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Comedian and writer David Feldman presents a weekly satirical look at the news.

Comedian and writer David Feldman presents a weekly satirical look at the news.
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Comedian and writer David Feldman presents a weekly satirical look at the news.




Aziz Ansari v. Antonio Sabàto Jr.

Who got it worse? Woke Feminist Aziz Ansari when his aggressive dating habits were finally exposed? Or Family Values Republican Antonio Sabato Jr. after his gay porn videos finally ended up on Pornhub? Down With Tyranny's HOWIE KLEIN spills the beans on our favorite Calvin Klein underwear model. DAVE SIRUS talks about Donald Trump's five lie a day habit. JOE DEVITO defends Aziz Ansari. And America's funniest pediatrician DR. JAY SUTAY on flu season and Baby Donald's weight.

Duration: 02:58:38

Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling Tells The World's Funniest Joke

Comic Jon Ross, who told the world's second funniest joke last week, recalls the time he and Rob Schneider crashed their car from laughing so hard. Then a shocking discovery of how Republicans are keeping nearly two million Ohioans from voting with Danielle Root who is the voting rights manager for Democracy and Government at American Progress.

Duration: 01:12:41

Congressman Alan Grayson Returns

Congressional Firebrand Alan Grayson talks cryptocurrencies and crypto-fascists like Donald Trump.

Duration: 00:38:33

Penis Whitening

Since everybody is down with the flu we do a shorter show with Joe DeVito to talk about the important issue of penis whitening.

Duration: 00:18:04

Comic Jackie Kashian is Back!

Jackie Kashian is a comic whose new album, I Am Not The Hero Of This Story, was #1 comedy album on iTunes and Amazon and is critically acclaimed. She is in the twelfth year of her podcast The Dork Forest, where she talks with people about what they love to do, think about and collect. She also has a new podcast on the Nerdist Network with Laurie Kilmartin called The Jackie and Laurie Show.

Duration: 00:33:22

Comic Joe DeVito

Hello 2018, Joe DeVito wants to welcomes you.

Duration: 00:32:27

Comedy Legend Jon Ross

The Great Moralizer Jon Ross finishes off the year by raking David's show, career and penis over the coals.

Duration: 00:33:12

GOP To America: Drop Dead

Comedy Writers Colleen Werthmann, Dave Sirus and Andrew Goldstein look back at the week in Trump.

Duration: 02:14:53

Comic Dom Irrera

Comics JOE DEVITO and AARON BERG plus Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider.

Duration: 02:17:48

From Mom's Basement

David discusses sex work with Kaytlin Bailey & Wendi Starling hosts of "The Oldest Profession Podcast"... from his mom's basement in New Jersey. It's the holiday season, so today's episode is short and sweet. Here's the official description of their show, "Kaytlin Bailey and Wendi Starling are mouthy comedians and unapologetic former sex workers. Instead of shamefully hiding their pasts as pussy pedallers, these two broads are enthusiastically examining and celebrating the storied history...

Duration: 00:34:22

Should Harvey Weinstein Off Himself?

Comic DAVE SIRUS, and Down With Tyranny's HOWIE KLEIN discuss Alabama, Dustin Hoffman, Paul Ryan, The Super Size Me Guy, and whether or not pigs like Harvey Weinstein should kill themselves. Then we meet JAMES THOMPSON who is a progressive Democrat running for congress in Kansas.

Duration: 01:51:14

Election Day: Alabama Too Close, To America

Comics JIM EARL, JOE DEVITO and JON ROSS join David to talk about sexual harassment, sexual assault, accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault-- famous men accused of sexual impropriety, not so famous men accused of sexual impropriety, and then we switch gears to discuss a few more men being accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual impropriety.

Duration: 01:53:52

Bob Saget

Comic BOB SAGET talks about his new special "Zero To Sixty" streaming right now on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play plus On Demand. Unlike other parts of his incredible body-- you just never know what's going to come out of Saget's mouth. Also a look back at the week with Comic DAVE SIRUS. Down With Tyranny's HOWIE KLEIN on the latest sex scandals in Washington. And Meteorologist MARK THOMPSON gives us the latest on the fires raging in Los Angeles.

Duration: 02:20:37

GOP Is Pro Child (Molester)

Comics JOE DEVITO, AARON BERG, J. ELVIS WEINSTEIN. Plus the hardest working pediatrician in comedy DR. JAY SUTAY. Also Constitutional Law Professor DR. COREY BRETTSCHNEIDER who holds three championship belts in education.

Duration: 02:23:23

NBC Knew(s)

Everyone at NBC News knew Matt Lauer was a sexual predator. A look at the week in toxic masculinity with Comedians Jon Ross and Dave Sirus. Plus Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein, founder and treasurer of the Blue America PAC, introduces us to Dr. David Gill who is running for Illinois's 13th congressional district. Dr. Gill is an emergency room physician who not only believes in Medicare For All, he WANTS TO PUT HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES OUT OF BUSINESS.

Duration: 02:53:46

Andy Kindler & Frank Conniff


Duration: 03:25:11

Can A Joke Assault You?

Comedy Writing Legend Jon Ross delivers a stern warning to David about taste and why jokes can hurt. Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling makes David laugh so hard he breaks a chair. Plus we meet Progressive Democratic Representative Kaniela Saito Ing who is running for Hawaii's first congressional district.

Duration: 01:44:39

Charlie Rose is Satan's Limb

Nobody should donate to PBS until we are assured that no PBS money is used to pay Charlie Rose's settlements for sexual assault. There's a revolution afoot. America is about to run on estrogen, and I tell white men why that's a good thing for white men. On today's show we discuss every single powerful man in Hollywood and Washington accused by more than two women of sexual assault. We're taking and then naming names with Down With Tyranny's HOWIE KLEIN and Comedians JOE DEVITO and AARON BERG.

Duration: 02:24:48

Bonnie McFarlane Cooks Dinner For Rich Vos

Comics Dave Sirus & Jon Ross plus Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider. We talk Franken, Moore and Eggs. Bonnie McFarlane is the author of "You're Better Than Me: A Memoir." She is also the director of "Women Aren't Funny."

Duration: 03:24:33

George Bush Cops To Sexual Assault

A sixth woman says President George Herbert Walker Bush sexually assaulted her when she was 16. Bush apologizes. We go over the entire list of sexual predators in Washington and Hollywood. The victims are finally believed. HOWIE KLEIN talks Judge Roy Moore, NANCY GILES from MSNBC and CBS Sunday Morning on why victims are finally believed, the world's hardest working pediatrician in comedy DR. JAY SUTAY talks ear wax, Comic AARON BERG is trying to stay married, JOE DEVITO reveals the...

Duration: 02:56:54

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