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Warrington, United Kingdom


My first musical encounter was when I was about 13, I bought my first record from "HMV" ! The track was Tall Paul - Rock Da House and I can remember to this day pretending to myself and everyone I knew what I was doing. It wasn't until after several times of the tone arm on the deck wondering about I realised something might not of been right, ha ha, damn, I needed the stylus from behind the counter ! How embaressed ! I proceeded home with my nice shiny 12" record making sure as many people saw me with it as I could , I was a DJ, haha ! When I got home to my amazement the house was empty ... GREAT I THOUGHT ! Out came my folks LP Player which had gathered an inch of dust on the top over the years. On went the amplifier 100 % power! I was happy as I stood listening to that RUDE track, singing "move it, move it, just let the record spin", oh yes this was heaven. I suddenly realised that not only was I dancing but the house was as well ! I had the house vibrating, literally, the rig was so loud ! Then with a sudden BANG, a pathetic plume of smoke my experience was over. And I was in trouble. The Wharfedale speakers where not looking to good, as you can imagine I was NOT flavour of the month that day, and as for my chances of the folks giving me support to be a DJ, well that was blown with the speakers, can you blame them really ??? A few years later at the age of 19 / 20 I met Andy H @ a house party and had a go of the decks ! I was hooked pretty much from that moment on, I think I played Darude - The Roof Is On Fire about 20 times that evening in my mangled condition! I learn't to DJ and started out buying my records, equipment ! Now 6 years on i'm still hooked to DJing, still loving the sounds, vibe and new releases. In those 6 years I have done several clubs and nights, several FM radio stations, setup Example Trax Records. Example FM 101.5, and with my musical partner in crime Andy H. We have had great support in all that we have done and are thankfull to you ALL, well thats i



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