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The DeadFresh Podcast is a weekly debate discussing African American news, pop culture, science, art and opinion.




DeadFresh & the Need to Separate

Philando Castille’s fianc’e takes to the streets to fight with a hammer. A man kkills on FaceBook Live in Cleveland. These and other happenings prompt a discussion about the need to have a heightened awareness of those that are close to you and the need to separate yourelves from these types.

Duration: 00:28:42

DeadFresh vs. the Hypocrite Narrative

We use Jay z’s “The War On Drugs Was An Epic Fail” o[-ed peice to discuss the usefulness of the hypocrisy narrative without the context of personal responsibility.

Duration: 00:25:01

DeadFresh & the Election

The Election is upon us. We all have choices to make.

Duration: 00:17:03

DeadFresh & “No Scrubs” pt. 2

As a continuation of the “No Scrubs” episode, we discuss the common practice of women that take care of men.

Duration: 00:23:34

Prince Rogers Nelson

A discussion on the passing of Prince.

DeadFresh & Strip Club Chronicles

What can an “outside the box” observation of strip club behavior tell us about the sexual choices of men? We discuss the free market as it pertains to how men spent their dollar in this particular observation. We debate the Ebony Magazine “Body Brigade” issue & the womans’ fight for the “normal” female body to become the fantasy.

DeadFresh vs. R. Kelly & your Uncle

Happy 2016. We start with Robert Kelly and the reaction to his Huffington Post interview and the Jim DeRogatis (Chicago Sun Times) expos’e of Mr. Kelly’s multiple civil suits for inapropiate relationships with minors. We try to go deeper into why Mr. Kelly and your uncle “get a pass” by black society.

DeadFresh & The Wiz

This week we discuss NBC’s 2015 version of “The Wiz” and the effect of the new adaptation aimed at a new generation. This episode is more of an appreciation of the display of talent and inginuiety that we that we need to see more of on television.

DeadFresh vs. Black Forgiveness pt.2

This continuation of “black forgiveness” focuses on the noticeable need (of some) and gracious granting (from others) of forgiveness. This is discussed in the wake of the tragic event at Emanuel AME in Charleston, SC. Most of the commentary references the appearance of the family ofReverend Daniel Simmons Senior on NBC’s “Meet The Press”. As this podcast episode was recorded during the time of the tragedy, the ideas expressed within can relate to the idea of “black forgiveness” in any...

DeadFresh vs. the Advice of Ray Rice

We discuss Greg Hardy (defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys). He has been allowed to continue to play football and Ray Rice (former running back for the Baltimore Ravens) has been blackballed. Ray Rice is now campaigning to re-enter the league by offering advice to fellow domestic abusers. We debate the #WhyIStayed hashtag and why it is both faulty and necessary. We discuss the gender roles and how each could help to minimize domestic violence.

DeadFresh, the Activist & the Academic

A 2014 CNN segment with Marc Lamont Hill and Tara Setmayer discuss Malik S. King’s “pull up your pants challenge.” (a piggyback off of the popular “ice bucket challenge”) This encounter demonstrates the miscomunication between the social activist and the academic. We try to parallel this encounter to that of an artist and an engineer. Tara Setmayer had a “poor” showing. Then, unfortunately, we actually talk about “sagging pants”

DeadFresh, the CDC & Black Absentee Fathers

The CDC challenges the myth of the absentee black father. Through comments about the study, it seems that some people are not as excited about this finding as others might be. ( We discuss how these findings might change how we view a fathers’ “presence”. These findings may also change the conversation of the single mother being a “mom & a dad”. NBA player Kevin Durant is used as an example of...

DeadFresh vs. Black Forgiveness pt.1

We spend a little time pondering why black people are so eager to announce forgiveness in the wake of reprehensible events. The tragedies of South Carolina are respectfully used as examples of what seems to be expected of black people but not other races in similar situations. We discuss the media’s need for the “black forgiveness” campaign and we ask why it is so important to them.

DeadFresh & the NBA Preseason Show

We take a look at some interesting NBA preseason stories as we try to get ready for the 82 game season. Kobe is back but who knows for how long. LeBron will “bust yo ass” if he catches an opponent wearing his shoes. Daniel “Boobie” Gibson wants to take his talents and his 7.8 PPG career average talents to the rap game. Lamar Odom as of 10/14/2015. twitter@deadfreshcast

DeadFresh vs. Empire pt. 2

We appreciate all of the support so far. Please leave comments and follow us on Twitter @deadfreshcast. Our debate continues on such topics as the “black face” on the Fox agenda. The conundrum of being a viewer and a harsh critic of the show. We evaluate The Fox Network as the ultimate creator of Empire and the “hope” that it will somehow make a turn for the better.

DeadFresh vs. this whole damn week

Thanks to all of our listeners. We love comments so,…please keep the comments coming. This is a quick mashup of the events form 9/9 thru 9/16. Hilary Clinton patronizes black people with the “whip & Nae Nae”. Matt Damon tries to mute accomplished black producer Effie Brown on issues of diversity. A 14 y/o engineering student is handcuffed and arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school.

DeadFresh vs.Patrice O’Neal

DeadFresh shows love to the late, great Patrice O’ Neal. Patrice’s commentary about a “shark” sparks a “spirited” DeadFresh debate about man/woman long term relationships. Do women purposely date below themselves? Do men?

DeadFresh vs. Good Times pt.1

In this episode, we’ll debate how some black people might have disliked the show for various reasons. The departure of and the respect for John Amos. Also, one of us thinks that Willona Woods was somebody’s side chick

Episode Zero/ Introductory Episode

It’s the podcast intro.. What do you expect?