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DTLC Radio 020 – How to Set Goals You Will Actually Accomplish - DTLC Radio

Goal setting is the final stage of the process for getting from where you are to where God has called you to be. First, He reveals His vision for your life...what your life is meant to be about. Second, He clarifies His purpose for your life...who you are called to be. Third, He gives you the freedom - by way of your gifts, personality, abilities, and interests - to pursue various roles and "things to do" with your life. Within your doing, goals and goal setting become the primary means for...

Duration: 00:48:40

DTLC Radio 019 – A Mission From God - DTLC Radio

Mission - what you're called to do - is born out of who you're called to be. Being before doing, but doing is just as important for living a joy-filled life. After all, we want to hear the Father say, "Well done, good and faithful servant." That means we are supposed to be doing something. How to determine what you should be doing is the topic of this episode of DTLC Radio. Multiple Missions You have multiple missions because you have play several different roles. Just like you don't have...

Duration: 00:57:12

DTLC Radio 018 – Determining Your Purpose - DTLC Radio

Purpose, and understanding yours, is all about identifying who God created you to be. You have been created for a reason, a purpose. You have been created to be a specific someone, one who is unique and unlike anyone else. How does that make you feel? Excited? Fearful? Depressed? Your reaction depends on the degree to which you have been able to answer the question, who are you? Life Calling Knowing your life calling is answering the ontological question - a five dollar word that means the...

Duration: 01:09:43

DTLC Radio 017 – Without A Vision You Will Perish - DTLC Radio

Can you see where you are going? Do you know where you are? If you don't know where you are you have little hope of getting where you want to be. Proverbs 29:18 says, Where there is no vision, the people perish. Vision, often interchanged with purpose and mission, is unique from both. Part of 4-part recipe - vision, purpose, mission, goals - vision is the broadest of all. Crafting a vision is about seeing a picture of something you want to exist in the future. It is a target you intend...

Duration: 01:06:42

DTLC Radio 016 – The Secrets You Keep - DTLC Radio

For many, the greatest fear is having their secrets found out. But what if those secrets are the very things causing you trouble and keeping you from moving forward? In this podcast, we tackle the dilemma of needing to keep our secrets while desiring to be fully known. Secrets We all have them. You have them and I have them. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. The burden (beyond carrying deep, dark secrets) is the dilemma between having others know the real us and...

Duration: 01:16:57

DTLC Radio 015 – Understanding God’s Specific Will for Your Life - DTLC Radio

Understanding God's specific will for your life is not part of a game of Hide-n-Seek the He is playing with you. God wants you to know what His specific will is for your life and He is more than willing to show you. The problem isn't that His specific will is hidden, it's that we're aren't looking at it from the right angle. God's Universal Will is the Key Understanding God's universal will for your life is the key to understanding and discerning His specific will. If we are not living...

Duration: 00:50:45

DTLC Radio 014 – Understanding the Will of God - DTLC Radio

How can I know and understand the will of God for my life? This question may be as old as the history of man but it is not impossible to answer. In fact, the answer may be simpler than you think. Use Your Head Too many people want to know what God's will is for their life but bypass the primary means God has given for us to determine and discern it - our mind. You cannot expect to know what God's will is for your life if you are not willing to think about it. More specifically, to use your...

Duration: 01:22:39

DTLC Radio 013 – Stinkin’ Thinkin’ - DTLC Radio

When was the last time you got yourself in trouble by overthinking? What kinds of things do you tell yourself about who you are and what you're capable of? What do you tell yourself about others? It is possible to think yourself into problems through mistaken beliefs, attitudes, and patterns of thinking. But it does not have to be this way. You have the power and can equip yourself with the tools to change your "stinking thinking." Cognitive Coaching The overall goal of cognitive coaching...

Duration: 01:11:09

DTLC Radio 012 – Is Your Brain Fit? - DTLC Radio

Cognition - or thoughts - are what determine how persons understand the world around them and act (or react) within it. At their root, cognition is based on one's belief system. What you believe about yourself and the world determines your thoughts about it, which in turn determine your actions. With a few exceptions, every human action is part of a set of thinking processes. Your cognitive abilities are the brain-based skills required to complete any task - from the simplest to the most...

Duration: 01:11:04

DTLC Radio 011 – Running on Empty - DTLC Radio

Running on empty - trying to serve from an empty bucket - compassion fatigue. Helping professionals are often stressed out by doing too much with too little. It is the nature of a server to serve. The problem comes when you have given all you have to give and people still need more. The Helping Professions The helping professions include service areas such as pastor, missionary, counselor, therapist, mentor, advocate, hospice care, nurse, doctor, coaching, as well as those caring for...

Duration: 01:08:49

DTLC Radio 010 – Stress Coaching - DTLC Radio

Stressed out! Burnt out! Overwhelmed! Exhausted! Does that describe you or someone you know? If so, you’re in luck, because this episode is about stress management and how coaching can help. Everyone Is Stressed! Everyone is stressed. We all experience stress of different degrees and for different reasons. No one is immune to the effects of stress. However, we are likely experiencing greater levels of stress than at any time in human history. Why? Because we no longer make the time to...

Duration: 01:04:21

DTLC Radio 009 – Get Your Body Right - DTLC Radio

Fitness It has been said that without your health, you have nothing, and it's true. Few things in your life are as important as your physical health. The fact is, you cannot and will not reach your full and true potential unless you are physically fit. Apart from your perspective, nothing has as great an impact on your confidence as being in shape. Your personal fitness affects your mood, emotions, thinking, perspective, beliefs, relationships, energy, commitment...nearly every aspect of...

Duration: 01:01:37

DTLC Radio 008 – Handling Job Stress - DTLC Radio

Job Stress at Home To one degree or another, we all have to deal with job related stress. Even those who serve in their areas of passion and vocation have to deal with job stress. One of the biggest challenges is keeping it from interfering with our home life. We live in a world of paradox. One one hand we have technology at our fingertips promising an easier life. On the other hand we have information overload, we are lonelier than ever, and most are stressed beyond their ability to cope....

Duration: 00:48:30

DTLC Radio 007 – How to Find Your Passion - DTLC Radio

Passion Passion and vocation (i.e. what you are meant to do with your life) often go hand-in-hand. They are frequently viewed as synonymous - two peas in a pod - though that is not necessarily true. The pressure to know your passion, to pursue it, and to "live your dream life" begins during your teens and often continues through the rest of your life. Some people know what they are passionate about and quickly find a way to live it out. Others, the majority, need to understand that...

Duration: 00:57:13

DTLC Radio 006 – Vocation: What Is Your Calling? - DTLC Radio

Job, Career, or Vocation? Which one of those sounds like what you have? Which one sounds like the one you want to have? There is a difference you know. A job is not a career is not a vocation...these words are not synonymous, contrary to popular opinion. Part of what differentiates one from the other is your attitude and perspective toward work in general. Do You Like To Work? If you were to ask most people, "work" is a dirty 4-letter word that many are trying to get out of. Statistics...

Duration: 00:58:29

DTLC Radio 005 – Spiritual Development - DTLC Radio

Spiritual Development Coaching Doing an online search for Spiritual Development Coaching will reveal the literal hundreds and thousands of hits for those offering spiritual direction and guidance. Unfortunately, much, if not most, of it is of little to no eternal value, as it is rooted in humanistic mysticism that focuses on supernatural spiritualism that has no foundation in truth or reality. Sadly, many people in the church, where maturity in faith and growing in personal holiness is...

Duration: 01:06:01

DTLC Radio 004 – Anxiety: It’s root and how to kill it! - DTLC Radio

Anxiety, fear, stress, worry, good old fashioned frettin'...whatever you want to call it, it gets in the way and hinders your progress and growth. Chances are good, if you want to be a leader or get promoted at work, this will keep it from happening. If you want to move forward, anxiety and fear of the future will impede your progress and leave you frustrated and angry. Possible Epidemic According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety is the most common mental affliction in...

Duration: 00:58:34

DTLC Radio 003 – The Mother of Procrastination - DTLC Radio

Perfectionism and Procrastination Procrastination - the deadly and dirty 15-letter word. Why do we put things off we know we need to get done? What if you're issue isn't really with not starting or completing things, it's more of an issue of having to do them perfectly? This is what happens when your perfectionism results in procrastination. It’s been said that perfectionism is the mother of procrastination. Perfectionism is a self-imposed disposition that anything you do has to be done...

Duration: 01:16:23

Success Story – DTLC Radio 002 - DTLC Radio

This week we're talking to one of my clients, Andrew, in order to get his perspective of coaching and hear him share how he has begun the process of transforming his life. Andrew is just 21 years old and started coaching before reaching that milestone birthday. His goal was simple, to start moving toward where he knew both he and God desire him to be. Andrew is a Junior in college majoring in Social Studies Education with an emphasis in government, economics, and historical perspectives....

Duration: 01:07:32

Back to the Beginning – DTLC-Radio-001 - DTLC Radio

In this kick-off edition of DTLC Radio, I go back to my roots in wanting to be Dr. Johnny Fever, disc jockey for ficticious radio station WKRP in Cincinnati as a 10-year-old kid. From pretending to broadcast from my bedroom as a kid to attending college for radio and television production to landing behind the mic of my own podcast, I have, in a sense, come full circle. This episode simply presents me, Dr. David Turpen, as one who has lived a little life, made mistakes, and learned some...

Duration: 01:01:22