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We are a radio founded in 2008 under the name "Dirty Sounds", where we decided to promote the electronic music and underground culture. We went thought different times in which our transmition was not the best, like any rookie radio, but nevertheless, we had a very good acceptance of our listeners in spite of being in test mode. This project lasted until 2010, the year in which the name was changed to "Under2Ground Radio", where we started to include a different type of artists and decided to see how far we could go. Since 2012, with a lot of energy and effort dedicated to the radio, we decided to completely change our course by giving a complete renewal. Thanks to the artists who joined, plus the staff that we already had in our two previous projects and also a radical change in the content management, we decided to go for our true identity and DNA Radio Fm was born. In July of the same year, we went for more and completely changed our platform stream and website. DNA Radio Fm: A radio focused in electronic music, featuring the most prominent artists in the world and also including new talents, besides counting with DJ's and producers already established. They make a delicious mix in music and human quality which is what we have today, and we are very happy to the result, as our listeners are the most important for us. Since we created our radio station,...






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DNA Radio Fm.com
DNA Radio Fm.com

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