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DataKnightmare - The Dark Side Of Data

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DK_en 1x05 - Attack of the Algojerks

Do you, like me, have the impression that things are somehow accelerating? As if we were on a car careening downhill with no brakes --and no driver either? Seems to me, the brazenness with which Silicon Valley is churning out its "solutions" (often to nobody's problems) is fast reaching its slobness. Am I overreacting? Facebook wants our nude pics in advance, to better protect us against revenge porn; the industry (industry!) of workplace surveillance is out of control; and Google...

Duration: 00:35:25

DK_en 1x04 - Twilight Of The Gods

The DataKnightmare has issues with the ongoing deification of disruption stars. Will our future really have the intellectually unencumbered face of a Mark Zuckerberg? Are Uber, AirBnB, Google really all that innovation is about? Are these kings of disruption really the gods of our times. No. We are already witnessing their twilight of these gods and of their childish, simplistic worldview. The future is still ours to dream --and build.

Duration: 00:21:41

DK_en 1x03 - The Mother Of All Datagrabs

You thought the DeepMind/Royal Free NHS case was bad? Well, Italy has promised IBM the sum total of its 60 million citizens' health data for Watson health to train on. With no oversight, no guarantees, no financial return, and no defined goals. Welcome to the mother of all datagrabs.

Duration: 00:18:20

DK_en 1x02 - Dumb and Dumber

The Equifax breach, 143 million citizens' worth of credit rating data? Or Facebook having Nazis as a targetable demographics? Or the system an Italian party uses for its internal polls and elections, Rousseau, breachable with a trivial SQL injection? The data industry is a circus where the contest is between the "merely" incompetent and the criminally so. But we're not spectators. We are the prize.

Duration: 00:21:57

DK_en 1x01 - You're Looking Gay, Today

Can AI really guess if you are gay? So far, it's a bullshit claim. Nonetheless, some are making it. They claim to be warning us, but with their bad science and their questionable ethics, they lend credibility to the practices they claim to fear. Welcome to a world where the algorithmic is political

Duration: 00:18:44