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Episode 180: Back Splashes - We have your Back

Your back splash is functional because it protects the wall, but it's also decorative. Having a back splash you don't like is no fun, since it covers such a large area. Listen to our ideas for things you can use as a back splash. You can find information about Anita's crackled tile back splash CLICK HERE. Install a plug Mold like Kelly did so you don't have to have visible outlets in your backsplash. See a plug mold HERE ( Refinish tile with CermaCoat. Look HERE...


Episode 179: Listener Questions Answered

We LOVE your questions, tips, photos & contributions to our DTT community. Where would be without you ~ talking to ourselves thats where! So glad you are out there & that you let us know. We answered a bunch of great questions in this episode...if your question didn't get addressed this time stay tuned we are hosting another Listener Question episode real soon! Find Anita's Pompeian clock base HERE. affiliate links Anita mentioned her sources for pillow forms, duvets, and linens CLICK HERE....


Episode 178: How to Downsize in Style

Have you ever thought of downsizing? I have! There's no sign that we'll be empty-nesters any time soon, so we can't just yet, but I do think about downsizing at some time. Listen to our tips on how to do it in style. Downsizing is nice since smaller homes tend to be less expensive and they also tend to feel more cozy. For Bunk beds at Restoration Hardware CLICK HERE. Check out this charming small house tour for Ellen J Goods, CLICK HERE. You'll enjoy this tour of a tiny Texas farmhouse,...


Episode 177: Help! My House is in a Rut

Has your home ever been in a rut? Or is your home in a rut right now? Today we are giving you practical tips and lots of advice about how to get your home out of a rut! Let's get out of that rut and on the road to great decor!!!! If you need some inspiration get out of your home. Sometimes we are too close to our home and we can get tired of it! GO out for an afternoon and refresh your attitude! Are you lost for ideas? Visiting a decor store might inspire you! You also might want to try...


Episode 176: Fireplace Redos that Light our Fire

Paint your brick or stone fireplace like Kelly's friend Annie did. See the transformation HERE (


Over the Bed Ideas

The bed is usually the focal point of any bedroom, so what you put on the wall above your bed is important. Your eye will go to the bed and whatever is above the bed. The good news is that there are so many different things you can use there. And here's an idea. You can use nothing above the bed. If that doesn't work for you, there are a ton of ideas here. plaque over bed CLICK HERE. dress over beds CLICK HERE. bed crowns CLICK HERE. rug behind bed CLICK HERE. mirror above bed CLICK HERE...


Episode 174: Craving Color - Best Ways to Add it

Even neutral girls like us crave a bit of color now & again! How about you? Pop of red, blue, pink, green, yellow...perhaps? But how to add it in without taking the space over with color. Add color in large accessories - spray paint a wooden coffee table for a wow of color. How about tossing a colorful throw over the back of your sofa? Kelly loves the idea of painting the ceiling a pop of color - things are looking up ;) Or a surprise pop of color in a closet. Stair raisers can take thing...


Episode 173: What is Luxury and How to Get it

Luxury today means something very different than it did 20, even 10 years ago. Listen in and find out if you agree on the 'new' definition/reality of luxury. It really is the little things - small everyday luxuries that make you & your home feel special. What are your everyday luxuries? If you aren't treating yourself to any - then you really need to listen closely! Satin pillowcases are not over the top. Check these out HERE ( Aaaahhhh a cashmere throw is always a...


Furniture: Clean, Fix or Toss

When you have older furniture, how do you know if you should repair furniture or get rid of it? How about upholstery? Should you recover your chair or buy a new one? We're discussing all that and more. We talked about slipcovers, CLICK HERE to see Anita's new slipcovers. To see Yvonne's drop cloth slipcover for a bench, CLICK HERE. affiliate links We mentioned this cleaner, Simply Green cleaner CLICK HERE. Restor-a-finish can be found HERE. Stain pens can be found HERE. Anita is constantly...


Episode 171: Easter Table Ideas

It's that time of the year that the Easter bunny is hopping down the bunny trail to your house. We're talking about getting your table ready for your guests. We're sharing our favorite Easter table ideas today. You can see Anita's Easter table featuring some gorgeous pink Tulips CLICK HERE. You can see Kelly's Easter table CLICK HERE. Check out Yvonne's Easter table with her peach Fire King Lustre dishes CLICK HERE. Check out Yvonne's onion skin dyed Easter eggs, CLICK HERE. Kelly's golden...


Episode 170: Secrets to a Designer Un-Kitchen Kitchen

Learn how to make your kitchen more beautiful by simply shopping your house. This is not just a utilitarian room. Your kitchen should flow along with the look & feel of the rest of your home. We have SO many inexpensive ideas to create fabulous ambiance in this well used space. Re-think your kitchen - add some personality & decor. Shop your house to do it... Add a lamp. Add a rug. Add a chair. Add some art. Add a mirror. Consider the color of your cabinets and maybe go with a pop of color...


Episode 169: Spring Refresh for Under $25

It's time to start thinking about adding some spring touches to your home. It will boost your mood and help you to lean into the upcoming season. And really, who isn't ready for spring by this time every year? These are some of our favorite ideas and they are all under $25. There might be a few ideas that are a bit more, but we really tried to keep it under our limit. You can see Anita's Easter table featuring some gorgeous pink Tulips CLICK HERE. Check out Kelly's spring wreath made from...


Episode 168: How to Give Your House an Old Soul

Does your home have an old soul? What do we mean? We are talking about how to add items to your home that have a timeworn look. We love a little chippy, a little vintage, a little bit of antiques! A little bit of "soul" goes a long long way! Mixing new and older things give our homes a distinct soul. Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate an old soul into your home... See Kelly's beautiful historic home HERE. See Anita's beautiful Newel post HERE. See Yvonne's Architectural...


Episode 167: Tips for a Healthy Home

Oh yeah we want it beautiful, but HEALTHY too! A healthy home is so important not only to avoid germs, but moreover for the functioning of your house. Listen in for lots of great tips & advice. Yvonne uses organic Thieves from Young Living to clean all her surfaces. Have you tried it? Have a look HERE ( to learn all about it. Use only stainless steel or cast iron pots & pans. Non-stick releases fumes & can chip off into your...


Episode 166: Living Room Refresh for 2018

Let's do a living room refresh for 2018! Take a look at your living room and see what you need to get it ready for the new year. It's a great time to assess your living room and do a few tweaks. Here are some things you can do to give it a refresh. Reggio Registers You can see Anita's living room HERE. Check out Kelly's living room HERE. Anita and Kelly have a decorating confession. Yvonne shares 5 ways to refresh your living room HERE. affiliate links The lamp that Kelly and Anita loved...


Episode 165: Ways to Make a Statement in a Room

We have a question for you. Answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. What is your favorite statement piece in your home? Were you able to answer right away? Or did you have to really think about it? A statement piece is something in a room that draws your eye to it and makes the rest of the room look gorgeous! It can be both bold and obvious or it can be subtle and alluring! Anita likes one "WOW" piece in every room. I love her take on a room's statement! Most home decor...


Episode 164: Sofa Arrangements - Get it Right

Happy Valentine's Day!! Thanks for sharing a piece of it with us. Today we are talking about how to get sofa arrangements right. ( A Valentine's Day smooch on the sofa later - arrange it first! ) Lots of concrete, actionable tips for making this major piece of furniture work better. BUT...first we announce the winner of our DTT One Year Anniversary consult chat with us. Listen in to hear if you are the winner! We each have different sofa arrangements. You can see Kelly's on her Instagram...


Episode 163: Decorating with Blue and White

Blue and white is such an iconic look. It looks great with virtually any design style and it has almost always been popular. You can add blue and white to your home is so many ways. Here are a few ways to do it. porcelain pieces plates bedding paint fabric Be careful if you use navy and blue, since it can appear nautical. Anita loves duck egg blue. Yvonne points out it is not a true blue, but it's an option for you. You can see the new ways Anita is adding blue and white to her home CLICK...


Episode 162: Avoid These Decorating Mistakes

Between the three of us, we have probably made almost any decorating mistake you can make. Nothing schools a decorator better than a few whoppers! The good thing about this podcast is we can make the mistakes for you and live to tell you what not to do! Today we are talking about AVOID THESE DECORATING MISTAKES! We can all agree about not cluttering up our refrigerators. I know we might get some blowback, but try taking down all the "stuff" on your refrigerator and see how much neater your...


Episode 161: Trends that are Out for 2018

Today is such a fun episode! We know you like hearing about trends, so today we are talking about trends that are O-U-T for 2018! Some we agree on and some we don't. Some we are ushering onto the boat out of port and others we are holding onto for sure. Bye bye rose gold. But millennial pink is here, for now anyway. TTFN trendy open shelving. Shiplap - has the boat left the port? Find out...! Palette projects a decided thumbs ____. Down & dirty DIY - like toilet paper roll projects. Anita...


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