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Customer Experience Leaders | CX tips, insights and practical advice

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How to stay relevant in the age of the customer | Officeworks, Head of Customer Experience & eCommerce, David Pisker

David Pisker is the Head of Customer Experience & eCommerce at Officeworks, Australia’s leading office supplies retailer. In this episode, we discuss how Officeworks creates delightful experiences for customers in a retail environment and why they look outside their industry to find new innovations. We also talk about the role of the customer and how businesses can meet the needs of their users in a mobile world. Resources mentioned: YammerLuminosoBreathSombrero Fallout Key takeaways...


Designing a delightful carpark | Impact, Traffic Engineer, Michael Gigliuto

Michael Gigliuto is an engineer with Impact, a leading traffic and transport engineering consultancy that designs transport experiences for their customers. In this episode, we discuss everyone's favourite topic—parking—and how the overall design of a carpark can change the customer experience. We also talk about how some of the best design decisions counterintuitively might not be appreciated by users. Resources mentioned: Urban maths: car park mayhemMathematics Today Key takeaways...


The magic of Disney World | Walt Disney World, former Operating Area Manager, Dennis Snow

Dennis Snow is an author, speaker, trainer, and consultant who coaches some of the world's largest companies on customer experience. He honed his skills over a twenty-year career at Walt Disney World in which he grew from working on the front lines of some of the attractions to managing various operational functions. In this episode, we talk about how Walt Disney World is able to provide experiences which wow their customers. And we learn how Walt Disney World is able to bring all of their...


Treat your customers like friends and your colleagues like family | Pigeonhole, Founder and Managing Director, Johann Kim

Johann Kim is the Founder and Managing Director or Pigeonhole, a series of quirky and designer-esque retail stores throughout Australia. We talk to him about how a retail business like Pigeonhole is able to deliver consistent customer experiences when they have so many different store formats. We also talk about culture and how Johann's passion for delivering amazing service permeates through the business and enables staff to develop relationships with their customers. Key takeaways...


Top customer experience predictions from a CX Futurist | Customer Experience Futurist, Author and Speaker, Blake Morgan

Blake Morgan is a Customer Experience Futurist, Keynote Speaker and Author of the new book ‘More Is More’. On this episode, we ask her: Why does customer experience actually matter? We talk about customer support and contact centres. And of course, we discuss the future of customer experience and how technology will impact how brands engage with their customers. Resources mentioned: More Is MoreFresh AirThick Face, Black Heart Key takeaways:


What retailers can learn from nurses about emotional intelligence (EQ) | Australian College of Nursing (ACN), CEO, Kylie Ward

Kylie Ward is the CEO of the Australian College of Nursing. We go behind-the-scenes of the nursing world, and uncover what the role of a nurse actually is, how nurses impact patient outcomes and patient experiences, the ways nurses go above and beyond, and what a 10/10 healthcare experience looks like. There are plenty of takeaways from the nursing industry that we can apply to business generally. Resources mentioned: You Can Heal Your LifeThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleHow to...


How Pandora jewellery turned a failing store into a $10M success story | Pandora, Managing Director (UK), Brien Winther

Brien Winther is the Managing Director of Pandora jewellery, in the UK. Previously, Brien was the President of Pandora Australia and New Zealand. Topic 1: How Pandora’s personalised bracelet charms helped build it into the successful brand that it is today. Topic 2: How Pandora manages the huge queues it receives every year in the lead up to Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Bonus topic: How Pandora turned a struggling retail store on Pitt St into a $10M success story. Key takeaways:


Managing emotional rollercoasters and delighting customers in real estate | Raine & Horne, Managing Director (Neutral Bay), David Buttel

David Buttel is the Managing Director of Raine & Horne real estate, in Neutral Bay. There's a lot of discussion in the property market right now about housing affordability, real estate ethics and an ongoing debate over whether you can trust real estate agents. We spoke to one of Australia's best real estate agents to uncover how he delights his customers, regardless of the industry's reputation. Today, we reveal the secrets of how real estate agents get the best prices when selling...


How to deliver consistent CX when you have thousands of employees | Country Road, General Manager of Brand and Customer Experience, Col Kennedy

Col Kennedy is the General Manager of Brand and Customer Experience at Country Road, which is a premium fashion and apparel retailer. Col has a wealth of experience from working at brands like Disney, Target and Cotton On. Topic 1: How to rethink your loyalty program to drive better relationships with customers. Topic 2: What does it take to manage a brand which has thousands of employees and still deliver consistent experiences? Resources mentioned: Start With Why Key takeaways:


What role should marketing play in designing customer experiences? | Monash University, Senior Marketing Lecturer, Peter Wagstaff

Peter Wagstaff is a Senior Lecturer and Marketing Academic at Monash University. We speak to Peter about customer experience in higher education. We ask the question: Who actually is a university’s customer? We debate the reasons why bureaucratic organisations struggle to provide great experiences. And Peter shares a controversial opinion of why it’s sometimes actually good to make a student’s life difficult. Resources mentioned: GartnerForresterMcKinseyPwCHarvard Business Review4 Ps...


How to bring your ‘brand purpose’ to life with practical tools and tips | SumoSalad, Chief Customer Officer, Lawrence Mitchell

Lawrence Mitchell is the Chief Customer Officer at SumoSalad. SumoSalad is a quick service restaurant (QSR) with over 160 franchise locations across Australia. And as you’d expect for a brand like this, the in-store experience is paramount. Since we were speaking to one of Australia’s only Chief Customer Officers, we asked Lawrence exactly what he does in his role. Not only that, but he also shares a great tip to ensure senior management knows whats going on at the customer level of your...


"Companies that put customers first have it backwards ... employees come first." | BlackBerry, former Managing Director ANZ, Ray Gillenwater

Ray Gillenwater is the Founder of SpeakUp, who are experts in employee engagement. We speak to Ray about how your employees can make a bigger impact on your customers than what you might think. Ray gives away some practical tips on how to use technology to delight customers. But before Ray started his company, he was the Managing Director of BlackBerry Australia and New Zealand. And we go behind the scenes to find out where it all went wrong. Resources mentioned: UserOnboardResearch by...


Introducing: Customer Experience Leaders

We reveal the secrets of how great brands delight their customers. We speak to the CX Leaders behind brands like Pandora, Disney, Uber, SumoSalad, Country Road, Microsoft and many more! Delighting customers shouldn't be complicated, so we're on a mission to bring you jargon-free practical takeaways to help you build great customer experiences. Customer Experience Leaders launches in October 2017.