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Episode 8: Brazil Nuts (Ft. ZNasty, Mikaela, Scrambled, & Tynan)

Erick may be dead but Erek is here, which is cool. But in more important news, the Slackers recorded this episode at The Towers at CCNY and are joined by guests Zhané aka ZNasty, Mikaela, Synclaire aka Scrambled, and Lily aka Tynan. Together they name a lot of names you don't know and reminisce about parties you never went to. Oh, and lots music talk. And nuts talk. Very good content. But honestly most of the episode is just spent cutting Mikaela off whenever she tries to introduce herself....


Episode 7: RIP Erick (Ft. Mini Mac & Tommy Watson)

Back at Mercy Studios, fire music peeps Mini Mac and Tommy Watson join the Slackers ahead of their March 16 show at The Well in Brooklyn. Oh, Erick died too but we honor him very extensively so he can rest in peace so hard. Not to mention we get a very interesting phone call that is rudely interrupted by a class trying to use the studio. The education system, AMIRITE?! Yeah, this is definitely a legendary episode. Erick should've died sooner.


Episode 6: Dump Sounds

This is it, ladies and gentlemen, the best and most existential Blazed Movie Review yet. Also, we're hit with another compelling music review and then the Slackers rant about the state of music in 2018 and the irony of ignorance in the Information Age (IS THIS TRENDY AND WOKE ENOUGH FOR YOU? HUH? HUH?! HUH?!!!)


Episode 5 : LNPR Ft. Izy McCoy

Ahead of his March 3 comedy show at the Producer's Club, Izy McCoy plays host during his second hour with the Slackers and honors an unsung black hero for Black History Month. LNPR presents a special report about semen-filled cookbooks and Erick reviews the Barney soundboard. Mini Mac is still in the building and he spits a 16 after much convincing.


Episode 4: 21 Pockets Ft. Izy McCoy of Great House

A historic episode as the slackers welcome in their first human guest Izy McCoy, founder of Great House / American Failures. An exorbitant amount of the Slackers' valuable time is spent talking about pockets. Naturally they also talk a lot about some wild stuff white people tend to do. Later, Izy explains why cheating is important in life and discloses the secrets about Pokémon that the Japanese government doesn't want you to know. The trio locked themselves in Mercy Studios for...


Episode 3: #CryCrew

Tanner reviews Heathers and stans out over Winona Ryder in this week's "Blazed Film Review" while Erick goes in depth reviewing the Spongebob greatest hits album. Nathan Tortarelli stops by for the segment "Things that Feel Better than Sexual Intercourse." And later, the Dedicated Slackers discuss how wild cartoons used to be.


Episode 2: Hello, My Name Jason Derulo

Things get weird on Dedicated Slackers as Tanner channels his inner Edward Snowden and Erick channels his inner Patrick Bateman. A robot guest joins the pod and new segments "Blazed Film Review" and "The Crypto Report" are introduced.


Dedicated Slackers Episode 1 : Love the Support

In the inaugural episode of the Dedicated Slackers, best amigos Erick and Tanner reminisce about their college years. Later, Erick discovers Sriracha sauce and reviews a popular sex toy. Meanwhile, Tanner reads a groundbreaking article on the health of farts and also contemplates the possible risks of signing up for a Moviepass subscription.