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What is Crème de la Crème? It’s the greatness of living, the finer things in life. It’s living beyond what you know is possible with no limitation. And what else? What is it for you? What seduces you into being more of who you would like to be? Is it the sensualness of being truly present in the world? Elegance, fine art, great food? Brilliance? Fun? Playfulness? Enjoying your body?




When You Think Your World Is Coming To An End

How are you with change? Do you freak out? Do you talk about the loss or how things fell apart? How hard do you try to keep control over the events and the people in your life?

Duration: 00:57:08

How Could Allowance Make Your Life Happier?

Join Jonas Svensson and guest Megan Hill for an exploration of allowance and happiness.

Duration: 00:56:35

Do You Wan't To Have The Perfect Body For You... What If You Can?

What is a Right and perfect Body for You? What if bodies and embodiment are nothing like we have been taught?

Duration: 00:56:53

What If Crap Is The Fertilizer For A Different Possibility?

"It´s crap", you say... How often do you think this is a bad thing? Fighting against all the things you have decided are terrible and wrong....

Duration: 00:59:06

Body Talk

Do you identify yourself as your body? Do you talk to your body? Does your body talk to you? What does your body say?

Duration: 00:56:09

The Nature of Leadership

Leadership in this reality is all to often reduced to a position of control & limitation; a dictatorship in which ONE source point rules it ALL and demands blind following.

Duration: 00:55:07

Money Likes You - Do you?

Is money this evil, always lacking thing? Or is it actually an energy that is willing to contribute to you once you choose to have your own back?Join host Susanna Mittermaier and guest Simone Milasas for an inspiring conversation!

Duration: 00:58:25

Special Encore Presentation: What is Gratitude?

Is there more to gratitude than simply saying ‘Thank you?’ What else is there that if you were to choose it could create something greater

Duration: 00:59:39

Discovering Your Creative Flow

Is your creation more stop/start than flow? Are you asking to be able to create anything, anytime, anywhere? What if you would allow yourself to BE the energy of creation

Duration: 00:55:42

Stop Apologizing For Who You Are And Start Showing Up

Do you like hiding yourself and showing up occasionally when there is not much at stake? What if you would grant the world the gift of you? What wold that change in your world? Join host Susanna Mittermaier and guest Blossom Benedict on this episode of Beyond Saying Thank You!

Duration: 00:58:44

WHAT is beyond Thank You?

Are you willing to go beyond what most people would never even think could be possible? What does “thank you” and being grateful actually create and what would be possible to create if you went even further? Totally beyond saying Thank You? Let’s explore it! Let’s go on the adventure! Are you curious? Do you want more? Join host Jonas Svensson and his guests Susanna Mittermaier, Anne Maxwell, and Pam Houghteling for this explorative show and LETS GO! What is truly possible?"

Duration: 00:56:47

Gratitude and Animals

What can animals teach us about gratitude? What contribution can they be to us and to our lives? Join Anne and her guest Suzy Godsey as they talk about this and so much more.

Duration: 00:53:50

Everything you think is Wrong... The Greatness of You!

Truth, would you truly like to know what you are capable of? To live in this reality for many people means to have given up trusting

Duration: 00:57:45

A New Take on Child Development

When you were a child, did you know things that no one else knew … or what about things that no one else acknowledged? What if kids,no matter their age, know so much more than they are given credit for?

Duration: 00:57:20

Creating Relationships That Work!

How could you create a totally different relationship and be really grateful for it? What if you didn't buy into anything about what a relationship should or needs to look like? What would be possible then? Are you willing to be that different? Join host Jonas Svensson and guest Megan Hill for this adventure in exploring what else is possible with creating relationships.

Duration: 00:56:32

How Much Crazy Is Normal?

How much Crazy is normal? How much energy are you using to pretend that you are normal, average and the same as everybody else? What capacities do you have that you are hiding behind your "normality" that if you would access them, would allow you to be the difference the world requires? Join host Susanna Mittermaier for this episode to open the doors for you to get over being normal and tap into your true brilliance!

Duration: 00:58:05

Curiosity and Wonderment!

Are you seeking comfort, stability, predictability and the status quo? Or are you willing to live beyond all that, in the magic of being and living from curiosity and wonderment? Join Anne and her special guest, Ricky Williams, as they talk about this and so much more!

Duration: 00:56:40

Creating with the Possibilities of this Universe!

How can this universe be a contribution to you? Are you allowing things to work for you or are you working against it? Are you ready to hear the magical keys to finally get things to work FOR YOU? Hosted by Jonas Svensson.

Duration: 00:56:34

Relate or Create?

Are you starting your relationships so you are not alone and so you have someone to relate to and connect to, or are you using your relationships to create your life? Join this episode of Beyond Saying Thank You with host Susanna Mittermaier to find out what else is possible for you!

Duration: 00:56:50

Creation and Gratitude

Do you have books, projects, songs, paintings, sculptures, businesses that are asking to be created … in fact, screaming to be created? Are they in the “someday” pile? Do you worry about what others will think and say? Do you wonder whether you can pull it off? Do you doubt yourself? Join Anne and her special guest, Blossom Benedict, as they talk about creating when you give yourself the time and space to create … when you create from the space of no judgment and instead create in the energy...

Duration: 00:56:03

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