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27 - Scale Boyz//Anaconda + Alligator (Ft. Terence Pennington)

We talk about the amphibious feature films Anaconda (1997) and Alligator (1980) with comedian Terence Pennington. Luke gets super racist towards dwarves. Brandon's John Voight impressions are off the chain. Terence comes to terms with breaking the chains of his childhood. It's pretty intense. We probably had too much fun doing this one. If you hate us laughing you won't like this one at all. You're probably just jealous we're living our best damn lives as podcasting gods.


26 - Year In Review 2: The Return of Revenge

Behold! Another year we have done this podcast for FREE. We do this for you as philanthropy, remember that you friggin slimes. Once again we use the sharp edges of our psyches to dissect the year's best movies with surgical precision. We are basically doctors and deserve a doctor's wage. What a year 2017 was for the genre! So here's hoping to a dark and bloody future ahead. Cheers!


25 - Ice Elation//The Shining + The Thing (Ft. Ryan Flaherty)

Dag y'all it is COLD. What a perfect time to hide away and cuddle up with some nice warm paranoia! Remember not to trust anyone around you because they all want to hurt you :). Light some blood on fire to keep those pesky loved ones and UPS boys away. We delved into some frosty cinematic isolation with The Shining (1980) and The Thing (1982). Two visionary directors. Two amazing lead actors. Two hot young podcast boys with so much to give. And one untrustworthy ghost alien of a man named...


24 - Harambe's Tomb//The Mummy (1932 + 1999 + 2017) Ft. Sam Furst

When we die please put all of our precious shit in a stone house with our bodies and curse it with a scroll. We need our VHS tapes and pog slammers in the afterlife. Our organs can go in a bunch of different cans of Monster Energy drink. That'll do. Anyways we talked about The Mummy. Which one? Friggin' all of em. 1932, 1999, 2017, and even some other ones. We sat down with owner of Monsters are Good clothing, Sam Furst. He's a Cruise Mummy apologist but please don't hold that against him,...


23 - Latex Death Angels//Hellraiser 1-3 (ft. Andrew Maroney)

We're in for a long one y'all. Lube yourself up and slip into some latex filled with nails because it's Hellraiser time babyyyyy. We sit down with horrorphile Andrew Maroney to talk about the first three Hellraiser films. Luke pops his franchise cherry and Brandon might be a little too into the lore for his own good. Is Hell neat? Do demons really like S+M? Does Frank eat ass? Let's try to pry some answers from this interesting franchise that may be a little too bold for its own good.


22 - Low Stakes//Bram Stoker's Dracula + Horror of Dracula

With surgical audio dexterity we dissect Coppola's clunky labor of love "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and Hammer Horror's gem "The Horror of Dracula". Vampires are pretty silly but blood is really cool, so we're pretty torn about these ones. We really do some work on this cast as we figure out how George Lucas came up with Count Dooku and create a tasty beverage known as "Moon D". Happy Halloween y'all. I hate writing these.


21 - Sewercide Squad//IT Miniseries + Film

We all float down here y'all. Sometimes literally. We break it down per usual with Stephen King's It Miniseries (1990) and the brand new It (2017). I know the name of this episode is great so don't bother complimenting me.


20.5 - Space God Complex//Resurrection, Prometheus, + Covenant

The second half of our Alien spectacular. We tear into the russian nesting doll of existentialism that is Alien: Resurrection, Prometheus, and finally Alien: Covenant. Featuring guests Jesse Miles and Stephen Learson!


20 - Every Face Needs A Hug//Alien, Aliens, + Alien 3 (Ft. Jesse Miles + Stephen Learson)

Happy to be back people! Let's get in DEEP on the Alien franchise. This one is way more analytical than jokey but we dig down folks. PLEASE RATE ON ITUNES AND MAKE US FAMOUS. Featuring comedian Jesse Miles and pod boss Stephen Learson.


19 - Date Night!!//Get Out

How many white people does it take to figure out the film Get Out? Four. The answer is four. In a super special edition of Dead Last, it's date night baby! We had on our lovely significant others Jen Dulong and Sarah McElaney to help us get to the sunken place in this racially charged dynamo of a movie. Let's get woke y'all.


18 - Blue Lives Matter//Maniac Cop 1-3

Luke and Brandon dig in on our boys in blue as they dive into the dark world of undead cops and injustice in the world of Maniac Cop! Justice is found in a hopeless place L:D~


16 - Undead Airbud//Pet Sematary 1+2 (Ft. Jules Jenssen)

Finally we have returned from our temporary butt slumber. We hang our with Jules Jenssen of Ross Jenssen to discuss the Maine'd out tales of Pet Sematary and Pet Sematary 2. Figure out which part we become inebriated.


14 - Happy B-Day Jesus//Black Christmas + Silent Night, Deadly Night (Ft. Sam Furst)

This is a long one but a good one. Grab some grog nogg and warm your dumb bones by the fire because we are getting frighteningly festive with Sam Furst of Monsters are Good clothing. The last 15 minutes got cut but who cares we're probably just talking shit about Kwanza. Happy Holidays y'all.


13 - Space Hell// Sunshine + Event Horizon (Ft. Dave Pappas)

Brandon is on his death bed and Luke is lit. We are here to talk about oceanic vessels with Dave Pappas. The world keeps turning and we keep churning (out hot audio fire, that is). Free your minds y'all.


EP 09 - Not See Party//Don't Breathe

No guest this week! Luke and Brandon have retreated to the Dead Last apocalypse bunker in lieu of an anthrax scare, so please pay no mind to the shitty underground dirt recording. We're still spitting hot fire here people. Beware, every single spoiler for the movie "Don't Breathe".


08 - Wine Howls//American Werewolf in London (ft. Supersillyus)

Aooooooooo! Luke gets musical with our guest Supersillyus and Brandon gets belligerent on $4 chardonnay. This episode is pretty all over the place, but we try. This is free, remember that. You get what you pay for.


07.5 - Yautja-cha//AvP, AvP Requiem, Predators (ft. Owen Linders)

The amazing second half of our Predator extravaganza. We get into the mud of the franchise with Alien vs. Predator, Alien vs. Predator Requiem, and Predators. They made the movies to hurt us. You all need to know that. Once again joined by comedian Owen Linders! We also finally get to hear the voice of Spectral Jeff! Music Edwin Star - "War" Nico - "These Days" (special Dead Last Predator Edition)


02.5 - Worm HIV//Friday The 13th 4-6 (Ft. Mark Gallagher)

We return with comedian Mark Gallagher to round out the Friday the 13th films 4-6. Remember, HIV struck the worm community first. MUSIC: lespecial - "Third Antler" Katy Perry - "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" The Cure - "Friday I'm in Love"


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