrick’s life is Dale Carnegie. He is the master of making connections,, making friends and influencing people. One of Patrick’s favorite books is Dale Carnegies Lifetime Plan for Success - A compilation of How to Win Friends & Influence People, and How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. In this episode, Patrick talks about 19 Carnegie quotes that keep you moving when you are down and you want to give up. Everyone at the...

Duration: 00:09:13

CJ Evolution / January 8th / Episode 168 - Retired Police Officer and Successful Author of “Twsted but True” - Darren Burch

Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. In this episode Patrick welcomes Darren Burch. He is a retired Phoenix Police Department Officer with a 30 year career, which included working with the Maricopa County Sheriffs Department. Darren ended his law enforcement career as a Crime Stoppers Sergeant, allowing him the unique opportunity to share manic and funny cop-stories each week on a local radio station’s rock morning show. Darren is the host of a law enforcement based radio show...

Duration: 00:31:14

CJ Evolution / January 5th / Episode 167 - 11 Components of Proper Police Fitness

Hello everyone and welcome back. The team at CJEvolution hopes everyone has had a great start to the new year. One of the most important aspects of police officer safety and survival is related to officer fitness. We all need to stay in shape. Not just for ourselves, but for our families, departments and communities. In this episode Patrick talks about the importance of fitness and talks about the 11 components of proper police fitness. Thank you for the continued support for show and stay...

Duration: 00:09:53

CJ Evolution / January 3rd / Episode 166 - Successful Author and sought after Law Enforcement & Military Trainer, Lt. COL. Dave Grossman (Ret)

Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. In this episode Patrick welcomes Lt. COL Dave Grossman (Ret). He is a US Army Ranger, a paratrooper, and a former West Point Psychology Professor. He has a Black Belt in Hojutsu, the martial art of the firearm, and has been inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Col. Grossman’s research was cited by the President of the United States in a national address, and he has testified before the U.S. Senate, the U.S. Congress, and numerous...

Duration: 00:55:44

CJ Evolution / December 29th / Episode 165 - Going for it in 2018!

Hello everyone and welcome back. The CJEvolution Team hopes everyone had a great, safe and Happy Christmas. In this episode Patrick talks about Going for it in 2018. Are you reading to write that book? Start that business or start your own podcast? 2018 is going to be your year. Remember that time waits for no one! If you make resolutions at the start of the year, only to falter soon after Patrick has tips and suggestions to keep you on track. A special thanks to all the brave men and...

Duration: 00:08:28

CJ Evolution / December 25th / Episode 164 - Law Enforcement Trainer & Educator - Brian Willis

Hello everyone and welcome back. In this episode, Patrick talks with Brian Willis. Brian is an internationally-recognized thought leader, speaker, trainer and writer. Brian serves as the Deputy Director for the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association and is President of the training company Winning Mind Training. He was a full time police officer with the Calgary Police Service for many years. He is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of...

Duration: 00:35:19

CJ Evolution / December 20th / Episode 163 - Successful Author, Attorney and Motivational Speaker - Pamela Samuels Young

Hello everyon and welcome back to the show. In this episode, Patrick talks with Pamela Samuels Young. She is a succesful lawyer who became a very successful author and sought after motivational speaker. For fifteen years, Pamela served as Managing Counsel for Toyota in Southern California, specializing in labor and employment law. While still practicing law, she began moonlighting as a mystery writer because of her desire to see women and people of color depicted in the legal thrillers she...

Duration: 00:33:03

CJ Evolution / December 15th / Episode 162 - The Police Assessment Center - Tips and Suggestions

Hello everyone and welcome back. In this episode Patrick gives some tips and suggestions regarding Police Assessment Centers. They have been around for a very long time, and have been used to select the best candidates for upper level positions in both public and private organizations. Remember that prepartion, research and practice is usually going to be the winning recipe for any type of career advancement. Thank you once again for the brave men and women who protect us...

Duration: 00:10:55

CJ Evolution / December 11th / Episode 161 - 10 Tips to Achieve Anything You Want in your Life.

Hello everyone and welcome back to Show. Thanks to the first responders and everyone else who works in the Criminal Justice Field. We do appreciate the hard work everyone does daily in a difficult environment. If you are facing roadblocks in your life and you need coaching and mentoring to help you get to that next level, head over to Frame of Mind Coaching to see what Kim Ades and her amazing team can do for you - Remember that you can achieve anything you...

Duration: 00:08:46

CJ Evolution / December 8th / Episode 160 - Kyle Reyes - CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing and National Spokeman at Law Enforcement Today

Hello and welcome back to the show. In this episode Patrick welcomes Kyel Reyes. Kyle is a great American who does so much for law enforcement and law enforcement families. He is a successful entreprenuer and businessman, and he is the CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing. Kyle is also the National Spokesman at Law Enforcement Today. Kyle has been featured many times in the media, and made several appearances on Fox News and Fox & Friends. In this episode, Patrick and Kyle talk about many...

Duration: 00:38:27

CJ Evolution / December 4th / Episode 159 - How to beat the Holiday Blues

Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. This is the time of the year when many people are with family and friends celebrating the holidays. There is much happiness and joy among many, but remember that many people and officers still suffer from depression and lonliness during the holidays. In this episode, Patrick talks about ways to beat the holiday blues as a police officer. Remember you have much to be happy about and to be thankful for. Thank you for the continued support and...

Duration: 00:12:37

CJ Evolution / December 1st / Episode 158 - Tim Bourquin, Former full time LAPD Officer now Successful Entrepreneur

Hello everyone and welcome back. In this episode, Patrick talks with Tim Bourquin. Tim is a former full time police officer with LAPD, and also a serial entrepenuer. He has started, operated and sold many companies. He also remains a reserve officer for the LAPD working a couple days a month. Tim started on his journey years ago while in the police academy talking with other cadets about the financial markets. This led to the book Traders at Work. Just as Tim was about to make Detective he...

Duration: 00:33:41

CJ Evolution / November 27th / Episode 157 - The benefits of finding solitude

Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. In this episode, Patrick talks about the benefits of spending time alone. Western culture tends to equate being alone with being depressed, lonely or having antisocial tendencies. However, spending time alone can really be health for you. In fact, there are many physical and pychological benefits from spending time alone. Stay tuned for great guests that are coming on the show. Reference used during...

Duration: 00:07:29

CJ Evolution / November 20th / Episode 156 - Holiday Season Crime Prevention Tips

Hello everyone and welcome back. In this episode, Patrick talks about crime prevention and safety tips for this holiday season. Remember your a lot of crimes are crimes of opportunity. Take extra time to avoid becoming a victim. I hope everyone has a great and safe Thanksgiving, and special thanks to the brave men and women who protect us everyday. Be safe everyone! A reference to the show: Find this and other great episodes at...

Duration: 00:08:45

CJ Evolution / November 17th / Episode 155 - Crime Scene & Criminalistics Expert - Author, Barry A.J. Fisher

Hello everyone and welcome back. In this episode Patrick talks with Barry A. J. Fisher. Patrick and Barry talk about the importance of good crime scene investigations, the responsibility of the first officer on a scene and much more. Barry served as the Crime Laboratory Director for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, a position he held from 1987 until his retirement in 2009. He began his career in the Sheriff’s crime lab in 1969 and has worked a wide variety of assignments. His...

Duration: 00:58:27

CJ Evolution / November 14th / Episode 154 - College Campus Safety and Awarness with CEO of Greek University - Mike Ayalon

Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Patrick welcomes Mike Ayalon. Mike is the CEO of Greek University. An educational platform that has inspired countless institutions across North America in identifying, understanding and resolving current social issues such as Hazing, Sexual Assaults, and Alcohol / Drug Abuse. Mike has a deep understanding of the current situation on campuses as well as a plan on how to empower our own youth to stop being part of the problem and become an active...

Duration: 00:34:37

CJ Evolution / November 10th / Episode 153 - Dr. John McGrail - Helping You Create a Better You!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Patrick welcomes John McGrail. John has helped thousands of clients and students from all walks of life find their fun in his clinical practice and self-improvement / motivational seminars and workshops. Dr. McGrail’s exclusive Synthesis approach integrates sciene and spirituality to create personal growth, transformation and achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance in life. His writing and expertise are often featured in major print...

Duration: 00:39:19

CJ Evolution / November 8th / Episode 152 - Be More Grateful in Your Life

Hello everyone and welcome back. We all go through difficult times in our lives, but we should still be grateful for what we have. No matter what your problems are you should start everyday with being grateful for who is in your life and what you have, because we all have people and things we can be grateful for. A good way to remind yourself of this is to keep a gratitude journal everyday. A reference to this...

Duration: 00:07:57

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