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Fuzzy Memories & Matt

This week on DvD: Matt & Eleni are in studio getting ready for some football, it's the eve of Amy's birthday and the top costumes for Halloween '17. Also, what your favorite colors say about you and some of the family's earliest memories confuse Katie. It's Daddy vs. Daughters y'all!

Duration: 01:01:15

Bobs and Bauners, YAAS!!!

On today's show; the tragedy in Las Vegas hits close to home, the troubles of puppy sitting and listener comments. Also, a disturbing, yet funny, You Hate to Hear It, and secrets come out during a game of Who Am I?

Duration: 01:11:21

Bramy II

Bradley fills in for Katie this week and confesses his preference for his wedding attire. Also on the show, Bramy's take on the Kardashian baby boom, listener comments and thought provoking questions. All that plus another round of the 5 Second Rule and more.

Duration: 00:58:08

The Great Barbie Debate

This week we catch up on what's new with the girls' lives. Katie's having fun, Amy, not so much. Also, the newest Thompson family member is revealed, clowns frown on the movie It, and the girls argue over their Barbie dolls, 20 years later.

Duration: 01:10:01

The Betrothal of Bramy💍

Bradley and Amy are making it official! Listen to how the proposal went down this past week. Also on today's show, Katie goes to the It red carpet in Hollywood, the 20 oddest jobs and the 11 things to buy at Costco. All that plus some more Brain Teasers on this week's DvD. Congrats Bramy!!! 🍾 🎎

Duration: 01:06:04

Pop Tarts & Andy Griffith

On today's show; Amy was on America's Got Talent, Pop Tart & Andy Griffith Fun Facts (not related) and secret menu items at Disneyland. Also, an update on the weirdness that is Richard Simmons and an update from listener Jorge (about 3 months late).

Duration: 01:03:29

Skeets & Shaboots

Today on DvD: The 2017 eclipse, butter on a Pop Tart and the truth about massages. Also, Katie visits the It Haunted House and Amy goes to the Museum of Ice Cream. Then later, the Hallmark Channel's summer ratings surge and Lynda is responsible, and a moment of silence for Amy's butthole.

Duration: 00:59:17

40 Years Without a King 🎸

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Elvis' death and we honor his contribution to music. Also, another story from Mark's old radio days, the secret to living to 100, Amy's Pop Tart addiction, and what makes men smell sexier? All that plus your listener comments and a quick game of Fact or Crap.

Duration: 01:01:28

Loose A-Hole

On today's Daddy vs. Daughters, Katie is fresh from the Forum where she saw Lady Gaga, plus the girls review the new Fantasmic show at Disneyland and we delve into the Chris Pratt/Anna Faris breakup. Then later we discover some of the strangest things the family keeps in their cars and we close out with a game of 5 Seconds. Til next week people!

Duration: 01:02:04

The Creative Process

Eleni and Bradley join the show today and we get to hear Bradley's POV on his Japan trip with Amy. Then later we get into the songs of this summer and Eleni and Amy share their creative processes. Also, listener Trent reaches out needing advice on his girlfriend troubles. Finally, more Brain Teasers on this special Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

Duration: 01:01:02

All My Favorite Barbies Are Whores

Okaerinasai Amy! Amy is back from Tokyo, hear about her trip now! Katie is back from root canal, hear about her experience now! Then later, Eleni joins us as we run through the songs you shouldn't play at your wedding, plus, vacation spots you won't return to, and listener comments. We'll see you next on August 2nd.

Duration: 01:03:16

Here’s Eleni

Daughter-in-Law Eleni sits in for the Tokyo bound Amy and answers the island questions. Also, the family's 4th, Katie's visit to Mayberry, the secrets to longevity, and grooms wearing makeup??

Duration: 01:03:46

Amy’s Mic 🎙

The upcoming 4th of July vacation is making the girls all giddy for pool, BBQ and fireworks. Then later, what's new to eat in Oregon, ever feel a Ghost Buzz?, and it's not your fault that you are fat. Also, a new survey reveals that no one gives a shit about your vacation, Mariah Carey divas out again and more Brain Teazers. Happy 4th of July America!

Duration: 01:02:52

“Tank Top”💪

On this epsiode: The latest on Red the Radio Hound and the baby robins and Amy fails to take care of dad's car. Then later, the girls take on alien existence, and a special birthday call to family friend Kevin McHale of Glee. Also, we keep up with the Kardashians, discuss the Katy Perry/Taylor Swift feud and are first-borns better? Plus, Katie taste tests the new cinnamon flavored Pepsi Fire and more Brain Teazers.

Duration: 01:01:15

Wet Balls💦

On today's DvD, Mark and Lynda are back from the Big Apple, some great toilet stories, and Katie's review of Wonder Woman. And later, listener comments, Mark's hatred for coupon users, and some dog-gone stories about your furry friends. All that plus Fact or Crap and more pressure washing.

Duration: 01:04:39

Daddy vs. Daughters


Duration: 01:01:56

“…My Brain Works Amy, He Confirmed It.”

Tragedy in Manchester personally affects Amy. Mark discovers 2 Chainz and listener comments with Skeeter. Then later, we discuss back seat drivers, delve into some Andy Griffith "Fun?" Facts and Katy Perry comes clean on her beef with Taylor Swift. Then finally, Katie's favorite, more Brain Teasers.

Duration: 01:09:17

Red Steals a Pear

30 years ago Mark was excited about his big move to LA, now pressure washing revs his engine. Also on today's show, listener Ted reaches out to the family seeking advice on his son's relationship with his live-in gf. Also, a new study finds that sisters are attracted to their brothers, listener comments, and what the hell happened to Bradley's leg? Then later, the new trends in swimsuits and the family plays Where Am I? It's DvD.

Duration: 01:01:36

Q & Amy and more Brain Teasers

On today's DvD, Katie discovers the joy of being an adult playing with Legos, and guess who stopped by Mark's favorite cigar shop? Then later, listener comments and an all new "Q & Amy." Also, what did everyone think of the new Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, plus the latest on Richard Simmons. All that and more Brain Teasers to exercise that giant waste of space between your ears.

Duration: 01:07:52

Steaks And Boogers

Mark is still on a Backstreet Boy high. Spring is in full bloom and so is Amy's garden. Comments with Skeeter make us relive the great Vegas Steak incident, and more Brain Teazers to mess with Katie's head. All that plus boogers are healthy to eat on today's Daddy vs. Daughters.

Duration: 01:04:48

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