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Episode 7 – Debauchery and Dragons Holiday Special

Debauchery and Dragons Holiday Special! On this special night, while sleeping in the Furbolg village, Hart, Calica, and Atrax find themselves transported to a magical land of Christmas and Evil! There they meet fellow adventurer Chef Antonio of the Bourdain Clan. With his aid, the party must battle Santa Clause and his evil minions for their very souls!

Duration: 02:10:30

Episode 6 – Signs of Civilization

Having broken the spell on Atrax and destroyed their vengeful foe, our adventurers continue onward, down their chosen path. Listen in on the latest tale as Calica, Hart, Sally, and Atrax finally make their way back to signs of civilization, beneath the light of a full moon. Will the party finally find some much sought after answers or do the fates have something else in store for them?

Duration: 00:55:44

Episode 5 – Not in Kansas Anymore

In this episode of Debauchery and Dragons our trio becomes a foursome as Kip Corriveau joins the podcast! Listen in as Calica, Sally, and Hart follow a long-ago forgotten road ever deeper into the woods. Stumbling upon a being frozen in time as a mighty foe rains down vengeance upon their heads!

Duration: 02:00:07

Episode 4 – Stabbed and Sticky

In this episode of Debauchery and Dragons our trio of adventurers continues their escape from their dastardly prison. They find their first signs of civilization, only to be distracted by something glittering in the woods. Listen in as they find themselves in a sticky situation, searching for inspiration, and fighting for their lives!

Duration: 00:35:22

Episode 3 – Naked and Dangling

In this episode of Debauchery and Dragons we find our trio of adventurers running for their lives! Exiting their confines just as a red dragon crashes to the earth and battle erupts around them! Can they survive the ensuing chaos? Are they able to escape from their dark prison? Will they finally find some clothes? Listen now and find out!

Duration: 00:46:10

Episode 2 – I Just Peed

2nd Episode of Debauchery and Dragons! Sally and Hart have survived being kidnapped, only to find themselves naked and imprisoned. At the same time, Calica continues making plans on how to best defeat the Dead Sparrow Gang!

Duration: 00:32:04

Episode 1 – Have Bracelet, Will Travel!

Welcome to Debauchery and Dragons! A DnD Podcast! Our adventure begins with just another day for Calica the tabaxi, Hart the gnome, and Sally the halfling. Little do they know what the fates have in store for them. For, this very night, an evil greater than any they could possibly imagine has included them in its plans!

Duration: 00:40:48