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Episode 166: Living Room Refresh for 2018

Let's do a living room refresh for 2018! Take a look at your living room and see what you need to get it ready for the new year. It's a great time to assess your living room and do a few tweaks. Here are some things you can do to give it a refresh. Reggio Registers You can see Anita's living room HERE. Check out Kelly's living room HERE. Anita and Kelly have a decorating confession. Yvonne shares 5 ways to refresh your living room HERE. affiliate links The lamp that Kelly and Anita loved...


Episode 165: Ways to Make a Statement in a Room

We have a question for you. Answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. What is your favorite statement piece in your home? Were you able to answer right away? Or did you have to really think about it? A statement piece is something in a room that draws your eye to it and makes the rest of the room look gorgeous! It can be both bold and obvious or it can be subtle and alluring! Anita likes one "WOW" piece in every room. I love her take on a room's statement! Most home decor...


Episode 164: Sofa Arrangements - Get it Right

Happy Valentine's Day!! Thanks for sharing a piece of it with us. Today we are talking about how to get sofa arrangements right. ( A Valentine's Day smooch on the sofa later - arrange it first! ) Lots of concrete, actionable tips for making this major piece of furniture work better. BUT...first we announce the winner of our DTT One Year Anniversary consult chat with us. Listen in to hear if you are the winner! We each have different sofa arrangements. You can see Kelly's on her Instagram...


Episode 163: Decorating with Blue and White

Blue and white is such an iconic look. It looks great with virtually any design style and it has almost always been popular. You can add blue and white to your home is so many ways. Here are a few ways to do it. porcelain pieces plates bedding paint fabric Be careful if you use navy and blue, since it can appear nautical. Anita loves duck egg blue. Yvonne points out it is not a true blue, but it's an option for you. You can see the new ways Anita is adding blue and white to her home CLICK...


Episode 162: Avoid These Decorating Mistakes

Between the three of us, we have probably made almost any decorating mistake you can make. Nothing schools a decorator better than a few whoppers! The good thing about this podcast is we can make the mistakes for you and live to tell you what not to do! Today we are talking about AVOID THESE DECORATING MISTAKES! We can all agree about not cluttering up our refrigerators. I know we might get some blowback, but try taking down all the "stuff" on your refrigerator and see how much neater your...


Episode 161: Trends that are Out for 2018

Today is such a fun episode! We know you like hearing about trends, so today we are talking about trends that are O-U-T for 2018! Some we agree on and some we don't. Some we are ushering onto the boat out of port and others we are holding onto for sure. Bye bye rose gold. But millennial pink is here, for now anyway. TTFN trendy open shelving. Shiplap - has the boat left the port? Find out...! Palette projects a decided thumbs ____. Down & dirty DIY - like toilet paper roll projects. Anita...


Episode 160: What Designers Notice First

What do designers notice first when they walk into a room? We're talking about the things designers (or decorating enthusiasts) notice when they walk into your home. Personally we love to see how other people decorate their homes. We are always on the lookout for new ideas. Yvonne is still talking about how gorgeous Amy Howard's home is. (This is a home she owned in 2015.) Yvonne and Anita were invited to a party at Amy's house and they got to see her amazing home. Here's a link to see...


Episode 159: Anniversary Spectacular + Giveaway

Today is our anniversary episode! Can you believe we have been podcasting Decorating Tips And Tricks for one year! Wow, how time flies when we are having fun! We absolutely love the community we have created with you! To celebrate our 1st year Anniversary we are giving away time with us! You can chat with us and chat or ask us design questions or let us help you with a decorating dilemma! Just enter you email on our new email sign up page and you will be entered. We need your email to let...


Episode 158: Wow so Interesting ~ History of Interior Design

We think it should be called "HERstory" not history .... the history of the profession of interior design and decorating was launched by two fascinating women...well, actually three! We go back a bit further, then share lots of info about these movers & shakers in the design world. We think you'll find it all as interesting as we do - and you'll wow 'em at your next cocktail party with these tidbits & quotes! Goes to show if you have good taste, common sense & a natural talent you can do...


Episode 157: Our Favorite Decor Sources Online

We love to buy decor items online, and yes we have lots of favorite places to shop. You've probably heard of some of these, but we've also got some tips on getting the best deals at some of these stores. Although we have worked with some of these companies, we were not compensated for mentioning them in this episode. This is where we often shop. Some of our favorite online stores are.... affiliate link (this is a link to Anita's favorite things on Amazon)...


Episode 156: The Decor Rules You Shouldn't Break

Sure we are unabashed decor "rule" breakers ~ therein lies the creativity, buuuut there are rules and there are RULES. Most decor rules are meant to be broken or at least bent. However, there are a select few that you break at your own risk. Learn the truly foundational rules that you don't want to break. Listen in! Learn the proper height for chandeliers from Kelly HERE ( Anita shares tips on choosing the right rug for...


Episode 155: Is Your House Stressing You Out

Is your home stressing you out? Let's talk about how you feel when you walk in your home. Do you feel relaxed or stressed? If you are feeling stressed when you enter your home, it could be affecting not only your mental health, but your physical health as well. Manage the Let's address those things so your home is a haven for you and your family. Here are a few of our tips, get rid of clutter, get rid of overflow things, clean out the junk drawers, organize closets, remove excessive...


Episode 154: The Sweetest Valentine Decor Ideas

We LOVE Valentine's Day here at DTT !! It is a holiday during which you can spoil the ones you love with some extra special treatment. We have SO many ideas for you, let's dive in. You might say, today is a 'love fest', but isn't it always! And yes, we HEART you! Kelly's chalk paint jars are darling. Make them - get the tutorial HERE ( Yvonne has Valentine's Day buttoned up with her vintage button heart. Look HERE...


Episode 153: Refresh Your Entry for 2018

affiliate links You can see Anita's narrow entryway HERE. You can find so many of Anita's favorite things on Amazon HERE!


Episode 152: Birthday Extravaganza

Today is our birthday!!! I mean it's Kelly's birthday and my birthday. Yvonne has her half birthday today so we're pretending it's it her birthday too. We also want to salute Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, whose actual birthday was Monday, January 15th. Kelly has a birthday table for her kids' birthdays. She sets up a beautiful table with the birthday girl's favorite colors, with presents and cards and some yummy cupcakes and a birthday banner. Then she adds the baby book as a special...


Episode 151: Wonderful Winter Decorating Ideas

Looking a bit sparse around your house after all the holiday decor is put away? No worries we have you covered. This is a great time for a deep clean & to take note of our wonderful winter decorating ideas. It doesn't take much to make your home cozy & inviting for the months ahead. Just a bit of this and a few of those will do the trick... Listen in! Kelly loves to use boxwood all year, but especially in January - March. The deep green and long lasting clippings make the perfect...


Episode 150: Ingenious Ways to Use Hurricanes - Glass Containers

"What a frame is to artwork ~ a cloche is to whatever is in it!" Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse. A great way to describe what we are going to be talking about today! Every home decorator should have some of these. What are we talking about today? Really creative, amazing and ingenious ways to use cloches, hurricanes and any glass cylinder! Today we have lots of great ideas for you! A cloche or hurricane or glass cylinder is a decorating staple. They can be filled with candles but don't...


Episode 149: Where to Store Holiday Decor

After the abundance of the holidays your first thought when asked "Where to store holiday decor?" Might be, "THE DUMPSTER"! But nooooo, we love our trees, wreaths, garlands, ornaments, reindeer, angels, tinsel.... and everything else shiny & brite. But for all things there is a time and for all things there is a PLACE. We give you great tips on the place for ALL your holiday treasures. And advice on giving the non-treasured things a new home. Listen in! Firstly, purge any Christmas decor...


Episode 148: What's Going on At Our Houses

What's going on at YOUR house? We want to know. Send us an email at We're revealing what's going on at our houses today. What's in the works for 2018? We're spilling the beans. Kelly's getting rid of Christmas decorations that need to move on to a new home. Yvonne and Bobby are painting their bedroom and sitting area, and having hardwood floors put in. Yvonne is also going to cover the wallpaper in her hallway with repositionable wallpaper. And when I say...


Episode 147: Best Organizational Tips

I have a big question for you... DO YOU LIKE THE THOUGHT OF BEING MORE ORGANIZED? Notice I did not ask if you ARE organized. I think most of us love the idea of being organized and most of us probably need a little help in this area too! Today we have some fabulous tips and tricks that will help you be more organized! What is the biggest messy area in your home? Yvonne's messy areas are those that hold paperwork. Tons and tons of paperwork!!! Anita's messy habit is not putting things back...


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