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A weekly political podcast (and sometimes more often!) from USA TODAY's politics team.

A weekly political podcast (and sometimes more often!) from USA TODAY's politics team.
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USA Today


A weekly political podcast (and sometimes more often!) from USA TODAY's politics team.




The new year promises a wild ride in politics

USA TODAY Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page joins us to discuss the major politics stories upcoming in 2018, among them: #Oprah2020. Plus, an announcement from the Cup of Politics team. (Photo: Evan Vucci, AP)

Duration: 00:12:42

Congress has rewritten the tax code, but your taxes won't change for a while

Congress passed a massive overhaul of the nation's tax code, but it will take a while before those changes trickle down to you. But over the next year, it is likely to contribute to a near doubling of the deficit. Our tax reporter Herb Jackson explains. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Duration: 00:18:24

Our newspaper got into a war of words with President Trump

When President Trump fired off an insulting tweet about a female senator this week, USA TODAY’s editorial board fired off an insulting editorial about President Trump. We invited Saunda Torry, co-author of the editorial, to explain why the board chose to chastise the president, and what they hope it achieves. (Photo: Mark Wilson)

Duration: 00:11:29

Dominoes begin to fall in Congress on sexual harassment

In the blink of an eye, the 53-year congressional career of Rep. John Conyers ended this week as repeated allegations of sexual misconduct emerged. Detroit Free Press Washington Correspondent Todd Spangler joins us to recap the congressman’s career and the scandal that brought him down. (Photo: Lawrence Jackson, AP)

Duration: 00:14:26

Congress tries to fix its harassment problem without making it worse

The tsunami of sexual harassment claims washing over prominent men has swept into Washington, leaving Congress struggling to figure out how to fix its byzantine system for handling complaints without making it worse for victims. USA TODAY’s Heidi Przybyla joins us to explain the challenge. Photo Credit: AP

Duration: 00:21:21

President Trump's Asian trip may pay later dividends

White House Correspondent David Jackson covered President Trump’s 12-day Asian trip and says it may take years to see whether the trip pays off. Photo Credit: AP

Duration: 00:15:07

Democrats revel – for a little while – in some election victories

Inside Elections editor Nathan Gonzales joins us to talk about the Democrats’ election night wins in Virginia and New Jersey, and whether they tell us anything meaningful about 2018. Photo Credit: AP

Duration: 00:22:13

A year after Trump election, how much has really changed?

Nov. 8 marks the one year anniversary of President Trump's election. USA TODAY’s Washington Enterprise editor Ray Locker talks about where he has succeeded and stumbled and the growing troubles his presidency faces. (Photo: Carolyn Kaster, AP)

Duration: 00:19:22

A U.S. Senator is on trial for corruption, and the verdict could have a broad impact

As the trial of New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez is nears its verdict, USA TODAY’s Herb Jackson explains the charges, the defense, and how the case could have far-reaching impacts on future bribery and public corruption cases. (Photo: Ed Murray, Associated Press)

Duration: 00:21:16

The military’s slow moving sex scandal rolls on

The Pentagon removed a two-star general from duty this week after USA TODAY revealed he had been sending racy text messages to the wife of a subordinate soldier. Our Pentagon reporter Tom Vanden Brook explains how he broke the story and why the military is still struggling to get to the bottom of its sexual harassment problems. (Photo: Army)

Duration: 00:16:29

Cracking the wall of VA secrecy

USA TODAY’s Donovan Slack uncovered a Veterans Administration policy of hiding misdeeds by medical providers who were being forced out. Her story has already forced change at the agency, as it looks to alert the public to doctors’ past errors. (Photo: Nathan Papes, Springfield News-Leader via USA TODAY Network)

Duration: 00:13:00

Las Vegas massacre restarts old fights about gun laws in Congress

USA TODAY reporter Nicole Gaudiano explains how the horrific shooting in Las Vegas has reignited old debates in Congress over gun control, with a few surprise twists. (Photo: George Frey, Getty Images)

Duration: 00:13:25

How free is free speech on a college campus?

Kenyon College, a small liberal arts campus in Ohio, is rewriting its policies on freedom of expression to make them more permissive, not less. The college president explains why.

Duration: 00:15:27

Hunting a modern killer: Customs agents go after synthetic opioids

USA TODAY reporter Deirdre Shesgreen describes the extraordinary challenge U.S. border agents face trying to intercept tiny shipments of potent and deadly drugs in the massive flow of international mail. (Photo: Seth Harrison, The Journal News)

Duration: 00:12:35

Hillary Clinton wants to tell us why she lost

USA TODAY's Susan Page says interviewing Hillary Clinton about her book rehashing the 2016 election revealed the emotional toll her loss to Donald Trump has had on her. (Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images)

Duration: 00:11:13

Pay to play: President Trump’s courses offer good golf and unmatched access

Lobbyists, CEOs and other rich people with interests before the government are paying tens of thousands of dollars to be members of the golf clubs that President Trump both owns and visits regularly. USA TODAY reporter Fredreka Schouten explains how she uncovered who some of these people are and what they might want from the government. (Photo: Patrick Semansky, AP)

Duration: 00:10:29

A newsroom can’t hide from a hurricane

As much of the Texas coast fled Hurricane Harvey, our colleagues at the Corpus Christi Caller-Times went to work, deploying reporters, photographers and even drones to cover the storm of the century. Editor Tim Archuleta joins us to describe how his newsroom weathered the storm. (Photo: Gerald Herbert, AP)

Duration: 00:08:44

Trump roars in Phoenix: The view from inside the lion's den

President Trump held a rally in Phoenix this week and aired a long list of grievances, including calling reporters anti-American liars. Our reporter Eliza Collins was in the building and tells us what it was like, and what comes next. (Photo: Rick Scuteri, AP)

Duration: 00:15:30

Is 'hate speech' a thing, and can we ban it?

In the wake of the Charlottesville tragedy, University of Virginia vice dean and law professor Leslie Kendrick helps us understand why white supremacists have a right to express repugnant views in public places. (Photo: Win McNamee, Getty Images)

Duration: 00:18:56

Churches focus on body — not soul — to tackle health disparities

As Washington grapples with health policy, churches and other organizations in the South are testing novel approaches to bringing health care to underserved black Americans. USA TODAY's Deborah Berry joins us to explain what she found in Birmingham. Read more: (Photo: Deborah Barfield Berry, USA TODAY)

Duration: 00:14:39

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