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45. Hellraiser

The podcast! You opened it, we came! This week we're blurring the lines between pleasure and pain with Clive Barker's feature debut Hellraiser. Famous for kicking starting the Hellraiser franchise ad introducing the world to Pinhead and the cenobites, Hellraiser is a surprisingly low-key affair, but just what is it about this creepy little horror that has earned it it's cult following?


44. Clerks

We're not even supposed to be here today, but we are, and we can assure you we're open. This week we're talking all about Kevin Smith's debut feature Clerks. Shot on a minimal budget in grainy black and white, Smith's debut film is also the first entry into his View Askew-niverse and introduced the world to Jay and Silent Bob. But just what is it about this cheap, foul mouthed, rough around the edges comedy that draws in a loyal cult following?


43. Starship Troopers

In this episode we're signing up for the mobile infantry with Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards, Dina Meyer, Jake Busey and Neil Patrick Harris in Paul Verhoeven's 1997 satire Starship Troopers. Something of a dud upon its initial release, criticized for it's poor acting, fascist tendencies and seemingly pro-war story, recently Starship Troopers is being recognized for th film it actually is, a cold, hard satire of fascism. Having spawned three sequels and an animated series, just why does...


42. Moon

We are the one and only, and we're coming to you from the dark side of the moon talking Duncan Jones' seminal feature debut Moon, starring Sam Rockwell and Sam Rockwell. Arguably one the best science-fiction movies of the last twenty years, Moon has developed a solid cult following that shows no signs of slowing down, but why?


41. Deep Blue Sea

This week we're pissing into the wind with Deep Blue Sea, the sharkiest shark movie since Jaws: The Revenge. Starring Samuel L Jackson, Thomas Jane, Saffron Burrows and some guy called LL Cool J, Deep Blue Sea is the story of a group of scientists trapped by super smart (and size changing) sharks of their own creation. Yes, you read that right. Now sing it with us, "deepest, bluest, my hat is like a shark's fin!"


Best Cult Movie... So Far: Part II (Mini-Episode)

To celebrate 40 episodes we're taking a look back at the last 20 movies we've reviewed and picking our favorite. Each 20 episodes we will pick a winner until episode 100, when all the winners will battle it our and win the Cultishest Cult Movie of Cult Movies. What movie will win, and what movies will loose? And who even cares?


40. Howard The Duck

We've had a bad week and we want to make it even worse so this week we're talking Howard the Duck, George Lucas' first attempt at destroying a beloved franchise. Starring Leah Thompson, Jeffrey Jones and Tim Robbins, for some reason, Howard the Duck is widely considered to be one of the worst movies ever made, and yet it has a loyal cult fan-base. Why?


39. Mean Girls

It's back to high school this week with Mean Girls, Tina Fey's way-better-than-it-should-be 2004 teen comedy. Starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Fey herself, the film was well received upon its release but has since gone on to become something of a bizarre cult classic. But why? Join us as we attempt to find out.


38. The Evil Dead

We've taken a trip to a cabin in the woods with Sam Raimi's cult horror classic The Evil Dead. Starring Bruce Campbell and a heap of tortured unknowns, The Evil Dead was made on a shoe-string budget from a script written on napkins and went on to become one of the most infamous video nasties in the world. But just why does this insane, controversial and ridiculously low-budget B-Movie have the massive cult following that it does? Well, "join us" as we try to find out.


37. Pulp Fiction

This week we're chowing down on Big Kahuna Burgers with Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. A critical and commercial success, Pulp Fiction saw the writer/director shoot to super stardom, and reinvigorated and kick started the careers of it's stars, John Travolta, Samuel L Jackson, Uma Thurman and Bruce Willis. But just why does this tale of LA's seedy underbelly have such a lasting impact, and what makes it one of the most famous cult movies of all time? Join us as we find out.


36. Last Action Hero

We're getting extremely violent this week with the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring action movie satire Last Action Hero. Directed by John McTiernan, written by Shane Black, and co-starring F Murray Abraham, Charles Dance, Tom Noonan and a really irritating kid (not John Connor!) Last Action Hero was a flop upon release but has since grown a cult following. Why? Join us to find out.


35. Dr Terror's House Of Horrors

This week we're stuck on a train with Dr Terror and his House of Horrors - although that's not a literal house. From Amicus Productions, professional Hammer Horror rip-offs, comes a tale filled with dread and thrills only the 70s could imagine! From two of British horrors biggest icons sharing the screen once again (and one of them facing off against a severed hand!) to Donald Sutherland in one of his earliest screen credits, Dr Terror's House of Horrors has become a cult classic, but why?


34. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit

Happy New Year! To celebrate we're up North with Wallace and Gromit as they take on the ferocious and terrifying were-rabbit. Based on the beloved stop-motion shorts featuring the titular characters, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit sees the dynamic duo head to the big screen in a suitably grand adventure! But just what is it about these two that gives them such a lasting impression and cult following?


33. Bad Santa

Merry Christmas you filthy animals (wrong movie, we know). Hope you're having a great day. We certainly are! And to celebrate the holiday season we're taking a look at the Billy Bob Thornton starring Bad Santa, a hilarious crime caper imbued with a sense of cynicism only appropriate for the season to be jolly! But just why has this hateful little comedy capture the hearts of so many? Join us to find out, and have a wonderful Christmas time!


32. Freddy Got Fingered

As it's almost Christmas we decided we had to earn that Christmas special, and so we're earning it by watching Tom Green's surrealist comedy thing Freddy Got Fingered. Panned by critics upon release, in more recent years the movie has been undergoing a sort of reappraisal, with some going so far as to call it a misunderstood masterpiece. But why?


31. Society

Join us as we investigate strange goings on up in Beverly Hills. Rich boy Billy suspects there's something very wrong with his mum, dad and sister, but he can't quite put his finger on it. Are they really involved in an incestuous relationship or is it, as his therapist says, all in his mind? Or maybe it's something much sinister. After the success of Re-Animator and From Beyond, Producer Brian Yuzna took the step into a director's chair and produced this cult classic. But why does the...


What Makes A Christmas Movie? (Mini-Episode)

Join us for this special mini-episode where we try to work out just what the hell makes something a Christmas film? Is there an algorithm we can use to prove, once and for all, that Die Hard should stand up there with The Muppets Christmas Carol and Scrooged, or are you humbuggers destined to forever complain about John McClain and his lack of festive cheer?


30. The Room

This week we're locking ourselves in The Room (a place where either good or bad things can happen... apparently). We need to be locked in, otherwise we'd just get up and leave for Tommy Wiseau's head scratcher - and not in the "cool" Matrixy way - The Room. Made on a ridiculous large budget considering what we see on screen, and starring a cast of... people? The Room is an oddity as much as it is an odyssey, and we're going to try and work out just why the so-called "worst movie ever made"...


29. Monty Python And The Holy Grail

This week we're on a quest with the knights of the round table to see if we can't figure out just what makes the surreal, madcap misadventures of Monty Python and the Holy Grail so enjoyable, captivating and hilarious for multiple generations. A modest success upon its release, the film has gone on to become arguably the most successful cult movie of all time. But why?


28. Casablanca

This week we're headed through Casablanca and we're trying to decide if this classic, often heralded as one of the greatest movies of all time, is a plane worth being on. In more recent years older movies have become under-seen, and is now the time to reappraise Casablanca and the like as cult classics rather than masterpieces of cinema? Have you see Casablanca, and if not do you regret it? Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life? Does Casablanca deserve...


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