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Datenbits Podcast 120 - Ochu Laross (08.02.2018)

Tracklist: 01. Vincent Casanova - Up Only (Original Mix) [Lethal Script Label] 02. Trippu - Don't You Believe (Original Mix) [Momentum League] 03. Swoy - Nature (Original Mix) [House Pacific Records] 04. Darragh Casey - 1001 (Original Mix) [Deep Tech Records] 05. Jamie Lie A Kwie - 712 (Original Mix) [Moral Fiber] 06. Alessio Viggiano, Niccolo Borgi - Orgasmo Cosmico (Original Mix) [Indepth Music Records] 07. Digitaline - Aura (Original Mix) [Bla Bla] 08. Samu.l - Bella Mattina (Original...


Datenbits Podcast 119 - Kolecoise (25.01.2018)

Datenbits Podcast 119 - Kolecoise (25.01.2018) by Datenbits Recordings


Datenbits Podcast 118 - Nicolas Barnes (11.01.2018)

Nicolas Balas (Barnes). DJ and Producer from Riga, Latvia. DJing already 4 years , his way began with a recording deep house mixes and already a year later he began playing on cdj, preferences in music gives to such genres like House, minimal and techno in different its variations. Recently launched his own label with House music. Also in Riga started to make parties under the name of Absolut House where plays a different variations of House and techno.


Datenbits Podcast 117 - Lasha Maruashvili (16.11.2017)

Lasha Maruashvili. Georgian DJ, co-founder and producer of the TV Show Urban Stories, which played big role in developing electronic music scene in Georgia. Collecting music and working in field for years inspired him to start playing. The groovy, infectious rhythms of different genres of electronic music continue to charge music he plays today.


Datenbits Podcast 116 - Giorgi Eradze (6.11.2017)

Datenbits Podcast 116 - Giorgi Eradze (6.11.2017) by Datenbits Recordings


Datenbits Podcast 115 - La Mish (12.10.2017)

La Mish aka Kaspars Lacis is a DJ and music collector from Riga, Baltic States. His favorite music styles are deep, tech, progressive and groovy house music. Inspaired by local scene parties and DJ's at 2007, he start to spin records too. From that time La Mish music taste stays true to House music groovs.


Datenbits Podcast 114 - Les Volga (06.10.2017)

Sergey Efimov aka Les Volga started his career as a DJ in 2002, performing mostly at private Psytrance and Dub events by Mental Traffic Promo during 2002 - 2010, and then turned his passion to Techno. Since 2010 Sergey has been taking part as a DJ in many local events including DEEPLAY - still one of the most famous series of techno parties in Ulyanovsk. Les Volga appeared as a name and began his music production experiments in the end of 2015 and has his game face on it, intended to make...


Datenbits Podcast 113 - Vlad K (24.05.2017)

Vlad K is an interesting figure in the modern Russian DJ scene. Based in Moscow, his all vinyl sets are instinctively well-programmed and devoid of cliche. His record collection features rare examples of techno, acid and Chicago house. He began his career as a DJ and party organiser. He took the time developing his own taste, studying the gurus of techno and house music, giving preference to the old school. In our guest's arsenal, there are a lot of dubplates and rare, limited edition...


Datenbits Podcast 112 - Ekstendia (15.05.2017)

A bit of history. Ekstendia (real name Andrey Afanasiev) originally from the cold Murmansk in Russia. Passion and love for electronic music came in 1998, when Andrey first heard acid techno and acid trance tracks. Since 2000, he acted as only vinyl DJ. Since 2002 he has actively participated in club life. Played on one stage with Burnski (James Burnham), Falko Brocksieper and other equally interesting DJs and producers. In 2012, together with his colleague Mød, created a project Aima, that...


Datenbits Podcast 109 - Hugo EL (01.03.2017)

Hugo EL is the core creator of the top end deep mix project Ideology of Sound – a well-known electronic dance music events brand in Riga, Latvia (est. 2008). Driven by his desire for deep house, tech and techno, Hugo El is a regular at several bars and clubs of Riga. Over the years he has played at countless events all over the country as well as multiple venues in Europe. His curiosity and endless digging for quality music, has recently evolved into production of their first release...


Datenbits Podcast 108 - Charch (21.02.2017)

Listen new Datenbits Podcast 108 - Charch. Producer, dj and promoter from Georgian (Tbilisi). Founder of event series - DILATION. Don't forget our Podcast available on iTunes! Enjoy!


Datenbits Podcast 106 - Denis Den (28.12.2016)

Denis Den is a Latvian DJ who starting his career in small Latvian city Daugavpils then he was 16 years old. He is a DJ with more than 10 years experience in electronic music movement. 2 years Denis has a residency in most expressive and popular Daugavpils underground night club “Banzai”. It was a crucial time then he understand his true direction in music and what he need to do in his life… At this moment Denis live in capital of Latvia Riga when he actually working as a dj at many Disco...


Tomm T // Deep Components 019 (27.12.2017)

Tomm T // Deep Components 019 (27.12.2017) by Datenbits Recordings


Datenbits Podcast 104 - Mario Tamasi (06.12.2016)

Mario Tamasi, Italian DJ/Producer from Zürich (Switzerland), started his career in 2007 as House Music DJ. After a while he changes to Deep and Tech House, inspired by Karol XVII & MB Valence. Now he is playing Music such as Techno, Minimal, Deep Tech with some drive and lots of percussions, in combination with hypnotic and dub sounds. Mario likes to play vinyl as well as digital. He performed in national clubs such as Supermarket or Café Gold, but also in international places like Italy,...


Datenbits Podcast 090 - Marcel (29.12.2015)

Also known as BassAge, Marcel explores the deeper and darker sides of Tech House music with a minimalistic approach, incorporating the simplicity of a thumping bass driven groove behind resonating atmospheres and ambiences. He emphasizes the art of mixing by subtlety blending harmonious tracks with a very careful selection. A young artist and producer still with a lot to learn and a lot to offer to the underground. @bassagemusic


Datenbits Podcast 085 - Jeandarm (27.11.2015)

Datenbits Podcast 085 - Jeandarm (27.11.2015) by Datenbits Recordings


Datenbits Podcast 084 - Kolecoise (08.11.2015)

Datenbits Podcast 084 - Kolecoise (08.11.2015) by Datenbits Recordings


Datenbits Podcast 083 - Everdom (29.10.2015)

Everdom is a electronic music project by Thiago Schmitz. On music production for 4 years now, almost of his time was in techno and tech house style. In the last 6 months he is diving into Dub,Deep tech and really loving it. Almost with 10 releases on different labels and about more 10 releases to come, 2016 are going to be a busy year. About his style, grooving basses, dark elements and very catching effects that fits really well on the "power dub" style. Releasing world wide and had...


Datenbits Podcast 74 - Kris Hovel (04.07.2015)

Kris Hovel - dj/promoter/club owner and one of Latvia's hottest exports – exploding onto the scene in 2002 with his energetic dj sets - a mix of House, Techno and Minimal sounds - he has never looked back, and to this date taking his biggest influence from London, where he first discovered electronic music and where he lived/played for more than 6 years. Impressed by the sound and mood of the London scene, this would be the catalyst for what was to come.. Since 2007 he has been running two...


Datenbits Podcast 72 - Phronus (22.06.2015)

Phronus is Philip Wiedow from Rostock and was born in 1992. Due to his technical intere​stings in engines, mechanic and also playing around with sounds are an essential part in his life. Especially he took the focus to deep dark minimal groove techno and glitchy tech- music. Because of his father he won in early years the honor to hear techno music. It start´s with the sound of Depeche Mode, Sven Väth, Miss Kittin and Steve Bug. In the year 2005 on of his best friends, the Dj and producer...


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