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Ep 282 – Christmas Traditions 🎄

Josh & Jon have a long list of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day traditions that they participate in. Some, like oysters on Christmas Eve, are a mystery in their origin while others, like “hide the pickle” are well known. Visit and Follow the Dad Bros Show on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter Patreon Special thanks to: @LadyMpire, Lyle E & Beer... The post Ep 282 – Christmas Traditions 🎄 appeared first on Dad Bros.

Duration: 00:31:04

Ep 281 – Stuff Inside of Stuff

The Dad Bros talk more about the incredible rise of BitCoin and how dramatic the changes in price seem to come. Jon remembers a hologram scam that pops up in different forms every now and then. The boys discuss Christmas Dinner plans which includes a turducken and stuffing foods inside of foods. Jon spreads some... The post Ep 281 – Stuff Inside of Stuff appeared first on Dad Bros.

Duration: 01:53:33

Ep 280 – DNA

The Dad Bros take a look at the surge in popularity of at-home DNA testing kits, how valuable your genetic information really is, data collection and why it might not be a great idea to get your genes tested in the first place. Visit and Follow the Dad Bros Show on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter Patreon Special... The post Ep 280 – DNA appeared first on Dad Bros.

Duration: 01:10:32

Ep 279 – Shoulda bought BitCoin when…

Only a week in and Josh has had enough with holiday parties. The Dad Bros talk a little sous vide cooking. Jon attends a tree lighting ceremony by Beer Man Mark’s brewery. Josh gets his black belt. The boys talk about how Target is targeting men. After the break, Josh and Jon get into the...

Duration: 01:48:31

Ep 278 – The Weinstein Effect

Since the Harvey Weinstein snowball started rolling down the hill, it’s been stunning to watch just how many people have been caught up in it. From Louis CK to Al Franken, and now Matt Lauer & Garrison Keillor, every morning seems to greet with a new story about some powerful man being a creep. The...

Duration: 00:52:12

Ep 277 – Black Cyber

Black Friday & Cyber Monday have bled together into a weeks long event that drains the Dad Bros’ wallets and make it difficult for anyone get them gifts. Josh and Jon give kudos to Jeff Bezos and question the genius of Elon Musk. Before the break, Josh passes along the magical words “I understand, I’m...

Duration: 02:05:08

Ep 276 – No, Thank You

Just a very short show to say “Thank You” to the awesome listeners of the show. Visit and Follow the Dad Bros Show on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter Patreon Special thanks to: @LadyMpire, Lyle E & Beer Man Mark

Duration: 00:07:20

Ep 275 -Road Work

Jon takes the portable studio to Josh’s house and is caught by surprise when a traffic circle pops up out of nowhere. Josh has a miscommunication issues with a Home Depot employee. If you aren’t up for cooking for the holiday, Jon has a list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving. The Dad Bros also talk...

Duration: 02:01:43

Ep 274 – Thanksgiving Prep

Thanksgiving is a week away and much of the stress of the holiday (or any holiday) is a lack of preparation. The Dad Bros want to help out by sharing some Thanksgiving tips that could make the gathering much more enjoyable and a lot less aggravating. Visit and Follow the Dad Bros Show on Instagram, Facebook...

Duration: 00:28:51

Ep 273 – Beatboxing

Josh listens to more pop music than he’s used to and notices something off putting about Carrie Underwood’s song “Before He Cheats”. Josh’s son gets into an argument with his teacher over the fable of The Lion and The Mouse. Samuel Adams releases it’s barley wine, Utopia that sells for $200 a bottle. The Dad...

Duration: 01:57:54

Ep 272 – The iPhone X Experience

Thanks to his wife, Josh is able to get his hands on an iPhone X on launch day and gives his thoughts on the first few days of using it. Jon gets a feel for the new phone as XMetrix taunts the boys for being Apple Sheep in the chat room. Visit and Follow the Dad...

Duration: 01:02:45

Ep 271 – Unhappy Meals

The Dad Bros find a new park to take the kids to. Josh want’s to know what happened to McDonald’s customer service when Happy Meal orders don’t go right, and Jon has his own gripes about the direction of YouTube. The Dad Bros find a new Snickers flavored beer to add the the list of...

Duration: 01:47:30

Ep 270 – Back in My Day

An article out of Australia addresses concerns grandparents have over how their grandchildren are being raised. Josh and Jon talk through the piece while offering ideas on why there may be such a difference in how kids are raised today. Visit and Follow the Dad Bros Show on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter Patreon Special thanks to: @LadyMpire, Lyle E...

Duration: 00:32:03

Ep 269 – Razor Apples

The Dad Bros aren’t looking forward to the glut of Halloween candy around the house. Jon recaps Dr George’s now infamous Halloween Party and J0sh scrambles to put together a costume for his son when Amazon drops the ball. After the break, Josh and Jon talk about a man that gets stuck in a beer...

Duration: 01:59:26

Ep 268 – Halloween Prep

Beer Man Mark is in the Dad Bros Studio again to talk beer again. Mark and Jon then share some of their Halloween ideas while getting ready for Dr. George’s big Halloween bash, including a rather “slick” idea by Mark and Jon’s Game of Thrones inspired outfit. Drink of the Show: Trip in the Woods...

Duration: 00:58:25

Ep 267 – Beer Man Mark Returns

Beer Man Mark once again joins the Dad Bros Show and gives an update on Tar Banks Brewing Co. and to share some beers with the boys. Speaking of beer, a life hacker says you should say “no” to frosty mugs. Jon’s wife has an issue with a peanut butter life hack that could have...

Duration: 01:44:51

Ep 266 – Jon’s Disney Tips

Fresh off his recent trip to Disney World, Jon passes along some of his tips for having more a more fun and magical time on your next vacation. Josh participates a little too… Visit and Follow the Dad Bros Show on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter Patreon Special thanks to: @LadyMpire, Lyle E & Beer Man Mark

Duration: 00:51:11

Ep 265 – Where’s Your Brother?

Josh nearly has a heart attack as his youngest kid wanders off in a Walmart. The Dad Bros discuss the State Fair and the kinds of food, rides and people you can see when attending the fair including an Oreo beer at the Texas State Fair. Josh and Jon talk about how Facebook parenting groups,...

Duration: 02:02:09

Ep 264 – Disney Vacation: RV

This time it’s Jon’s turn to talk about his Disney vacation, going to Disney World. Jon packs the family up and heads for Fort Wilderness, but along the way, the family almost loses their bicycles along the interstate. After settling in, Jon takes a trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios where he is bombarded by Star...

Duration: 01:31:03

Ep 263 – Disney Vacation: Cruise

The Dad Bros recently went on separate Disney vacations. In this episode, Josh recaps the recent Disney Cruise vacation he took with the family starting with the layout of the ship, Disney Fantasy. Then Josh goes over his impressions of the food, entertainment and how the kids responded to everything, including the child care service...

Duration: 02:04:29

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