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Will Bitcoin Futures Destroy the Economy?

A weekend filled with more drama and rumors than impactful news. Topics: Fujitsu Eyes Cryptocurrency Trading With Cross-Blockchain Payments Tech Brokerage Chief: Bitcoin Futures Must Be Quarantined Swiss Firms to Let Traders Short Bitcoin With New Futures Products Governments Show Interest in Firms Analyzing Monero and Zcash Transactions Lighting Only? Scaling Bitcoin Might Require A Whole ‘Nother Layer Ripple Shoots Up After AMEX Deal and Secret US Bank Meeting YouTube Stars Can Now...

Duration: 00:18:57

China Bans Bitcoin Mining Rumors

Topics: Bitcoin Gold Goes Live After Bumpy Blockchain Launch North Korean Hackers Ramp up Malware Attacks Against Bitcoin Service Providers CME CEO: Bitcoin Futures Could Begin Trading As Soon As December Singapore Mining Rig Manufacturer Reports Massive Surge in Sales CoinHive Cryptocurrency Miner Is 6th Most Common Malware, Says Report China Bans Bitcoin Mining? Rumors Fly as Notices Appear In Press BCH EDA Was Designed to Cause Bitcoin Network Congestion, Former Dev Claims Under...

Duration: 00:13:52

Buy Bitcoin Is Far More Popular Than Buy Gold On Google Trends

Topics: Is Your Ether Frozen? Parity Launches Support Website In Wake of Exploit ‘Plenty of Time;” Parity Rep Says Startup Won’t Push for Emergency Fork Citigroup CEO: Bitcoin Threat Will Give Rise to State Cryptocurrencies Government Cryptocurrencies Won’t be Able to Compete With Bitcoin, Here’s Why Google Trends Shows “Buy Bitcoin” Is Far More Popular Than “Buy Gold” Millennials Hold Bitcoin in Higher Regard Than Traditional Stocks Japan’s Legalization of Bitcoin Led to Rapid...

Duration: 00:22:38

2x Over! Bitcoin Hard Fork Suspended due to Lack of Consensus

iTunes: Google Play: Facebook: Follow the Steemit: Topics: Deutsche Bank Strategist: Reign of Fiat Money Will Soon End, Will Bitcoin Take Over? MIT Media Lab Director: ICOs Are ‘Attracting the Wrong People’ Malicious Text Message Can Hijack Mobile Phones to Mine Cryptocurrency Thai Bank Taps IBM for Contract Management Blockchain Pilot Could Blockchain Technology Prevent More...

Duration: 00:25:27

Bitcoin is The 32nd Most Valuable Currency in the World

Topics: Reserve Bank of Australia Issues Statements on Cryptocurrencies and ICO New Zealand Regulator: Cryptocurrencies Are Securities SEC: Celebrity ICO Endorsements Could Be Illegal ‘A Modest Proposal’: Vitalik Unveils Multi-Year Vision for Ethereum US Government Arrests and Charges Alleged ICO Fraudster Ex-Credit Suisse Exec to Launch ICO for Luxury Good Platform Coinbase’s GDAX Exchange Sets Out Criteria for Token Listing Lebanon to Issue Its Own Digital Currency How...

Duration: 00:27:04

7 Crypto Trends + Incoming Boom

New laptop so all my settings are out of wack. Give me until the next podcast to fix any sound or posting issues. Topics: 7 Trends in Cryptocurrrency That Entrepreneurs Should Know About BTC to DLT: Why Aren’t Banks Giving Blockchain Startups Accounts Bitcoin-related Job Availability has Increased Significantly During Q3 2017 Chinese Cryptocurrency Traders Relocating to Other Asian Countries Arkansas Sherriff’s Office Mines Bitcoin to Fuel Dark Web Investigations What’s in a Name...

Duration: 00:29:37

$400k Bitcoin? + Crypto's Road to Legal Compliance

TokenFunder Wins Approval to First OSC Regulated ICO Launch Singapore Central Bank Chief: No Regulation for Cryptocurrencies French Regulator Launches ‘UNICORN’ ICO Support Project ‘Full Steam Ahead’ for Segwit2x, Developer Jeff Garzik Says Kansas Declares Bitcoin Unsuitable for Campaign Contributions UK Treasury: Cryptocurrencies Pose Low Terrorist Financing Risk Japan’s SBI Holdings Is Gearing Up to Mine Bitcoin US Logistics Agency Launches Blockchain Sector Mapping...

Duration: 00:21:17

Bitcoin Gold + Frauds and Failures

News Topics: Bitcoin Gold Split + Futures Max Keiser Expects Bitcoin Price to Reach $10,000 Once $7,000 is Broken LocalEthereum is Well-Received by ETH buyers and sellers so far Tezos ICO is Officially Under Investigation Bitcoin Has Matured; as Liquidity Increased, Volatility Dropped Substantially Programmer Gets 16 months Jail time for Bitcoin Laundering Scam Saudi Arabia’s Regulators Not Looking to Regulate Bitcoin Canada Court Holds ICO Organizer in Contempt Intel Partners...

Duration: 00:13:26

Beware of Forks + (More) Government Interest

Regional Regulators in North America Are ‘Closely Watching’ ICOs and looking out for further developments. Infighting Breaks Out Among Tezos owners. Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Manager Arrested for Ripple Fraud. 1.2 million yen charge with up to 10 million in speculative charges. Inspector General: US Mint Should Consider Bitcoin’s Impact Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Bitcoin on Dark Web ‘Is a Big Problem’. New MyMonero Phishing Site showing up in Google Search...

Duration: 00:25:23

Bittrex Locking Accounts + More Corporate Interest

New Darknet marketplace Libertas uses monero exclusively supporting my previous prediction that many darknet marketplaces will make the shift to monero over bitcoin. Bitfinex Exiting US market by November 9th due to increasing uncertainty of the US legal standing on crypto companies. Biitrex Policy Changes effecting people by locking their accounts and preventing withdrawals. This was announced and has been on their website for a while. Users were just caught off guard that the wide...

Duration: 00:22:50

Instant Bitcoin Transfers + Japan's Rise

Topics Covered: Swift Blockchain Success Sets Stage for Sibos Coinbase allowing instant bank transfers Mona coin’s rise because of Japan’s new role in crypto? Ether Fork Delay IBM using crypto for cross-border payment First Ethereum Hard fork takes place today/ Monday Dash to be integrated into Wirex, making 40m merchants accept crypto SegWit2x Futures price keeps heading South as Bitcoin Shows Who’s King

Duration: 00:18:32

Bitcoin to 10k + Bitcoin Gold Scam

Bcash Death Bitcoin $10,000 by mid 2018? Ethereum First: Investment Product Opens for Trading on Nasdaq Exchange 70k Ether Lost during ICO purchasing Byzantium Countdown Overstock's Regulated Token Exchange Will Launch with Own ICO Lufthansa Partners Swiss Blockchain Startup to Decentralize Travel US Defence Contractor Moog to Integrate Aion’s Blockchain Bitcoin Gold Scam? Bcash Death Bitcoin $10,000 by mid 2018? Ethereum First: Investment Product Opens for Trading on Nasdaq...

Duration: 00:24:55

SEC + FTC Surprising Global Reach

US reach has led to Greece arresting BTC-E operator for money laundering and has been confirmed for extradition. Don't think you can avoid US punishment just because you are not a citizen.

Duration: 00:15:41

Bank Approvals + Profits From Running Nodes

Institutional support is ramping up.

Duration: 00:11:22

South Korea Bans ICOS


Duration: 00:15:08

Hacker attack + New Bitcoin Fork?

Websites with bitcoin miners? Check out the Steemit for sources- Appears before noon EST Listen on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube! iTunes: Google Play: Youtube: Visit the website: Steemit: Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: @camdbowles Support the podcast! Become A Patron & Sponsor Become a Patron:

Duration: 00:10:00

Exchange Loses 200k + Ethereum Centralized?

9/25 crypto news Listen on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube! iTunes: Google Play: Youtube: Visit the website: Steemit: Facebook:

Duration: 00:16:53

ICO Raised 1 Billion + Having Integrity

ICO are still a hot topic and people still doubt bitcoin. Watch on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube! iTunes: Google Play: Youtube: Visit the website: Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: @camdbowles Support the podcast! Become A Patron & Sponsor Become a Patron:

Duration: 00:13:38

Crypto Economy Worth 5 Trillion?

JP Morgan CEO slanders Bitcoin + discovering the true valuation of the market. Watch on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube! iTunes: Google Play: YouTube: Visit the website: Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: @camdbowles Support the podcast! Become a Patron:

Duration: 00:15:45

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