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Weekly Tarot Reading March 12 - 18 2017

The Full Moon in Virgo March 12 of 2017 is conjunct Chrion and square Saturn. So while you have a chance to reap the rewards of your attention to detail and selfless efforts, you may be feeling tired, burned out, or a little depressed. Hang in there, this will pass.

Duration: 00:21:02

Whats The ONE Question A Reader Should Never Ask

What's the ONE question you should NEVER ask during a reading? Listen to the episode and find out!

Duration: 00:19:30

Weekly Tarot Reading March 6 - 12 2017

Venus in Aries is a bit feisty as she turns retrograde on March 4. This is symbolized by our jumper card, the 5 of wands. Venus in Aries is feisty in general, but as she turns retrograde, she will be examining fairness and worth in relationships, friendships, and collaborations. If a relationship of any kind is out of balance, expect to be notified or to be the one giving notice!

Duration: 00:07:36

Weekly Tarot Reading February 26 - March 4 2017

This is a week of big endings and small beginnings. While the new you is in the midst of a coming out party, don't be surprised of old ghosts come to haunt you...

Duration: 00:11:31

What Is Intuition - Card Throwers Classroom

What is intuition? Can you develop intuition? How do I access my intuition?

Duration: 00:12:55

Weeky Tarot Reading February 18 - 26 2017

This week ends with a solar eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces! Get ready to let go of old patterns, even those from past lives and move into the new you. Mercury is busy this week and might bring you some missing information that will allow you to structure and add details to your plans. With Mars conjunct Uranus and square Pluto you might want to kick some ass and get going on something, just be willing to accept the consequences. This is a repetition of the energy we’ve been dealing with since...

Duration: 00:11:20

Weekly Tarot Reading Jan 22-28,2017

This week the sun begins to peek out from behind the clouds. Inspiration returns. You may be a bit confused about which path to take. Take the one that’s the easiest! That’s right, with Mars in the last degrees of Pisces and the Hermit card in the reading, it’s not time for “massive action” or “just do it”. The new moon in Aquarius on Friday the 27th is quietly interrupted by Venus square Saturn. Is this the Women’s March on Washington that had such a good turn out? Or will there be push...

Duration: 00:09:36

Fortune Cookie Week of Jan 15,2017

Here it is, your weekly fortune cookie for the week of Jan 15-21, 2017. Last week wasn’t exactly smooth sailing and this week won’t be either. We’ve got Mars square Saturn which is keeping the pressure on, enough so that you may be feeling quite overburdened. Your best approach is to take short breaks and take time to smell the roses. Also make sure that your relationships are in balance, if someone is asking too much of you, you might need to tell them so. We are anxious to start new...

Duration: 00:04:10