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Episode 21 - Welcome to Watsonville

In this episode, Michael Bryant and Matt Wheeler discuss the recent expansion of Wheeler Accountants to Watsonville and Santa Cruz County and what this means for current and future clients of the firm in this area. Learn more about Wheeler’s expansion to Watsonville in this podcast:

Duration: 00:13:32

Episode 20 - Donor Gift Accounting

At this time of year, many nonprofit organizations will receive donor gifts and it is imperative that they record the gifts in accordance with the donor’s wishes. In this podcast, we’ll cover tips for proper recognition of donor gifts to nonprofits and some tips for gift acceptance policies.

Duration: 00:17:41

Episode 19 - Q&A With Matt Wheeler

In this podcast, I’m answering some of the common questions that we receive from our clients at Wheeler Accountants. As our teachers often said, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Chances are, someone else has the same one!” So you may hear an answer to one of your own tax-planning questions. We hope you walk away feeling a bit more tax-savvy after listening to this Q&A:

Duration: 00:32:17

Episode 18 - Tax Reform: What the Hell is Going On?

The current proposed tax reform changes may be the biggest changes to the Tax Code the country has seen since the mid 1980’s. To date, the government has been very light on details when it comes to proposed tax reform. In late September the government released their “ Unified Framework for Fixing Our Broken Tax Code” outlining a little more detail on the potential changes being considered. In this podcast we review the key elements of the tax reform proposal and how those changes may...

Duration: 00:32:30

Episode 17 - 5 Potential Pitfalls of Holding Real Estate in Your IRA

Tax-deferred retirement accounts such as IRAs can be attractive sources of funds for taxpayers looking to diversify their investments. “Self-Directed” IRAs are one such type of retirement which can be used to invest in alternatives to traditional stock market investments such as real estate. While a great idea in theory, there are many potential pitfalls to holding Real Estate in your IRA. Matt Wheeler shares more about the pitfalls of holding real estate in your IRA in this podcast:

Duration: 00:15:50

Episode 16 - 5 Steps to Revenue Recognition

There are new Revenue Recognition Standards which will significantly impact all industries that sell a good or service. Specifically, we are discussing the Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) Topic 6 of 6 which was originally introduced in the Accounting Standards Update 2014 09. Originally, Revenue Recognition Standards were based on different industries and what has been done now is that revenue recognition has been standardized across all industries. The changes to apply to every...

Duration: 00:19:38

Episode 15 - Preparing for an Initial Financial Statement Audit – Part 2

Michael Bryant shares how audits can be a stressful and time consuming experience and why it is very important to prepare for an audit. The more you are prepared, the more time and money you can save. Learn more about how to prepare for an initial audit statement in this podcast:

Duration: 00:25:30

Episode 14 - Preparing for an Initial Financial Statement Audit – Part I

A lot of people become intimidated when they hear the words “Financial Statement Audit”. What most do not know is that the audit can be streamlined in such a way that it becomes an easy process. The financial statement audit is important because it provides a verification of your financial statements from an independent third party source. When you have a financial statement audit, it starts to build your history and reputation, and the findings of the audit can be presented to banks and...

Duration: 00:19:32

Episode 13 - Pack Your Bags - State Residency Considerations

Matt Wheeler shares more information on rules and considerations when it comes to tax planning for a change in State Residency. For taxpayers in high income states with large tax bills, or taxpayers who are anticipating large liquidity events, State Residency planning can be one of the top ways to generate huge savings. Certain types of income are taxed only to the state of primary residency while others are taxed to the state where they are generated. Learn more in this podcast.

Duration: 00:32:32

Episode 10 - Six Key Considerations – Roth Retirement Accounts

Matt Wheeler shares 6 key considerations for Roth Retirement accounts, and how the tax-free aspects of this account excite a lot of people at first glance. However, there are a lot of things to consider before actually funding a Roth Retirement Account. The money that goes into a Roth account is post-tax money, and while a Roth Retirement Account can be a good idea, proper planning is key to be tax efficient over the long-term. Learn more about Roth Retirement Accounts and the six key...

Duration: 00:19:46

Episode 9 - Vacation Home Tax Considerations

Matt Wheeler shares how many people are unaware of the substantial tax breaks available to them when they own a vacation home or multiple homes. If you are not using your vacation home often, then it may be advantageous to consider renting out the property. Learn more about the possible tax breaks available if you consider renting out your second/vacation home in this podcast:

Duration: 00:32:24

Episode 8 - Choice of Entity – Multiple Owners

Matt Wheeler shares his insights on the pros and cons of the different entities available to businesses with multiple owners. In this podcast Matt covers Partnerships, C Corporations, and S Corporations. Each fact pattern is unique and the decision on which legal entity to use will hinge on these subtle details. Learn more about the different legal entities available to multiple owner businesses in this podcast:

Duration: 00:38:34

Episode 7 - 7 Common Peer Review Deficiencies

In this podcast Michael shares 7 common peer accounting review deficiencies that he has gathered to help his current clients, prospective clients and the CPA industry. Learn more about these common peer accounting review deficiencies in this podcast:

Duration: 00:13:19