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"Dazed and Convicted" is a weekly humor podcast where Monica Hamburg and her co-host, Bill Allman, discuss complete criminal FTs in the news. Then she calls a funny, wonderful guest to get their judgement on who will be crowned "FT of the Week". Plus: want to hear deranged sketches based on the crimes and/or criminals? Yeah you do.




127 - Hotel Horndog and The Accommodating Accommodations

Crazy Craigslist! This time: An addictive suitor, an inventive way to sell hotel rooms, and accommodations where you get to spend every second with the same people! Plus: A clip from the first Craigslost live performance! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---Information and Links --- Site: DazedandConvicted.com (Live shows are also at Craigslost.tv ) Host Monica...

Duration: 00:30:04

126 - Prove Yourself for Perversity and Protect the Pomeranian Pawn

This time: Everyone is insane - including me! I tell you about an experience of mine that is just as strange as any Craigslist post. Plus: Amazing Craigslist oddities: Get a landlord with PTSD, prove you have sexy hands - with your face. And use your face to be part of a very inclusive - but also exclusive - "art project"! Plus: A new bus...

Duration: 00:27:05

125 - Macho HeeHeebre and Spa Perv

This episode contains fantastic Craigslist ads about: Relaxing in front of a perv, hiring an idiot to handle your successful career, teaching the art of macho laughing - and meeting the man of your dreams!------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---Information and Links ---Site:DazedandConvicted.comHostMonica Hamburg( http://MonicaHamburg.com )Voice site:...

Duration: 00:15:17

124 - Smugism and Show Your Friends Some Love

This episode: A tool that will help you be a tool, Craigslist ads about fetishes that are definitely not fetishes, roommates from that place that has generally been classified as scorching but it's important not to judge, and a most flexible Airbnb guest. Plus: Flaunting your flute.------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---Information and Links ---Site:DazedandConvicted.comHostMonica...

Duration: 00:18:14

123 - No Secret Secretions. And Taping That - Therapeutically

This episode: Get your secretions to work for you! Learn the secret seduction technique to get all the broken women your friends know! Plus: Connecticut People Problems------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---Information and Links ---Site:DazedandConvicted.comHostMonica Hamburg( http://MonicaHamburg.com )Voice site: http://MonicaHamburgVoice.comEmail: monica (at ) dazedandconvicted...

Duration: 00:27:26

117 - Baby Got Flat

This time from (mostly) Craigslist, we have: an ad from an adult baby, a VHS-dependent animal lover, a man with a great ideaabout your bum- and flatophiles!Plus: The logo that proves I'm from Hell... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Information and Links ---Site:DazedandConvicted.comHostMonica HamburgVoice-Over Demo ReelsEmail: monica (at ) dazedandconvicted (dot)...

Duration: 00:18:19

116 - Telepathic Tata Touching and Phenomenal Flyer Fitness

This is now the "new" Dazed and Convicted: Craigslist and other assorted horrors. Hear Bill quit!Also this time: Ads from breast psychics, delivery/exercise employers, a brand new killerproduct inventor- and more!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Information and Links ---Site:DazedandConvicted.comHostMonica HamburgVoice-Over Demo ReelsEmail: monica (at ) dazedandconvicted (dot)...

Duration: 00:16:49

Podmash - LIVE with Dazed and Convicted, Sneaky Dragon and Science Us

We were honored to be a part of this live show where we did a 20 minute of our podcast live in front of an audience along with 2 other great Vancouver podcasts.Here's the description from the stars and organizers, Sneaky Dragon:"Our first episode of PodMash! The brainchild of Ian Boothby, PodMash! takes three different podcasts and mashes them together into one show. Everyone was given the same subject to talk about, but everyone got to choose how they approached it. For our first episode...

Duration: 00:50:23

D&C Mini #12 - Nonsexence

At least two of the Craigslist ads this time around are complete nonsexence: People trying to pass off "sex" as "not sex". This time we have cinematic practice sex and a non-sexual sex offer. Plus even more weirdness.("DC Mini" will soon be the "Dazed and Convicted". This will become clearer in this episode.)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Information and Links...

Duration: 00:16:00

D&C Mini #11 - Actus Sardonicus

It's an assorted box of insanity from Craigslist this time around. An artistic casting, babysitting naked, a stairway to hell. Your suffering will be varied! Enjoy.("DC Mini" is a bi-weekly extension of the podcast. A new "Dazed and Convicted" should be up soon. However, the full show will appear only on occasion and this mini-show will soon become the main show. Confusing yet? I thought so. I'll explain soon.)------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Duration: 00:11:39

D&C Mini #10 - Home for the Whoreidays

How is one supposed to manage housing in this difficult economy? According to a spate of Craigslist ads, by trading sex for a room! Get a bed and get bedded. Win, win. ("DC Mini" is an extension of the podcast. A new "Dazed and Convicted" episode will arrive in early November. Admittedly, the full show has become - and likely will be - sporadic and this mini-show will be more frequent.)------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Duration: 00:16:18

D&C Mini #9 - Calamity Jade and The Slight Distraction

In this mini episode, I read you Craigslist posts containing: a no strings attached offer, a very narrow audition requirement and a plan to create a gentle distraction… ("DC Mini" is an extension of the podcast. The full "Dazed and Convicted" episodes return in late October/early November)------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Information and Links...

Duration: 00:14:51

D&C MINI #8 - The Skitzo and The Bully

DC Mini is an occasional extension of the podcast. (The full "Dazed and Convicted" episodes return in October.) In this mini, I read you a Craigslist post about some very plausible scenarios - and interpret a Christian comic strip! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Information and Links ---Site:DazedandConvicted.comHostMonica HamburgDemo Reels: (The version played on the show...

Duration: 00:19:44

115 - No Homo Molester vs Real Estate Revenge

What do you do when you live next to people whose lifestyle you disapprove of - orwhen you want to buy a house but it just doesn't work out? Some would choose to just go on with their life. And those people are adorable.So... Burn their home down or create a campaign of terror? Of course!Sara Barron (Humorist, Author of "The Harm in Asking" and "People are Unappealing") is our wonderful Guest Judge this time - and determines our “FT of the Week”.Plus: Craigslist provides a stellar example...

Duration: 00:45:55

114 - Marriage Meathead vs Tool Taken

What do you do when: you forget to do something important like book a hall for your wedding or if you just want to go out drinking with your friends but know your wife won't approve? The responses of our Competitors this week are both logical and measured. Psyche! They're FTs! They will overact in a way that will make your mind explode! Adorable Comedian TJ Young is our wonderful Guest Judge this time - and decides the “FT of the Week”.Plus: Respectful Craigslist...

Duration: 00:34:18

113 - Burrito Butchery vs Beating for Beats

One of the hallmarks of being an FT seems to be that you overreact to small slights. But what if you feel really hurt because someone, say, didn't invite you to go car shopping - or changed the music at a party... Well, if you're familiar with this show, you'll have a good guess as to what happens next... Comedian Jimmy Shubert is our great Guest Judge this time - and crowns our “FT of the Week”.Plus: An unusual fetish. Yes, even more unusual than usual....

Duration: 00:39:47

112 - Brain-Violation Avenger vs The Demon Destroyer

This episode showcases some protectors! A man seeks to avenge his spouse's telepathic assault* - and another is intent on saving his landlord from a demon attack! Wonderful Comedian Sam Tripoli returns to serve again as our Guest Judge and does us the kindness of deciding our “FT of the Week”.Plus: It's Gospel Comedy Time!------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Information and Links...

Duration: 00:39:15

111 - Monkey Libation Activist vs One Direction to Murder

It’s often difficult when you feel wronged. Especially when the offense is egregious. Like being told you can’t give a monkey booze… Or not having someone famous follow you back on Twitter. In those instances, there's only one logical answer: Murder! Fortunately, Comedian Leah Bonnema is our Guest Judge and can assess these FTs to determine our “FT of the Week”.Plus: Run your own bank!------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Duration: 00:43:35

110 - Extreme Band Drama vs Game Show Flip Out

Performing can bring out the worst in people! What happens when you get kicked out of a band or have a (potentially) bad audition for a game show? Well, if you've listened to our show before you know the answer: go full FT and kill people! Comedian Mike Hollan decides who most merits the honor of “FT of the Week”. Plus: Want a muffin and coffee in the worst way?------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Duration: 00:40:32

D&C MINI - January 14, 2014 - Incredible

DC Mini is an occasional extension of the podcast. (The full "Dazed and Convicted" episodes return next week.) In this mini, Travis Clark joins me, once again! This time to discuss some ludicrous plans and excuses. And we read you a few...unique... Yahoo Answers conundrums...------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---Information and Links ---Site:DazedandConvicted.com HostMonica Hamburg...

Duration: 00:24:43

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