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Warrington, United Kingdom


I started getting into dance music around 1997. Back before the "superclubs" became a staple of the dance music scene. I'd listened to dance music before that, as more comercial dance tracks made there way over the ocean to America - who here doesent know Brooklyn Bounce, House Heroes (Magic Orgasm anyone?) and SM Trax. but nothing got me into dance music more then going to the old "Club Z" in Washington DC. Z was a real dance club. It was a small, dirty wharehouse (way smaller then the club could handle,especially with dance music becoming increasingly popular in america and D.C.) filled with the craziest types of people and scenarios you could imagine. It didnt disriminate, as most clubs do now, about how you dressed or how you acted. White,Black,Gay Straight,Transsexual whatever. If you had 20 bucks then you had access to the most off the hook club in D.C. But most importantly was the facy that i heard some of the best dance music of my life at this club!! Anyway,me and my friend would go to this club, and being used to the shitty Baltimore club life you can imagine how shocked we were to see this club!People were actually"dancing". Not standing around trying to look cool like they do in a Baltimore club.People were actually having fun!Needless to say,we started going every Saturday and my Baltimore nightlife partying died that very day. The music at this club just hooked me. I remember needing more. At the time Napster was still around and at the strongest it had ever been. I was able to experience all the music i had heard at the club through Napster and even better underground music id never have found hunting the crappy Baltimore record stores.After seeing some of my favorite DJ's live i started to realize that just listening to the music wasnt enough.I saw the way the crowd reacted to the DJ,the vibe,and the atmosphere and i said to myself :"i have to get into this!" and went out and bought turntables and records the very next day. Eventually i became confident in my DJ skills enough and started



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