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A weekly show focused on how the world of cybercrime is impacting businesses. It includes discussion with cybersecurity writers and analysts and interviews with experts.




Talking the Preparedness Cycle with Gate 15's Andy Jabbour

In today’s cyber threat environment, many organizations are struggling to determine how to mitigate the array of risks they are facing. But don’t despair, said Andy Jabbour, the co-founder and managing director of Gate 15, there is hope. Andy recently wrote a series of blogs outlining how the Preparedness Cycle, which is often used to prepare for traditional threats, can easily be applied to cyber threats as well. On this episode of the Cyber Chat, we talk to Andy about the preparedness...

Duration: 00:08:55

Talking the Expanding Digital Risk Footprints of Organizations

The digital footprints of organizations are expanding. With that expansion comes more avenues of attack for cybercriminals to exploit and more areas of concern for organizations to address. On this episode of the Cyber Chat, SurfWatch Labs chief security strategist Adam Meyer discusses the challenges businesses are currently facing due to their expanding level of presence and how organizations can respond to those new challenges to better manage their cyber risk.

Duration: 00:11:03

Talking Strategic, Operational and Tactical Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and with that rise comes a variety of questions for organizations around the topic: what types of threat intelligence are available, how can that intelligence can be implemented at different levels of an organization, and most importantly, how can it help to limit the overall cyber risk facing an organization. On this episode of the Cyber Chat, SurfWatch Labs chief security strategist Adam Meyer attempts to...

Duration: 00:09:17

Talking Banner Health's Data Breach Lawsuit With Michella Kras

Earlier this month, Banner Health announced a data breach affecting 3.7 million individuals. In late June, Banner discovered that intruders may have gained unauthorized access to the computer systems that process payment card data at certain Banner Health food and beverage outlets. Two weeks later Banner discovered that the intruders may have also assessed patient and health insurance records. Now the company is facing several potential class action lawsuits over the incident. On today’s...

Duration: 00:14:58

Episode 77: DNC Fallout Continues, LastPass Exploit Discovered and Bitcoin is Not Real Money

The fallout from the breach at the Democratic National Committee continued as WikiLeaks published more information and Julian Assange vowed that there was more to come. UK Telecom O2 became the latest company to be victimized by batches of previously exposed credentials. Shapeways, Kimpton Hotels, and Korean online store Interpark all made headlines for data breaches. Cybercrime advisories included researcher Tavis Ormandy warning of flaws in password manager LastPass, NIST advising...

Duration: 00:32:40

Episode 76: Pokemon Go Tops Cybercrime Targets, GOP Unveils Cyber Platform and Other Risk Trends

The popular Pokemon Go was this week’s top trending cybercrime target following several incidents including DDoS attacks that disrupted service. DDoS attacks against the U.S. Congress, Philippines Government and WikiLeaks also made news. Data breach announcements include more than 130 stores being impacted by Cici’s Pizza’s point-of-sale breach, Asiana Airlines having 47,000 documents containing customer information stolen, and 2 million users being impacted by a hack at Ubuntu Forums. On...

Duration: 00:40:49

Episode 73: DNC Hacked, Espionage Makes Headlines, and Updates on CISA and Net Neutrality

This week’s trending cybercrime events include Wendy’s announcing its point-of-sale breach is significantly larger than previously reported, a breach at the Democratic National Committee and theft of Donald Trump opposition research, and a nearly 8-million strong breach at Japan’s top travel agency. The University of Calgary also joined the growing list of organizations that have made sizable ransomware payments, and file sharing service iMesh became the latest company to face a massive...

Duration: 00:37:14

Episode 67: DDoS Attacks Return, QuickTime Support Ends and a Massive Trade Secret Verdict

The Lizard Squad is back with DDoS attacks against gaming company Blizzard. The Janet education network was also hit with more DDoS attacks. More stolen W-2 and personal information was used to file fraudulent tax returns, this time affecting employees of Baltimore City and the Catholic Archdiocese of Denver. On the advisory front there were more WordPress warnings, scary new ransomware, and the end of support for QuickTime for Windows. Legal stories included a jury awarding electronic...

Duration: 02:58:19

Episode 66: Big Breaches, Badlock Revealed and More Class-Action Updates

A hacking group leaked data from the Philippines’ Commission on Elections, which impacts 55 million registered voters. National Childbirth Trust announced a breach affecting 15,000 new and expecting parents. Several more W-2 related breaches made headlines. An FDIC employee accidentally walked out with 44,000 customers’ information. CoinWallet announced plans to shut down its services following a cyber incident. On the advisory front, the details of the Badlock bug were finally revealed,...

Duration: 02:54:19

Episode 64: Anonymous Gets Political, Employees Selling Passwords and Latest Cybercrime Lawsuits

The hacking collective Anonymous made headlines by threatening to target Republican front runners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. A large DDoS attack took down Swedish newspapers. Other trending events include more hospitals being hit with ransomware, a breach at USA Cycling, and a dangerous attack against a water treatment plant. On the advisory front new studies highlighted software vulnerabilities and employee passwords, Locky ransomware continues to be discussed by researchers, Microsoft if...

Duration: 03:16:36

Episode 62: More Hotel Breaches, IRS Problems Continue, and Merchants File EMV Lawsuit

A point-of-sale breach at Rosen Hotels & Resorts adds to the trend of criminals targeting hotels to steal payment card information. Hackers breached a database at 21st Century Oncology. A variety of companies continue to have W-2 information compromised via both cybercriminals and human error. Android and iOS saw significant advisories this week around KeRanger, the first fully functional ransomware to target Apple devices, and Triada, which researchers have described as one of the most...

Duration: 03:21:45

Episode 61: Universities Get Breached, Drowning in Vulnerabilities and Apple’s Good News

The University of California Berkeley announced a data breach affecting 80,000 individuals. A Snapchat employee got duped by a phishing email. Hacktivists targeted Time Warner and a Miami police officer. An evolving point-of-sale malware, an IRS warning to payroll and HR professionals, and a vulnerability that can potentially decrypt Internet traffic are among the week’s top trending cybercrime advisories. On the legal side, Apple won a victory in an unrelated but similar case to the one...

Duration: 03:08:29

Episode 58: Government Hacked Again as Obama Announces National Cybersecurity Plan

The U.S. government saw several breaches this week with leaks of Department of Homeland Security and FBI employees’ information as well as cybercriminals stealing around 100,000 E-file PINs from the IRS. On the advisory front there were warnings of evolving exploit kits, new malware, and new ATM skimming techniques. President Obama announced a Cybersecurity National Action Plan. Breach-related lawsuits are happening quickly as both Wendy’s and the University of Central Florida saw...

Duration: 03:44:24

Episode 57: HSBC Goes Down, More POS Breaches, and the Latest Cyber Penalties

Among this week’s top cybercrime targets were British bank HSBC, which faced a distributed denial-of-service attack that led to outages, and Landry’s and Golden Nugget Casinos, which saw point-of-sale breaches affecting a variety of locations. Other events this week include Neiman Marcus users having their accounts accessed, TaxSlayer customers having personal information stolen, and warnings for LG, eBay and Facebook users. This week also saw the Office for Civil Rights seeking civil...

Episode 56: Wendy’s Get Breached, Aerospace Manufacturer Loses $55 Million, and Other Cybercrime Headlines

This week saw a point-of-sale breach at Wendy’s, an employee data breach at the University of Virginia, and a healthcare breach at Centene Corporation as well as attacks against the Irish National Lottery Website and aerospace parts manufacturer FACC, which resulted in $55 million being stolen. On the advisory side, a new strain of ransomware not only encrypts files, but also disables some keyboard functions, and new reports were issued around healthcare breaches, malicious ads, and...

Episode 55: Crackas Return, Tax Fraud Season Beings, and a Strange Week of Legal News

Asda Supermarket led the week’s trending cybercrime targets following a researcher publishing details of a website bug he discovered in 2014. The Crackas With Attitude continued to target government officials, and several health service providers announced data breaches. Trending cybercrime advisories include tax season fraud, advertising fraud, more malvertising, and password manager phishing attacks. The legal side saw a busy week with the Supreme Court ruling on class action lawsuits,...

Duration: 03:05:55

Episode 54: Latest Data Breaches, Encryption Debate and New Cyber Laws

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was the latest victim of the “Crackas With Attitude” hacker group as several of his personal accounts were compromised. Battlefy, LifeSafer and Indiana University Health Arnett rounded out the week’s most discussed cybercrime targets. Android topped this week’s list of cybercrime advisories followed by WhatsApp and Microsoft. And encryption, new cybercrime laws, and legal developments related to the St. Louis Cardinals and the DD4BC extortion...

Episode 53: 2016 Cybercrime Predictions and State of the States’ Cybersecurity with Francesca Spidalieri

Everyone’s been making predictions about how cybercrime will change in 2016, and we discuss some of the stand-out trends related to cybercrime heading into the new year. Trending cybercrime events include a point-of-sale breach at Elephant Bar as well as Anonymous campaigns against Trump and others. Advisories include a new DDoS report from Arbor Networks, new ransomware attacks, and more malvertising campaigns. The legal side saw new developments with the Cybersecurity Information Sharing...

Duration: 00:44:47

Episode 52: DDoS Attacks, New Cybercrime Laws and Keyless Security with Secret Double Octopus’ Raz Rafaeli

Trending cybercrime events (1:05) include a breach at pub chain JD Wetherspoon as well as DDoS attacks against the UK academic network. Two reports were released – one from Akamai saying DDoS attacks are now more frequent but less powerful and one from Kaspersky saying the Dark Web malware market has settled and is moving towards simpler, more cost effective attacks. Trending advisories (14:30) include more warnings about social engineering and wire fraud, Iran-based espionage, and...

Duration: 00:37:32

Episode 51: Australia’s Massive Breach, High-Profile Lawsuits and Data Breach Response with Nuix’s Chris Pogue

Two large breaches were announced – one by toy maker VTech and one by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. The FBI is warning of increased point-of-sale (PoS) malware as more hotels confirm they were victims of PoS-related breaches. Other advisories include fake terror alert emails being used by cybercriminals to dupe curious clickers, an exploit kit that combines ransomware with a password stealer, and “zero detection malware.” On the legal front all the big players seemed to be in the...

Duration: 00:34:02

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