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Women finding their voice

Our culture - from the artistic to the political - has been rocked in the last couple of months. We’ve had many allegations of misconduct and sexual harassment — mostly on the part of powerful men. A striking theme in much of the last few weeks has been that women, who most often were the targets of abuse, often didn’t speak up for a long time. So in this episode, we are taking a look at the idea of finding one's voice — from a female perspective. We're listening to the words of...

Duration: 00:19:59

James Comey, Trump, and the religious thinker who might shape fate

James Comey's twitter handle is strange. It is "Reinhold Niebuhr." Not exactly a household name. But Niebuhr was actually a significant figure in American culture and political thought throughout World War II and the Cold War. And what Niebuhr had to say gives us great insight into James Comey's thinking, how he handled Trump and the investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election. In this week's episode, we explore Comey, Niebuhr, and the FBI's fraught relationship with...

Duration: 00:22:10

Pumpkin pie's shocking secret REVEALED!

'Tis the season for pumpkin pies, and pumpkin spice flavored lattes, cookies, bread... and so many more. We break down a dirty little secret about pumpkin pies, and tell you a great way, which you may not have thought of, to make the delicious holiday treat. We also explore the origins of pumpkin spice mix. And what's in the mix anyway? You'll know the answer after our latest episode. Plus, we are remembering a true American musical genius, Leonard Bernstein on the anniversary of his...

Duration: 00:12:40

A gripping book about terrorism, and a raging sci-fi debate

CultureCast book editor Loretta Williams offers a listener challenge with a $25 prize! And we discuss the gripping novel The Association of Small Bombs, as well as a raging online debate over two sci-fi books.

Duration: 00:20:51

Photographing Houston

How do you photograph a tragedy like Hurricane Harvey? Our guests offer answers to that difficult question. (Photo courtesy: Lt. Zachary West , 100th MPAD, Texas Military Department)

Duration: 00:13:13

Are Confederate monuments art?

We consider the history and artistic merit of Confederate monuments. Are they painful symbols of oppression or important cultural relics? Share your opinions for a future episode by clicking "Contact us" on (Photo courtesy: OZinOH on Flickr)

Duration: 00:13:53

A "masterpiece" book; How to read for deeper understanding

We discuss some of the best contemporary books out in print right now, especially an award-winner that is a true "masterpiece," according to CultureCasts's book editor Loretta Williams.

Duration: 00:21:52

The life-changing art of organizing; Police officers' art

Those who practice the Kon Mari method of organization swear by its life-changing power. We take a look at the ideas behind it, Marie Kondo -- the woman who created it, and the people who practice it. Police officers in Chicago are creating art work to help deal with the incomprehensible tragedies and unique pressures of their daily jobs. We visit an exhibit. On the show, we'd promised you the full video of Marie Kondo's presentation at the Chicago Humanities Festival. It turns out, it...

Duration: 00:15:12