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A little trip planning (Episode #310)

Today's podcast is all about planning for a trip. My brother was coming in from out of town, and wondered how to get around without a car. And a good one, since I've never given it much thought.


Disney and Digital Media (Episode #309)

I ran across a couple of articles about Disney and their work in the digital content world. The acquisition of 21st century fox is the proverbial tip of the iceberg as Disney works to move into a whole new world. But I have a couple of other quick fun things to share, too.


Top Ten(ish) Things YOU miss at Walt Disney World(Episodes #307 and #308)

A few podcasts ago, Gary and I talked about our top ten attractions that we missed. I invited listeners to share what you missed - and I consolidated them here. Its a sort of listener favorite missed attractions!


Disney News for November 2012

On today's podcast, its a look at some Disney news, including some information about Fantasyland, including alcohol in the Magic Kingdom?, Belles Magic Mirror, the acquisition of LucasFilm, Tom Hanks as Walt, a few words about Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, Big Thunder Mountain, possible new additions to the parks, and a whole lot more!


The Hall of Presidents - original show

Today, I present the audio from the Hall of Presidents, as it existed from 1971-1993. It is narrated by Lawrence Dobkin, and provides an interesting - and very Walt like - view back into the history of our great country. If its your first time hearing it, see if you don't learn something. And if you remember it from the past, see if there are moments that seem to be part of our collective consciousness, and our understanding of history. This version is ca 1973, and the last president listed...


The Hall of Presidents

This week's election got me to thinking about the Hall of Presidents. I wanted to delve into the history of this attraction, and explain how it came to be, what its all about, and provide some context about the script. Enjoy this trip back into history - and, really, Walt's history.


Doug Live!

Today's show focuses on a live show that holds a unique place in Disney history. The show is Doug Live! and its unique because it was not based on a Disney property - it was based on a Nickelodeon show that was bought out by Disney, and appeared on ABC morning.Joining me to discuss it is Gary Miceli, a lover of the show and a Doug Live! specialist...you can find Gary on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/gary.d.miceli


Stories from the Haunted Mansion

Its Halloween time again and friend-of-the-show Kristi is back to talk about the Haunted Mansion, and beyond. Come and take a listen to the darker side of the park, and hear some fun ghost-oriented stories. (with apologies, the podcast this week is a little long at 41 minutes, but I think you will find its well worth your time!)


EPCOT Opening Day

Today's podcast is a look back at opening day in EPCOT. I have audio from then-chairman of the board E Cardon "Card" Walker, standing in front of a crowd offering a short dedication ceremony, some audio from the actual park opening - and that includes music and an introduction by Jack Wagner. And then, I present part of the audio from a live TV feed from EPCOT that was shown on CBS to promote its opening. If you're interested in watching the whole video - including some of the cheesy scenes,...


EPCOT Stories

Continuing a celebration of EPCOT, on this podcast I have a guest who was on the construction crew and who was there for opening day as a CastMember. My friend Charles is my guest, and we chat about his memories of that time and he gives you a feeling for what that time was like, and I set some context for what it was like for those of us who saw it from the outside. I hope you enjoy this retrospective.


EPCOT turns 30 - a look back

As Epcot prepares to celebrate its 30th year, I wanted to look back at Walt's vision, and what was constructed on the Florida property. I delve into the backstory, and what was originally progress city, and how that evolved over time. I hope you take a listen, and learn some new things about the history of the park.


Travel Planning with Destinations in Florida

On today's show, I'm delighted to talk about my new affiliation with Destinations in Florida, an authorized Disney Vacation Planner. Now when someone asks if I can direct them to an agency, I have an answer! Joining me to talk about the service - and Disney of course - is Shannon, one of the friendly and knowledgeable travel planners. Get to know her a little, and learn a little about what they offer, and of course we'll talk about some Disney Magic.


Inside the Emporium

On today's podcast, I talk about the ins and outs of working in the Emporium. I talk about its size, how much money is handled, and how it manages to work. I explain how the stock is maintained, and how the finances work. Its sort of an insiders look at the store.


Listener emails

Dave is back to answer your Disney questions! Is Wi-fi available? What do you do when it rains in the water parks? In the other parks? What do CastMembers do for vacations? Help with park tickets. And some cruise tips.


A park visit...and a good cause

On today's episode, I talk about a trip I took to the Magic Kingdom, and share a few tips on how to maximize your time in the park - and tell you about helping my friends see most everything they want to see. Plus, I turn my attention to a charity: autism speaks. Surprisingly, Disney is not tops when it comes to travelling with autistic children - I'd like to help in some small way to change that and am taking up the cause. More in my show notes at disneypodcast.net.


CarsLand and Disneyland

Today's podcast pays homage to the park that started it all. Curt was in DisneyLand shortly after CarsLand opened, and he's here to tell us all about it. Yeah, I know, the podcast runs a little long, but it covers a lot of ground and he gives his impressions as a DisneyWorld guy.


Disney News for August 1, 2012

Its a dose of Disney news! Included are an update on Fast Pass Plus, The Legend of Jack Sparrow, FantasyLand, Agent P, AvatarLand, updates to Soarin'? And more! Tune in and enjoy!


Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Today, I explore the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. First, I provide some background on the attraction - how did it come to be? What's the back story? And then, come along and take a walk through the outside and queue of the attraction, followed by a ride on it. Its a little love to an attraction that most people run to for the thrill aspect. But the story is actually pretty interesting.


Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

On today's podcast, I am in the Magic Kingdom, checking out the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Its a fun, interactive experience. Join me as I describe the experience, how it works, and set out to save the kingdom! You'll hear what I think about it as well. Visit my shownotes at http://disneyview.blogspot.com/ to see pictures of everything. Also, included in this podcast is part of an interview that Rick Brigante did with Imagineer Jonathan Ackley. I provide it for context, but want to give...


Disney Cruising (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of our discussion on cruising Disney Style! "Freind of the Show" Curt recently returned from a cruise into the Caribbean and is here to tell us all about it. Tune in, and enjoy...maybe it will inspire you to take a cruise!


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