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D.U.H Ep 31: Monkeys running the circus

This IS our circus, these ARE our monkeys. Welcome to D.U.H 2018 where everything changed and stayed the same! We talk about YouTuber Logan Paul as request and announce our D.U.H 2017 Jingle Contest Winner PAULETTE SEXTON!!! If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, please call: 1-800-273-8255 Available 24 hours everyday #iTunes #Podbean #DUHPodcasts #ListenIndie #DUH...

Duration: 00:53:49

D.U.H Ep 30: Christmas and Merry

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and many more holiday wishes this 2017! Rachel talks about a panic attack and Kris shares the holiday family love! To help spread the cheer, we threw in a Christmas Piano Ballad at the end from Walk off the Earth’s Beard guy. #iTunes #Podbean #WalkOffTheEarthBeardGuy #Christmas2017 #HolidayWishes #Podcasts #DUHPodcasts #DUH #Hanukkah #KrisMeyer #RachelReese #PanicAttack...

Duration: 00:30:59

D.U.H Ep 29: Snowpocalypse 2017

We finally saw some winter down here in the south and in true D.U.H Form.. we make fun of it. A very special thanks to Alon’s Bakery for feeding Rachel during her ordeal with Atlanta, snow and traffic. No snowflakes were harmed in the making of this Podcast. #iTunes #Podbean #DUHPodcasts #ListenIndie #DUH #Podcasts #GiggleSnort #KrisMeyer #RachelReese #AlonsBakery #Snowmageddon2017

Duration: 00:30:35

D.U.H Ep 28: Post giving of thanks

After crawling out from under all the tissues and empty juice bottles, we sorta edited an episode. I say sorta because my ears are still stopped up and this may actually sound horrible. Listen at your own discretion. What happens when Kris gets on a tangent? Well, listen and find out… two words.. Rachel - pees. ENJOY! #iTunes #Podbean #DUHPodcasts #DUHHumpday #ListenIndie #DUH #Podcasts #GiggleSnort #KrisMeyer #RachelReese #GammaRadio #KillaforniaDreaming...

Duration: 00:58:14

D.U.H Ep 27: Giving Thanks

HAPPY THANKSGIVING D.U.H PEEPS!!! We hope you gobble till you wobble and have some stellar kind times with those you love. Here is a long podcast for your travelling pleasures… or if you want to go off and hide away from Drunk Aunt Jane after the dessert.. either way we got your back! Shout out to Rusty Jackson’s Podcast! #iTunes #Podbean #DUHPodcasts #MinisodeMonday #ListenIndie #DUH #HappyThanksgiving

Duration: 01:08:25

D.U.H Minisode Mashup Two

WHAT? Another minisode? Nooooo this is THE Minisode Mashup… Why? Because we love you. Yes… so, enjoy this little tale from our very own Kris Meyer… It’s fun. #iTunes #Podbean #DUHPodcasts #MinisodeMashup #ListenIndie

Duration: 00:09:32

D.U.H Monday Minisode- ish

A longish minisode where Kris and Rachel talk about Destiny 2 and Thor… that’s it.. Check us out on our website at and don’t forget we are still running the Jingle Contest!! #iTunes #Podbean #DUHPodcasts #MinisodeMonday #ListenIndie

Duration: 00:27:28

D.U.H Ep 25: Life the sitcom

We are joined by fellow podcaster Colin Goddard who heads up the Ihale Intellect podcast. He talks casually with us about the stigmas surrounding pot and also mental illness. It is a fun ride so grab your juice boxes and munchies, sit back and take a deeeeep breath… #DUHPodcast #podcast #podcasts

Duration: 01:05:09

D.U.H Minisode Mashup One

Helloooo and welcome to a Department of Understanding Humans Minisode mashup! I recorded the audio from my phone and mashed it together with a song from one of my greatest friends in the world, Joel Price. {He told me to tell you the song is a “ruff scratch demo”} This song makes me so happy and we here at D.U.H want to help make other people happy.. so listen and enjoy and get happy darnit! #DUHPodcast #podcast [...]

Duration: 00:07:30

D.U.H Ep 24 Pt 2: But wait, there’s more!

Part 2 of 2 of our interview with Nick Britton, he shares some really amazing news with us! #DUHPodcast #podcast #podcasts #itunes

Duration: 00:42:42

D.U.H Ep 24 Pt 1: Hey kids!

Part one of a two part episode, we talk with Nick Britton about his newest book and what it means to really be a teacher. #DUHPodcast #podcast #podcasts #itunes

Duration: 00:34:02

D.U.H Ep 23 Pt2: Yes! Doctor!

Part Two of a two part interview, why? Because, reasons. Jeremy Goldberg joins us once again to update us on how things are in the land of Long Distance Love Bombs. He covers his new coaching service and engages in awesome conversations about the life we all live in. Be sure to rate and review us on iTunes and stop by our Facebook page if you want to say hi! #DUHPodcast #podcast #podcasts[...]

Duration: 00:36:53

D.U.H Ep 23 Pt 1: Yes Doctor?

Part one of a two part interview, why? Because, reasons. Jeremy Goldberg joins us once again to update us on how things are in the land of Long Distance Love Bombs. He covers his new coaching service and engages in awesome conversations about the life we all live in. Be sure to rate and review us on iTunes and stop by our Facebook page if you want to say hi! #DUHPodcast #podcast #podcasts

Duration: 00:48:49

D.U.H Ep 22: Hello Lortab, what did I just say?

Rachel is fighting a neck injury and takes to the mic with Lortab on her side, Kris let’s it happen and fun ensues! In this episode we tackle the most important topic of all time, what is Justin Beiber thinking? No really! Hello Mel Brooks and politically incorrect wondermont, goodbye planet X and where did that rogue F bomb get to? No really, I can’t find it… if you find it and tell me the time stamp, I will send you some D.U.H Swag! Really! OH And Happy B-lated Birthday to Mister Grumpy...

Duration: 01:45:29

D.U.H Ep 21: Finally Legal

Our podcast is now legal drinking age, so crack open a cold one and settle in for almost 2 whole hours of D.U.H Soapboxing! In this episode we talk about Suicide Awareness and Prevention, Dumb Celebraties and ask just how crazy is North Korea? To top it off we go gaga over Heartfelt Heroes, again! A few links relating to our podcast: Theme music is provided by a great band of kids at a non profit: Check out the lates Heartfelt Heroes news:...

Duration: 01:45:41

D.U.H Ep 20

In this episode we talk about what Harvey did and what Irma may do (last week obviously), we also talk about how proud The Hound is of his little murder baby and the new Tick reboot! Enjoy! Transcripts for all episodes coming soon and keep an eye out for some format changes. Follow us on Podean, Facebook and all places fun for getting podcasts. Patron Content coming soon!

Duration: 01:29:16

D.U.H July 17 2017 Ep 18

Recorded July 17 2017 Episode 18! Our podcast is old enough to buy cigarettes, though it does not smoke.. bullet dodged there. This took a while to get post because, well, the production crew was demanding more donuts. Sorry all that you had to suffer because of their pastry pettiness! The opening music was done by BenSound and as usual, we run on tangents and lost thoughts. ENJOY!

Duration: 01:22:11

D.U.H July 8 2017 Ep 17

Recorded July 8 2017 This make 17 episodes! Soon our Podcast will be old enoug to Drink! In this episode we talk about upcoming Destiny 2 and a bunch of other fun game stuff as well as movies and something about the earth being flat. WTH? Yea, we talk about that stuff. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:35:27

D.U.H June 3 2017 Ep 15

Recorded June 3, 2017: Partially safe for children and only mildly offensive to people who are easily offended. It was a spectacular Saturday of stylish technical traumas… okay trauma is a bit much.. Supergirl702 from Heartfelt Heroes is in DUH house, contest winner was announced and new contest is put on the table….

Duration: 01:54:23

D.U.H May 28 2017 Ep 14

Recorded May 28, 2017: So yeah, Rachel’s mic is ultra hot since the new PC arrived! Levels will be adjusted, small animals will not be harmed in the process… Stay tuned for the PHRASE THAT PAYS and win a coffee mug!!!

Duration: 01:40:49

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