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Episode 21: Psst…Wanna Buy A Validation?

A waiter is fired for an unhinged rant about hurricane victims. Is Facebook fudging its user numbers? Hoarders in Texas are being publicly shamed. An internal review points to Russian election tampering via Facebook ads and an unexpected black market is thriving on Instagram. Web Site: Twitter: @smfails Facebook: Instagram: @deathbysocialmedia


Episode 20: Putting trolls on the map

We have a story that shows you that people will steal anything. Facebook bans ads from sites with fake news. An actor’s child custody battle has a social media twist. A California mayor steps down after a social media shaming and what cities have the most internet trolls? Web Site: Twitter: @smfails Facebook: Instagram: @deathbysocialmedia


Episode 19: Will We Become Twilliterate?

A Snapchat photo ends a softball team’s championship run. A country band loses a big opportunity thanks to their lead member’s white nationalist post. A dad’s online rant gets him banned from his kid’s school. A pastor says that his being framed for a lewd comment and will Twitter lead to illiteracy? Web Site: Twitter: @smfails Facebook: Instagram: @deathbysocialmedia


Episode 18: Everything’s not going to be alt-right

After what happened at the “Unite the Right” rally Charlottesville, VA this past weekend, we felt compelled to speak on it. Three people lost their lives in relation to this event. One of those, a young woman, was killed in what we saw as an act of terrorism. So, with this show, we wanted to focus on stories that address the fallout of this weekend and end with a note on the relationship between the alt-right and social media. Web Site: Twitter: @smfails Facebook:...


Episode 17: Time Keeps On Slippin’

If you haven’t closed your old MySpace account, you might want to do so quickly. A man is suing a former romantic interest in a unique “revenge porn” case. A company wants to help you get that perfect shot…of your food. Thanks to poor self-control and Instagram, a drug ring is facing some serious time. Guess what you could have done with that time you spent playing on your smartphone? Web Site: Twitter: @smfails Facebook:...


Episode 16: Don’t Block Me, Bro

A Wisconsin man is in trouble with police over a Facebook post. A young woman’s online job offer turns into a nightmare. We have yet another story about why you should keep your travel plans to yourself. We share how your social media habits could negatively impact your insurance claims. And, it may soon be illegal for politicians to block you online. Web Site: Twitter: @smfails Facebook: Instagram: @deathbysocialmedia


Episode 15: Put down that phone and help!

Past tweets come back to haunt a governor’s aide. YouTube enacts a clever strategy to counteract terrorist recruiting. Showing off for Snapchat lands a Georgia man behind bars. Two companies employ refreshing approaches to address social media criticism. We have a good reason to not use your company-issued devices for personal stuff. Is social media desensitizing kids to violence and death? Web Site: Twitter: @smfails Facebook:...


Episode 14: Pranksta, Pranksta

So, what really happens when you quit social media? A fugitive is arrested, thanks to her selfie habit. The college application process is more cutthroat than you can imagine. A former congresswoman becomes the victim of “revenge porn”. And, social media pranks might land some pranksters behind bars. Web Site: Twitter: @smfails Facebook: Instagram: @deathbysocialmedia


A little lice with that selfie?

So, do you know just how much social media stars are really making? Doctors in the U.K. get caught using social media to share patient records. Germany is cracking down on online hate speech. A Kardashian involved in social media drama? Say it isn’t so. Also, your kids might be sharing something unexpected when taking selfies with friends. Web Site: Twitter: @smfails Facebook: Instagram: @deathbysocialmedia


Episdode 11: Did we just record a PSA?

Is a new app destined to become a tool for stalkers? A college professor loses her job over an incendiary Facebook post. A new Snapchat feature has parents concerned. A number of nursing home workers are violating patients rights via social media and writing bad reviews puts a college dean in hot water. Web Site: Twitter: @smfails Facebook: Instagram: @deathbysocialmedia


Episode 10: That’s kinda creepy

A police officer resigns over a racist Facebook meme. A livestream leads to a drug bust. “Flipping the bird” puts a teacher’s job on the line. Police are warned over taunting suspects over social media. And the “Canada Creep” has been caught. Web Site: Twitter: @smfails Facebook: Instagram: @deathbysocialmedia Image already added


Episode 9: Don’t Delete That Tweet!

A young woman is saying “aww, snap” after her social media posts lead to her arrest. Should you friend your kids? A social media battle costs a professor her job. If you’re filing a personal injury claim, watch what you post. And, a congressman introduces an act to get President Trump to preserve his tweets. Web Site: Twitter: @smfails Facebook: Instagram: @deathbysocialmedia


Episode 7: You’re Doing It All Wrong

The founder of LinkedIn says you’re doing it all wrong. A case a mistaken identity labels the wrong man as a sex offender. Trash talk on Twitter results in a real-life run-in for two UFC fighters. Are you safe clicking on that social media post? And, sportswriter is out of a job following a ‘racist’ tweet. Twitter: @smfails Facebook: Instagram: @deathbysocialmedia


Episode 6: A Curated View of Life

A Georgia man is arrested for posting a fake document on Facebook. A newly-launched social media site promises no filters. Can social media use lead to divorce? A hoax app brings up some real-life concerns and can you guess which social media platform was just called the most damaging to young people’s mental health? Twitter: @smfails Facebook: Instagram: @deathbysocialmedia


Episode 5: Can The Past Stay The Past?

British Parliament want to allow young people to erase their social media pasts. An anonymous app claims it can help job seekers connect with employees. Are we more truthful in our web searches than on social media? A young woman’s story serves as a warning about screening online dates and diners who skipped out on a check are nabbed thanks to Facebook. Twitter: @smfails Facebook: Instagram: @deathbysocialmedia


Episode 4: Playing with Fyre

In this episode, we discuss how the State Department is including social media history in its “extreme vetting” measure. A Nashville teacher resigns over Twitter controversy. A clothing company’s sweet deal is going to cost it big-time. A debit card cracking ring gets busted. Should liking a post be enough to get suspended from school. And, social media influencers find themselves the target of a lawsuit. Twitter: @smfails Facebook: Instagram:...


Episode 3: Yik(kety) Yak, Don’t Come Back

We discuss how a Facebook sale earned a Pennsylvania woman some jail time. Live-streaming a crime leads to serious charges for three Massachusetts men. Feds are cracking down on “stealth ads” on social media. A journalist is suing a Twitter user who assaulted him with a digital image and we discuss the death of Yik Yak and why so-called “anonymous” apps seem doomed to failure. Twitter: @smfails Facebook: Instagram: @deathbysocialmedia


Episode 2: Don’t burn your bridges…literally

Do you remember older people telling you not to “burn your bridges?” A couple of young men should have heeded this advice. A Florida woman’s oversharing leads to an embarrassing arrest. An actor gets dragged by female fans over his double-standards. An airline not named United is in hot water over an altercation with a passenger and a Snapchat video costs a teacher her job. We also discuss where we think the lines need to be drawn when it comes to teacher/student interaction on social...


Episode #1: Allow us to introduce ourselves…

It’s our first podcast and we’re kicking it off right! An alleged comment by the Snapchat CEO is creating major headaches for the company. The Instagram antics of the “CEO for Purple Drank” may help land him behind bars for life. We start the death clock on Lego’s yet-to-be-launched social network for kids. We explain why sharing your vacations plans on social media is an invitation for problems. Also, we take on the story of how oversharing cost two police officers their jobs. Twitter:...