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Dire Straits

This week on Damaged Goods... Comedian/Entertainer(and Birthday Boy) Matt Ungermah makes his margarita fueled return to the show,where the Boys have a few gifts waiting for him. Some of his old friends drop in to send warm wishes for his special day. O.J. is back in the news and we don't give a shit, The life of a Beta Man, Motorcyclist gets what he deserves for driving like an asshole, a Leprechaun sighting just in time for St. Patrick's Day and way too much to remember. Just check it...


Goodbye To Hairy Manback

This week on Damaged Goods... The Boys have a lot to say and still manage to say nothing at all. THC walks the line that divides Good vs Evil within the Force, Reverend Sith is busy passing the collection plate and Fireball still hates your guts. An idea is hatched for THC's birthday celebration, The guys at Let's Start A Cult Podcast (@BigLilWeasel) gave us some questions they needed answering...as only we can , Why you should never let a Garbage Pail Kid babysit and so much...


This Is It

This week on Damaged Goods...Not rain, hail,sleet,or snow will keep the Boys from delivering the carnage to your ears. While a powerful storm hits the East Coast an even more powerful one has hit the studio. The March Madness Bracket for Hottest Teacher To Bang Her Student winner has already been declared(it's only the 2nd of March), The benefits for you and your dog of proper foot care, Extreme Love that spotlights Christian Swingers and Reverse Cougarism. Plus Sith is inspiring yet...


Worst Of Damaged Goods Volume 1

Due to the pending lawsuits Damaged Goods was unable to record a new episode to close out February in style, however The Boys still wanted to give you animals a gift... Enjoy the Worst Of Damaged Goods in this first installment of clips , bits and shame. Subscribe to the show on iTunes,iHeart Radio, Podcast Addict, Google Play Music, Spotify, Laughable, Stitcher, and just about every other platform. Leave us a review and win a prize... Like and follow the show on our social media...


The Issue At Hand

This week on Damaged Goods... The Boys were expecting a "serious" interview to kick off National Eating Disorder Week but were stood up by their guest for the Black Panther movie, luckily comedian Sara Geimer (facebook.com/sarageimercomedy) pops in to save the show. THC is done with mental illness already, Sith wants to dig deeper into the Parkland school shooting, and Fireball... he just wants you to leave him alone. All this plus a courtship of dummies, whipphits in the graveyard and...


Let's Get It On

In this week's episode the Boys are back to their hated Sunday time slot and are in no mood for your shit, good thing there is a Marvin Gaye story making the rounds this week to raise their spirits and Marlon Brando's libido. Phil Murphy is dragging his feet on the LEGAL WEED bill, while it appears that Charles really was in Charge... of the abuse as new allegations surface. Sith gives you a few movie reviews, as THC peels back yet another layer of the inner workings of his personality....


Fire It Up

This week on Damaged Goods... The boys rehash memories of an interview that never happened and Sith is taking people to task, THC tries to rebound from his lack of quality content you people are used to, and Fireball... well he's been busy in the lab producing bits that make fucking a robot almost... acceptable. Charles is in Charge of wrecking lives, Fatty's should not try and mount beds that have wheels, Patrick Swayze has been dug up and dragged into the sex scandal, and let's not...


The Birth Of Jesus

This week on Damaged Goods... The Boys celebrate the birth of our true savior... Fireball Jesus. Comedian Chris Kiley is back with a vengeance(well sort of) to bring you the hard hitting news stories that matter. THC revisits his appearance on Sarge Approved's 100th Episode where he absolutely destroys, The NFL playoffs enter the Championship round, Family bonding gone wrong in California, and Sith's obsessed with sex robots and much more.


Attack of the Klone

This week on Damaged Goods, musician "Klone" joins the show to premiere his music (before we actually recorded the show) because you aren't ready to hear it yet. Meanwhile the name of the spin off show has been announced as Shade from "Daddy Issuez" drops in to plug the show in true Damaged Goods fashion. The Boys debate whether Oprah is fuckable, Trump is ruffling feathers with his Shithole comments, James Franco is the big fish that got away, The Vikings will lose in the playoffs and so...


The Other Side Of... These Balls

This week the Boys have some special guests in studio as movie producer Tyrell Jason and Actor/Entrepreneur Mike "Murph" Kolbasowski join the fray. Ty discusses his latest film " The Other Side of Love" his fascination with the homeless and various other projects , while Murph talks acting and his line of golf balls (mkggolf.com). Listen in as THC makes his plea to be featured in a movie and Sith pitches his million dollar movie idea. Jeff Sessions is a fucking douche and much more.


New Year...Same Ol' Shit

As 2017 comes to an end The Boys revisit their Top 5 Moments of the year. Join us as we discuss everything shitty that made us laugh in 2017.


The 700 LB Elephant In The Room

This week THC finally unveils his first production piece as he pays homage to Sith. Star Wars finally drops Episode 8 and we have the official review. The boys are treated to more insight into Sith's web habits, a 700 lb model wants to be the fattest woman ever, an update on the Hollywood sex scandal as we have no winner in our pool yet and much more


Sith's Birthday Extravaganza

In this very special Damaged Goods, the Boys are joined by comedian Matt Ungermah to celebrate the birth of everyone's favorite degenerate. However it the party doesn't last long when the video of the MURDER of Daniel Shaver is reviewed and sets the room on fire like Sothern Cali... luckily the show takes a turn for the better when the Boys finally complete their Hollywood draft , tips for properly tenderizing your chicken and the sweet story of a girl and her horse and so much more. Strap...


Tis The Season

This week on Damaged Goods, the Boys are in the holiday spirit and are giving you the gift of hate... Matt Lauer loses his gig as the casualties continue to mount in this war against Hollywood. A new bit is born when the Boys look to create the mother of all brackets for sexual harassment claims. Sith shares more of his award winning parental advice, Samuel L Jackson loves the word Muthafucka, Electrocuted Africans, a spinoff show is in the works and so much more.


Worlds Collide

It's been a long time in the making but it is finally here, Damaged Goods and The Sarge Approved Podcast join together for a supershow that is guaranteed to change your life... or at least make you change your drawers. Don't miss this as the Boys are welcomed by Sarge and Frenzey as their guests for the evening. Follow the Sarge Approved Podcast on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @sargeapproved or on the web at sargeapproved.com


An Evening With Lil'Flip

On a very special Damaged Goods the Boys interview Hip Hop Mogul, Houston's Own Lil' Flip about his new E.P. entitled "K" featuring his latest single " Baller". Flip discusses his record label, various business ventures as well as his charity work he performs for his city. You can find Lil' Flip wherever you download or stream music or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @lilflip713. http://www.CloverG.com http://www.KingLife.rich


Eyes On The Prize

This week on Damaged Goods... The Boys hate the cold weather and pretty much everything else. An old friend comes out of the closet on his radio show(finally) just in time for more A-Listers to be swept up in the Hollywood pedophilia ring. New Jersey has a new Governor and we will be getting LEGAL WEED!!.Plus sports, traffic and weather (Yeah Right) and a new show coming to the Damaged Goods Network in 2018


Deep State

This week the boys seek redemption when Jesus comes back to Damaged Goods to remind us that we are all sinners. Harvey Weinstein's naughty behavior has opened the floodgates and exposed(pun intended) Hollywood's love for kids. There is death in the air surrounding the Vegas Massacre cover up, JFK documents reveal government involvement, THC is ready to discuss being ripped off by another comic, Dr Sith shares his secrets on feline discipline and so much more


Death In The Family

This week the Boys are joined by comedian Matt Ungermah and author Gene Corrado for a night of laughs and shameless promotion. A friend of the show has now turned foe and is called out for stealing material, Top news stories of the week, and of course knock out videos we all can laugh to.


Blue Dream

In this very special Sunday edition of Damaged Goods, The Boys reflect on what could have been when a show that was recorded on Friday night(with none other than Fireball Jesus)was all just one Blue Dream. With that audio rendered unusable The Sithlord and THC are in for some overtime and full of venom. Playboy has it's first Transgender centerfold, Never trust a blindfolded taste test game ( in both of these cases!!) The President is opening Pandora's Box , and Alien Currency, Plus NFL...


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