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DOZ That Inspire You - Angela Lewis-Wright

Angela Lewis-Wright is a woman with an inspiring story and she shares this with us in this episode of DOZ Show. At over 60 years of age and as a retiree Angela landed a modelling and filming contract. Her story is a pointer to the fact that we are never too old to pursue our dreams or to dream again or to start afresh. When we think life is over, it may just be starting. Listen and be inspired to find purpose and walk in it despite your age.

Duration: 00:29:33

DOZ That Inspire You - Angela McDowell Baines

In this episode, Eturuvie Erebor chats with Angela McDowell Baines. Angela is a mother of three children and grandmother of six adorable grandchildren. She has overcome many life challenges including poverty and sexual abuse to become a successful business woman. After marriage and three children, she returned to school to pursue her dreams and earned a Bachelors of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, graduating Cum Laude. To this achievement she adds an induction into...

Duration: 00:36:35

DOZ That Inspire You - Hope LeNoir

This episode features another inspirational interview, and the guest is Hope LeNoir. Hope is the founder of Rise and Fly LLC, a business that helps professionals advance personally and professionally in their careers. As a woman who has embraced several career journeys herself, Hope is able to relate with her clients experiences and help them achieve greater professional results. She shares with listeners three powerful strategies to help them rise from the ashes and fly in 2018! This is...

Duration: 00:34:46

DOZ That Inspire You - Yolanda Schlabach

In this episode of DOZ Show, Eturuvie Erebor and Yolanda Schlabach discuss sex trafficking, as Yolanda uncovers the reality of sex trafficking in the State of Delaware and reveals the process by which young girls are lured and trapped and eventually lose their independent identity. When we see a prostitute, we are quick to judge her; to us she is a criminal, but to Yolanda she is a victim of sex trafficking or sexual abuse or both. Yolanda is a member of the Human Trafficking Coordinating...

Duration: 00:36:33

DOZ That Inspire You - Betty Parker

In this episode, Eturuvie Erebor and Betty Parker discuss fear. Several years ago, when her child's life hung in the balance, fear tormented Betty with the frightening possibility of his death. But she declared war on fear and deployed her Chrsitian faith along with seven effective strategies that helped her win the fight. Then she proceeded to write the book, "Waging War on Fear: Strategies to Overcome a Scary World." Fear is not only real, fear is an enemy that kills, destroys, and robs...

Duration: 00:32:28

DOZ That Inspire You - Dr. Aday Adetosoye

In this episode of the show, Eturuvie Erebor chats with Dr. Aday Adetosoye, a woman with a strong passion for children, and one who has dedicated her life to working with vulnerable children in Africa orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. Aday shares her inspiring story of losing her first pregnancy and then being advised by doctors to terminate the second pregnancy because they were certain the baby would be born with Down Syndrome. In her darkest hour, Aday turned to God and cut a deal with Him....

Duration: 00:37:54

DOZ That Inspire You - Cynthia Wilson James

In this episode, Cynthia Wilson James chats to Eturuvie Erebor about getting married for the first time at the age 40 and going on the conceive naturally and have two beautiful healthy daughters at ages 42 and 44. During the birth of her daughters, she made two important discoveries, one, that the population of first time mums over 35 is growing in the US and two, most healthcare providers offer little or no positive information or support for older expectant mums. She founded Inseasonmom...

Duration: 00:26:20

DOZ That Inspire You - Ria Story

When Ria was 12, her father told her that she was God's gift to him so that he would not commit adultery and for 7 years that followed, he sexually abused her. In this Episode, Ria Story chats with Eturuvie Erebor about life with a father who forced her to play the role of wife, even giving her a wedding ring, and how he shared her with other men. Ria ran away from home at the age of 19; she had no job, no money and no high school diploma. She worked two jobs and went to school a night....

Duration: 00:25:16

DOZ That Inspire You - Jennifer Workman

Jennifer Workman is a woman who wears many different hats. She is an inspirational writer and speaker, a song writer, a screenplay writer, an editor and proofreader with her own writing service and a producer and host of an online show. She is also an evangelist who volunteers with a prison ministry, and the list goes on. In this episode she chats with Eturuvie Erebor about her work as a writer, her newest book and how she uses her different gifts to serve others, plus how she juggles the...

Duration: 00:17:20

DOZ That Inspire You - Tara Denning

In this episode of DOZ Show, Tara Denning chats with Eturuvie Erebor about life as a missionary, the challenges, dangers of working with drug addicts, prostitutes and the homeless, and of course the rewards of seeing them come to Christ. Following the death of her first husband, God called Tara to give away everything she owned and move to Hope City to serve the homeless. There, she met and married Paul Denning and together, they serve as missionaries associated with the International...

Duration: 00:19:20

DOZ That Inspire You - Mary Alison Momoh

DOZ Show is a weekly radio talk show that seeks to help all women walk in their God-given purpose and fulfil destiny by exposing them to amazing inspirational stories of other women. Listen to this fast-paced, twenty minutes of inspiration for Christian and non-Christian women. DOZ Magazine publisher, Eturuvie Erebor lines up inspirational interviews for each show. You'll gain insight into how to maximise your potentials, discover your call, bounce back from adversity, etc. Whether you're...

Duration: 00:21:01