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Warrington, United Kingdom


I've always been a great fan of music - and going out on the club scene during the 90s was a great way to get exposure to all the great music around. I'd spend most of my hard earned cash on buying CDs, and have a huge catalogue of 1000s of CDs from back then. Luckily now I can just go online and purchase a digital track (thank god, as I was running out of space to store any more CDs). When I mix, I usually just go for music with wide appeal and try to make my transitions as seamless as possible. Nothing fancy - just good fun music that you can listen to over and over again. I basically got in to this, as I wanted to make my own CDs. My friends started asking for them as well and I'd been getting some great feedback from them too (but isn't that what friends are for ;) That inspired me to start putting my mixes online and things really took off from there. Both DJ Mitsilee and Andy H found some of these mixes and asked me to come on board, so here I am! Anyway, I'm hoping that when you're listening to my mixes that you get the same kind of enjoyment out of them, as I do putting them together. Keep tuning back, cos I like to mix it up a bit and hopefully you'll hear something a little different each week ...



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